This is a true incident, which happened 6 months back in my life. This happened between my aunt or you can say my aunt and her chiffon sarees. Let me confess one thing, iam a saree lover. I love sarees it just excites me seeing a woman wearing a saree especially chiffons. Iam from a poor family, my family couldn’t afford my higher studies, so they send me to Mumbai, to my uncle’s house so that I could continue my studies, as they would pay for my expenses. They had no children, so they took care of me well. It was a one bedroom flat, so I had to sleep in the sitting room. My aunt is not so beautiful but she had a plump body with big boobs and nice buttocks.

The best part love in her is her butts, she had a big and round one and it used to jiggle in her chiffon sarees. Her figure was 38c/33/39. She wears only sarees and most of them were chiffons that attracted me more towards her. My uncle was working in a bank and also did tuitions. His age was 31 while my aunt was 26 then and I only 18. I used to spend a lot of time with her as I could get to see her more and stare she never had any doubts. She never used to cover her butts as only we two were there. I never had any intention of having sex but only staring as my interest was to see her in chiffons and her butts shaking as she walks. I should say that our neighbourhood aunties were sexier and attractive than her, so I got attracted more towards them than my aunt.

My aunt would rarely wear below navels but when she wears it below navel I used to look at it, she had a round large and deep navel. Whenever the neighbours used to come to our house I used to stare at each of them especially one who wears low navel and is always sexy in chiffon sarees. I used to fantasise her a lot and masturbate. Masturbation was difficult in my village as it was a joint family and no privacy were there but in my new home it was very exciting and easy. Let me tell you how it all happened. One day when I went to the bathroom to take my bath I saw my aunts clothes were there, she had just taken a bath and left.

I just out of curiousity took out from the bucket her saree, petticoat, panties and bra. I then smelt it, it was the smell of her sweat and her vagina, and my dick became erect when I touched the saree I didn’t know why. Then I rubbed my dick and put my cum in her panties and bra. That was the first ever masturbation I did on her clothes. That evening when I looked at her wearing saree and watching her gaand I felt sort of a fascination for her but in the night I regretted for thinking about her, I immediately thought about other ladies just to distract from my aunts view coming to my mind. But the very next day when she went to take her bath some sort of excitement filled in me as the thought of her removing her dresses came to my mind, I tried my level best not to think of it but no use. So after she came out of the bathroom, I went in and took out her clothes then I became naked and took the saree and put it in my dick, it became erect and I masturbated in it.

I felt a sort of excitement and for the first time my aunts naked body came to my mind and I masturbated too much and put my sperms in the saree, petticoat and blouse also. She had no doubts and this continued regularly. Once when I returned early from my college, I knocked the door, after a little while she opened the door. She had been sleeping, she served me lunch and went back to sleep. After having my lunch I went to the bedroom where I could see her sleeping in an orange chiffon saree. I was aroused by the way she was lying with her paloo slightly down so that I could see her blouse. The saree folds were beautifully scattered around her body making me excited to touch her body. I stood there motionless not knowing how to proceed, I was staring at her with lusty eyes, the aunt who I used to think was unattractive was suddenly very beautiful to me. I opened my zip and took my dick out and started rubbing there itself,

I was simultaneously looking at her body and masturbating, and when it my sperm was about to shoot I got an idea, I want near her and put my cum all over her saree. I got impressed and satisfied and cleaned my dick with her paloo , I don’t know how I got this much courage to act like this but the excitement in me made me do this and it was do or die situation . After completing the act I went to the sitting room and watched TV. After an hour or so she got up, she came to the sitting room and her paloo was in the proper place, I was looking at those places where I had dropped my cum, and I was successful in seeing a small wet stain on her hips and it excited me more. I never got another chance to do this kind of act again. I was going mad with the lusty feeling in my mind of fucking her but I never knew how. I began showing my chest in front of her so that she would get attracted but no use. Peeping in bathroom was impossible as no holes could be made and I used to even put my ears to the bedroom door so that I could hear them moaning whenever they had sex.

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In this attempt I was successful once but only a slight moaning from them could be heard. But it ended very soon and I always thought sex was only for 10 minutes or so. My luck came in the way of a visa my uncle had got after long attempts to go to Gulf. That time going to the Gulf means making money and my uncle was very interested in going. That means only me and my aunt was going to be there. I was excited. But my excitement was about to diminish when plans were made that my aunt stay in her in laws house as uncle is going and I be sent to my uncle’s place in kovai who was a bachelor. My aunt refused it and said to my uncle that she would stay here. I sighed a relief, my uncle left after a week and we went to the airport to send him off. My uncle told me to take care of her and my dirty mind could only take it in another sense. My aunt was crying and I had to console her by saying that “don’t worry aunt I will take care of you” but she never knew it was a double meaning.

Things went normal and my aunt’s depression got over. I seem to notice her getting frustrated rather a sexual feeling, because whenever she sits in front of the TV she would place her hand sometimes both the hands in her vagina and press and caress it, when she sees me looking at her she slightly changes her hands, this used to go on. I thought that her vagina must be itchy sort of as she now lacks sex but I thought it must be my feeling and I always admonished myself for thinking like this. Luck did come once in my favour as head lice. I had lice in my head and it always caused itchiness in my head and she always sees me scratching my head. She came to me and asked me what the matter was, I told her that in my class sitting beside me is my friend as he has lice in his head it must have got to my head also. She said me to sit down on the sofa while she used to on the sofa and with her hands stroke my hair and take out the lice. Sensing her hands on m head I used to get aroused and my dick used to stand. Her body would sometimes touch me softly or when I lean back my back used to touch her legs and I used to enjoy those moments.

Cheating wife sex stories

Once when she was sitting on the sofa and watching TV, I noticed her hands were on her cunt, I mean on the saree folds and gently placing it there itself with slight caressing in between. I thought that this would be my chance and I went to her, I was feeling nervous too, and told her ” aunty this lice is itching my head please help me “. but I didn’t want to sit down so I told her ” no, I will lie on your lap. So it is easier for you to look “, she said ok and I lay on her lap while she started lice plucking. It was a wonderful feeling lying on her lap that too on her saree entanglements above her cunt, my dick immediately stood up and I innocently put my hand on her hip and slowly caresses it, it was feeling wonderful. I stopped it abruptly as I didn’t want her to get suspicious, so I put my hands on her back and waist and touched her upper buttocks, it was feeling very sensuous, I had the desire of having sex with her at that moment and if she objected I had thought of forcing her too.

I put myself to control and I lay there for sometime then I said enough iam going, but I could see that she didn’t want me to leave. Then I got up and went to the bathroom, to masturbate, I couldn’t see any of her dresses so I got frustrated and came back. The next day, I wanted to do the same thing but this time I got little bold and when I sat on her lap I put my hands on her waist and caught it and slowly started touching her back and massaging it, I didn’t care whether she would scold me or not. Then I withdrew my hands from her waist and put it on her hips and massaged it slowly and my face I buried it in her on top of her cunt, I started putting my lips and giving it sort of kisses type and moved my head here and there, my face on her saree folds above her cunt was an erotic feeling and I continued it, my aunt suddenly stopped suddenly and her hands went numb.

Cheating wife sex stories

I never had the courage to look at her and I continued my act, she then stretched back and just closed her eyes, before I could proceed further the telephone rang and it caused a big interruption to my game and I cursed my friend who rang. I was happy that my aunt though didn’t say a word did not stop me from doing it. I had the feeling that she really enjoyed it. Now things seemed different, when she was cleaning the room usually she used to take the loose end of cover the back and put it in her waist but now she didn’t do that and when her paloo slipped she just lowered her paloo and put it near her folds, and I could see her big boobs and her navel was also seen I got an erection at once. I said I would also help her in the process of seeing her and started helping her, my work was more concentrated on seeing her than doing the work and she never pulled her paloo back.

When she went to wash her clothes, I too went with her and the washing machine being an old one, only fewer clothes at a time could be washed. She pulled her saree folds up and put it on her waist and now I could see her legs too, as I was helping her our bodies constantly touched and I enjoyed the moment when her butts touched my hard dick, it was unbearable. I was waiting for her to take a bath so that I could masturbate on her dresses. But in the bathroom I did not do it as I thought later in the afternoon I wanted to start the usual act and I just smelled her panties, bra and kissed her saree. She changed herself to a yellow chiffon saree, which I like her the most. I made a plan, I was in the dining room reading a book and waited for her to come to the sitting room and take her seat on the sofa. I waited for sometime and after sometime she came and sat there and she was looking around.

I got up slowly and went near the TV to look for something (it was on purpose) and when I turned back I saw my aunt sitting on the sofa with her paloo down and her saree was worn below the navel. I didn’t know how to go and sit on her lap direct so I just itched my head and went to her, she just smiled and spread her legs and told me to lie on her lap. I sprang on to her and positioned myself and my face on her cunt and slowly kissing her saree then I put my hands on her waist and caressed it and then took the plunge, I touched her navel, she jerked a bit, I then started to put my finger in it and my hands were all over her stomach, and I brought my face up to her navel and gave a kiss, she arched backwards and I continued my act.

Cheating wife sex stories

This time I went up again to her breasts and kissed her cleavage and went and buried my face on her neck and kept it there and I could sense her breathing it was fast and her fingers were on my hair and pulling them onto her. I looked at her and she too looked at me and this time I could see lust in her eyes, I brought my lips forward and kissed her. I spoke to her at last ” aunt I want to do a French kiss “, she didn’t reply anything but tilted her head so as to make it French style and we kissed and our tongues met and rolled. She then put my head on her neck and I started necking her, she gave short moans but never uttered a word. I opened her blouse and bra and saw the huge tits lying in front of me to be sucked, chewed and eaten. I kissed all over her breast and took her nipple in my mouth and sucked it. She laughed and said nothing would come; she spoke for the first time.

She said,” Come lets go to the bedroom here the sofa is making my back sprain”. She got up and walked and I was right back enjoying staring at her, what a state she was in, her paloo was down, naked breast and jiggling gaand. She now looked the most beautiful and sexiest to me. I followed her and couldn’t resist from touching her and as we entered the bedroom I caught her back and kissed her gaand, waist, back and the neck, then I turned her and started kissing and naping her. She just put her hands on my back closed her eyes and giving out slight moans. I went down and kissed her navel and the saree fold on top of the vagina. I laid her on the bed and went to kiss her and necking her. She started moaning a bit loud now and her hands were on my back and on my hair. I caught her turned her around and made her on top of me and asked her to kiss me on my neck, chest and face. She removed my shirt went slowly on my face, then lips then to my neck and I gave a moan .

Cheating wife sex stories

she licked my nipples and went down to my navel and removed my pants and kissed my legs and thighs but never touched my dick or even kissed it. We were constantly looking at each other but no words came from our mouth. She on top of me then turned me around and asked me to remove her saree. For the first time in my life iam removing a woman’s saree and that too my aunt’s. I caught the folds and gently pulled it, it came out in a bunch and I put it in a heap beside her head. Then I removed the strings of the petticoat and pulled it down. Wow! What a sight, she was without a panty and I could see her pubic hairs and her big thighs. She guided my head towards her pussy and I licked it. Though I didn’t like the smell of it, the excitement made me lick her pussy and it was dripping wet. She moaned loudly this time, gripping my head more tightly and making aaaah and ooooh sounds.

I thought she would utter my name or sat nasty words but it didn’t happen. Just moaning sounds came out from her mouth, mostly with her mouth closed and enjoying it passionately. I took the final plunge. My dick couldn’t hold it anymore. I put my dick in but it couldn’t enter, my aunt smiled and she put her hand down and held my dick and slid it up. I realized my mistake, I put it a bit down and it wasn’t the hole, due to her bushy cunt I couldn’t see it. As she guided me to her hole, I felt my dick gliding into a tunnel which was little tight, moist and soft to enter, I entered it full and withdrew it and shove it again in and made it into a sort of motion. She was enjoying every bit of it and she was biting her lips and her hands went backwards and her one hand caught hold of the bed sheet while the other the saree. I put my hands and clamped it in mine and planted kisses on her face.

When I kissed her on the lips she bit my lips and tongue. She began to move her hips and caught hold of my head and put in on her neck and I kisses were all over her neck. The smell of her armpits and sweat was like a scent to me. Then all of a sudden my semen burst going all the way to her inner part of vagina and resting there with her juices. I collapsed on her and then felt very tired. Never in my life this load of sperms have ejaculated from my masturbations. I felt very tired and slept next to her. When I woke up after an hour or so, my aunt was not on the bed and only her saree was there. I put on my pants and took the saree with me and came out of the room searching for her. She was in the kitchen in her blouse and petticoat. I asked her to wear the saree and I enjoyed seeing her wear it and I told her to wear below navel. In the night she asked me to sleep in the bed.

Cheating wife sex stories

I was having a feeling that I was her husband, she came after finishing her chores and removed her saree and lied next to me and was looking into my eyes. I wanted to ask her about the sexual relation with uncle. When I asked her about it her face went gloomy. My uncle wasn’t interested in her as she couldn’t deliver a child and her in-laws had taunted her for it. So naturally my uncle must have also the notion that she is sexually impotent. She was about to cry saying this when I comforted her by saying that everything would be alright, just pray to God and everything would turn out fine. I asked her to smile, as today was our first night. She seductively then put her arms on mine and pulled my head towards her neck and we enjoyed the second round slowly rather passionately. I acted as if I was a lover and tenderly poured love and affection and she had wanted it badly.

The next morning I woke up feeling satisfied and my penis was swollen and a bite mark on my lips and neck. I called my aunt for tea, and she came like a typical housewife. She was sweating due to the kitchen work and her saree folds were up put in her waist. Just as she placed the cup on the table I caught her paloo and pulled her by her butts. She weakly protested saying she has work in the kitchen but I ignored them and left her after kissing her all over. This continued for 5 months till she went to the Gulf, it was like two lovers parting. She asked wanted for her remembrance and I asked for two of her saree. I got shifted to one of my uncle’s house who was a bachelor. She came back after 2 years and we had a great time till she left.

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