I am Rajesh from Hyderabad and now 50. When I was 26 years and working in a quasi-govt. office, this incident happened with my colleague, Haasini. The story begins now. Both joined the organization in the same month. We became friends and resided in the same colony nearby the office.

At first I have to tell about her sex with her husband. He is very adamant and not interested in sexual life. She is very sexy and size 36-38-38. Her eyes are very attractive. After joining of 3 months, on an occasion both are going out after office hours, in a remote street, she immediately catch hold of my hand and kissed me. That is the signal of her interest in me. After that, she invited me to her house when we attended a marriage of our colleague. I went to her house in the a.n. and sat in a chair. After some time, she came to me and sit on my thighs and kissed me and I also kissed her cheeks and eyes and fully on her face. I squeezed her two mangoes and kissed her. She immediately got up from my thighs and told me that we did a very bad thing and to stop now. Since then I am waiting for an opportunity.

The opportunity came on a pleasant day. When I went to her house while going to the office, I found that she is lonely in the house. When I am leaving to office, she immediately came to me and hugged me and kissed me. I lost my control and hugged her and kissed her entire face – cheeks, eyes, mouth, and swallowed saliva. She also did like I did. Both lost control of our bodies and went to her bed. She got down on her bed and hugged and pulled me on her. We both squeezed ourselves and kissed each other and swallowed saliva of each other. After that, I tried to lift her saree even though I was on her, she did not allow me to lift her saree but she hugged me and relieved my cock from my pant and underwear. But my dress is not removed from my body.

 After my cock is free, she caught it and rubbed it with great ecstasy and kept her two legs separately and put my cock into her wet and hot pussy. After insertion, I moved in and out of her pussy. I am squeezing her body and two balls and showing my interest on her. She has lost her control and hugged me and rubbed my back with very pressure. After some time at about 15 minutes, I feel that I am coming and tell her. She is not listening to me and pressing me very tightly to her body and enjoying my strokes. Both of us came at once and I filled her wet and hot pussy with my hot cock milk, which is overflowing from her sweet pussy. Both of us took rest for 5 minutes and got up from her bed. Later we went to our office as usual.

After 10 to 15 days of this incident, I asked her to have sex. She immediately agreed to my proposal and she left the office early after some time I left to her house( her husband was at his office). After reaching her house, she locked the door and hugged and kissed me. We are standing on the floor of her bed room and hugged and kissed and swallowed saliva of each others. Later I removed my shirt and pant. On seeing me with my banyan and underwear, she lost her control and hugged me and removed my underwear and banian and made me nude. 

She immediately caught hold of my hot cock and put it in her mouth and moved up and down, in and out. I felt the joy of this sex first time with a girl. This is the first time I am enjoying mouth sex. I am throwing my cock into her mouth in and out and squeezing her two bubbles. I am pressing her body with great ecstasy. After 15minutes, she hugged me again and took me to her bed. She went to bed and invited me to relieve her from her sex pains. I came on her and pressed her boobs. I lifted her saree and saw her wet and hot pussy with little public hair. When I am going to her pussy to spread the lips she did not allow to do it. But I handled her by pressing her boobs, tummy etc., she did not resist me to do my job. 

I spread her legs and saw the pussy and with my two hand fingers I separated her legs and pussy lips. What a scene which is not describable. The inner lips and way are in pink colour while her clitoris is in dark pink colour. I squeezed her clit and fingered her pussy hole. She is moaning aaaaahhhhhhhhhh…..put one more finger ……….aaaaummmmmm….do it continuously without stopping. I am excited on listening her words and moving my fingers in her pussy very speedily. She lost her control and by catching my two hands she lifted me to her body. She caught hold of my cock and gave way to it to go into the heaven hole of her body. She put my cock on her pussy and pressed it in her hole to go inside. 

After fully inserting my cock, I moved in and out and kissed every inch of her face. After 30 minutes of my job ie., in and out of her wet and hot pussy, she told me that she is coming and moaning …aaaahhhhh..rajesh…..fuck me very hardly ……stroke me very tightly……give your cock milk to my hot pussy, which is starving for the last 15 days. In another 10 minutes’ time, I am feeling that I am also coming and told her. She told me that to fill her pussy with all my hot cock milk and relieve her pussy from hungry. I came and filled her hot pussy with my cock milk and took rest on her for about 10 minutes. Later I left for my house.

After this incident, we did not find time to have sex but only kissing and pressing each other. On one occasion, she sat on her bed while I was in front of her in a chair, with a naughty smile, she lifted her saree upto her thighs and showed me her hot pussy by separating it with her both hands. She requested me to show her my cock so that she feels happy. At that time, I am only with my lungi but without underwear.At that time, her husband is taking bath. I lifted my lungi and showed my cock which is 7 inch size with moving like a toy. She came to me and caught hold of my hot cock and put it in her mouth and moving back and front. I lost of my control and came and filled her mouth with my white cock milk. She swallowed completely and cleaned my cock with her tongue and both of us sat silently.

After we did not have sex for 2 months. One day, when I went to her house, she is lonely there and invited me to her bedroom. During this time, we have sex in 10 minutes and both of us come, because her husband may come back from the bazaar.

When my wife went for her house for delivery, I am lonely in my house. I requested her to give me pleasure with her sex. She agreed and came to my house, when her husband has gone to office on Sunday. I locked the door and took her to my bed room and hugged and kissed her. I squeezed her two watermelons and kissed her entire body on her dress. I removed her saree and tried to remove her blouse. At this time, she took active part and removed her blouse and bra. She was only in her skirt standing in front of me while I was with my lungi. 

After squeezing her two melons and pressing her body, I put my hand on her skirt to remove it. She hesitated and later she herself removed her in skirt and she was nude in front of me. We hugged and kissed each other and went to my bed. She kissed and put my hot cock in her mouth and squeezing it like a girl tasting a lollypop. After 15 minutes, she lie down on the bed and asked me to come and kiss her pussy by spreading her legs. I moved to her hot pussy and separated her pussy lips and kissed on it.

 I squeezed her clit and fingered her pussy. Later, I kissed her pussy and and doing tongue sex. On this, she moaned and uttered without her knowledge that .hhhaa..Rajesh….do it hard…….my pussy is not bearing the pain of sex for the last two months ……..put your tongue deep inside my pussy and kiss it. I did as she requested me and she is pressing my head into her pussy. I wondered on her action and her sexy acts. After some time she told me that she is coming and dropped her pussy milk on the bed. This was done twice in the 30 minutes time. Later we both are in 69 position and did tongue sex for 20 minutes. I told her that I am coming and she did not move up and instead she is doing tongue sex very hardly and quickly. After 10 minutes I came and filled her mouth with my hot cock milk. She completely swallowed my milk and took rest for 10 minutes in the 69 position.

Later gaining strength, she came under me and put my hot cock into her wet and hungry pussy and moving up and down. I also moved in and out of her pussy, and squeezing her two melons and body. With this, she moaned as hhhaaaa…..fuck me dear……throw your cock in deep of my pussy …… tear it off Rajesh… On hearing all these words I lost my control and moved hardly in and out of her hot pussy. She told me that she is coming and hugged me dropped all her sweet out. Later after my movements for another 3 minutes, I dropped all my hot cock milk into her wet pussy. We hugged for 10 minutes and later separated and I left her house.

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