I am 30 years old and married to a very beautiful girl for the last 6 years. Her name is Haasini. She is 28 years old. She is 5’6″, very fair, and has a sexy model like figure. We have a 4 year old daughter also. Our sex life was very nice until about 6 months back when it was becoming a bit boring and dull. I thought we needed some change to spice up our sex life. And little did I know that it would happen very soon! It was the month of May. Our daughter had gone to her grandparent’s house for some days.

 My wife and I are doctors and have our separate clinics. My wife is a bit modern and usually wears sleeveless Punjabi dresses or tops and jeans. During that time one of my uncles (his name is Sandesh uncle) who stay in US had come to India for some work. He was staying at our place. He is around 48 years old. He is tall, fair and handsome and still goes to gym for exercise and hence has a hard, muscular body even at this age. He is married and has an 18 year old son. Usually in the mornings and evenings my wife and I would be in our clinics. We used to come home in the afternoon for lunch and a light nap. Sandesh uncle would also finish his work by 1 o’ clock and would join us for lunch. There after he would usually be at home or would go out for shopping. 

I didn’t know if it was my imagination or what but I used to notice that he used to stare at Haasini whenever she was around. When at home Haasini would wear sleeveless nighttimes. Her bare arms and free hair would make her look very sexy. Anyway, I just dismissed at my imagination. One day it so happened, that we were supposed to go for a movie. But at the last moment I had to cancel as I had an emergency in my clinic. Sandesh uncle and Haasini were also about to cancel it but I asked them to go ahead very innocently. Haasini was wearing white sleeveless top and jeans. Afterwards at night at around 12.30, both of them returned. I had just returned from my clinic and was about to sleep. Haasini came into our bedroom. She looked a bit disturbed. I asked her what was the matter, but she dismissed it as nothing.

But I still kept on asking to her and finally she said, “Dear, don’t get angry, but I want to tell you something. Sandesh Uncle has beam eyeing me from the day he came. I thought it was just harmless. He once or twice even praised me when you were not around. He said that I looked very beautiful and that Elango was very lucky to have me. He even said he was jealous of you.” I was a bit stunned. I didn’t know how to react, but my suspicions were true. Haasini continued,” Today when you did not come, it was a golden opportunity for Sandesh uncle. 

Right from when we sat in the car, he started praising me. I didn’t know what to do. But instead of getting angry, I was blushing. This encouraged him further. While in the theater, he kept on touching my bare arms, directly or indirectly. Bu to my surprise I was getting hot. Still I did not say a thing. Even during the movie he was praising me and my body. He was whispering in my ears and that gave me tingling sensation. While coming home, he was driving. At a lonely spot, he stopped the car, and asked me if he could kiss me. I was stunned, but kept silent and could not say anything. 

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He took it as my yes and kissed my lips. First it was light and then his tongue forced into my mouth. But I found myself reacting to the kiss and kissing him back. For 5 minutes he did that and I was forgetting where I was and with whom I was. Then he took my hand in his hand and kept it on his hard cock. Suddenly, I realized what I was doing. I removed my hand, broke the kiss and asked him to get going. He just laughed at me, like he had won me. Thn we came home.”

I was totally stunned at hearing this. But at the same time I was aroused like anything. I asked her, “So what was that stopped you from stopping him from kissing you? Do you like him too? Are you attracted towards him?” She looked at me and with tears in her eyes, said, “I am sorry dear. I know it’s a sin but my body just responds to his touch. I can’t do anything about it. His touch just melted me. I am sorry; I don’t want to be unfaithful to you.” I took her face in my hands, and said to her'” If you like Sandesh uncle, you can go ahead. I know it’s a sin, but what you told me just now, has made me hot tremendously.

 Anyway we know him and that he is a nice person. And also he will be here for just 8-10 days more. Maybe it will help us improve our sex life. I will always love you dear” She hugged me tightly and just by this mere discussion, we were both so hot that we made intense love that night after a very long time. Next 2-3 days nothing happened. Both of them were acting like nothing had happened. So I decided to take the lead and set them up. That night after dinner I announced that I had emergency duty and would have to stay overnight in the hospital.

 Sandesh uncle’s eyes were flowing with excitement. Haasini looked at me with mixed feelings. Before going, when we were alone I assured her, and asked her just to enjoy and that I love her very much. She said she was afraid, but I again assured her not to worry. If anything goes wrong she can give me a call and I will come immediately. Little did she know I would be there only watching them have fun?

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I drove off, went around the corner and parked my car at a distant place. I returned back. I had previously kept our side door open, so entered the house easily. I went and stood at a point where I could see that Haasini and Sandesh were sitting in the hall watching TV. Suddenly sands uncle got up and said he was feeling very hot and so took of his shirt. He was now bare cheated. His chest was very muscular and hairy. Haasini loves hairy chests of men and so I was sure she was getting hot. Sandesh uncle was now just wearing a Bermuda.

 Haasini was wearing her favorite pink sleeveless double gown (it had a semi-transparent coat over a satin spaghetti strap gown). Her hair was free and she was looking beautiful as usual. Sandesh uncle sat on the sofa. He opened his arms to Haasini and said, “Now my dear Haasini. Finally we have the chance and I know you have also been waiting for this. For the last few days I could sense in your behavior that you are also getting attracted towards me like I have been attracted towards you. So now is the time to submit you to me and let’s have the time of our life. I can assure you that I have every bit of youth left in me and I can take you to for a ride to heaven.

 Forget Elango for the night and be my little darling!” Haasini was now melting moment after moment. The words ahead made her helpless. She was shy and looking at Sandesh Uncle. But she did not move. Sandesh uncle again said to her, “Don’t be shy my darling. It’s now just you and me and the night. Don’t be afraid. Come here; sit on my lap, my dear.”

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Finally Haasini got the courage. She stood and came and sat on Sandesh uncle’s lap. He enclosed his hands around her waist. She said, “Uncleji. You are one of the most handsome men I have ever seen. That’s why I have never resisted you, even when you kissed me that day in the car. I just can’t resist your temptations. But we both are married and so I am nervous about going ahead. But be assuring hat I like you very much.” Sandesh uncle replied, “First of all call me Sandesh. I am your lover now, not your uncle. Secondly, there is nothing wrong in having some fun. We are just enjoying each other’s company. So forget everything now and be mine darling.” Saying so, Sandesh (I will also drop the Uncle tag) took my dear wife’s face in his hands and united his lips to hers.

 I was also getting hot now and was having a huge hard-on. Their lips were playing with each other and I could see their tongues also darting in each others mouth. Haasini was moaning as she always does. Without breaking their kiss, sands removed Haasini’s over-gown and exposed her bare arms and shoulders. She was looking like an angel. Sandesh was now caressing her arms and shoulders. She was now very hot. Finally they ended their kiss and Sandesh started licking her bare arms and shoulders. His hands were now on Haasini’s breasts. He started massaging them over the gown. She was moaning loudly and calling his name now. I could see him thrusting his erection into her (as she was still sitting on his lap.) She was caressing his still black hair.

After this caressing for some time, Haasini got up and said, “Let’s go to the bedroom dear. I will be more comfortable there.” And so she took his hand and led them to our bedroom which is upstairs. While going also he was caressing her body. After they had disappeared in the bedroom, I sneaked into the adjacent room. It has a common balcony and so I could get to the balcony of our bedroom which has a large window. I had kept it open and just slid the curtain slightly so I could see them clearly without being seen myself. Sandesh was no sitting on the bed. Haasini was standing besides him. Sandesh caught hr gown and remove it from her body.

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 She was wearing a black lace bra and panty. He kissed her stomach and licked her navel. It is still super soft and smooth inspire of the delivery of our daughter. Now Haasini was also getting active. She pushed him on his back on the bed. She unclipped her bra and freed her 36C boobs. She laid herself on him mad started kissing his hairy chest. She was literally licking it with her tongue. Sandesh was now squeezing her hot breasts. Haasini moved down over his body. She gave him a lusty look and in flash removed his Bermuda and underwear. His erect cock sprang free from its shackles. It was a wonderful specimen of manhood! It was bigger than my cock and was at least 9″ in length when erect.

Haasini took it in her hand and gave it a hard squeeze. Sandesh, gave a loud moan, and said “Oh my whore! My bitch! You are hotter than I expected. Take me in your mouth a lick it like there’s no tomorrow!” Obediently Haasini took the hot rod in her mouth and started kissing it. She then licked it hard. Sandesh was now out of his senses. He caught her head by her hair and was fucking her mouth hard. After this mouth-fucking for almost 10 mins in different ways, Sandesh shouted that he was climaxing. He held Haasini’s head close to his pubic hair and spurted all his semen in her mouth. Haasini always love t drink my cum, and so she enjoyed every drop of his juice. She licked his cock completely dry. It was still in its complete sexual glory, basking in the sexy achievement it had enjoyed.

Sandesh then got up and placed Haasini on the bed. He too removed her panty in flash and she was now completely naked. For am moment or two Sandesh just savored the beautiful sight of a young, hot, beautiful female, completely naked in front of him. He them parted her legs and carried his mouth to the love pot between her legs. Haasini always keeps her pussy shaved. Sandesh pressed the palms of his hands into the pubic area of Haasini. She screamed out loudly. Even from my place I could see Haasini’s pissy was completely wet and glistening with her love juices. Sandesh then lightly kissed her pussy and Haasini’s body just wriggled in response. 

Now he stared kissing her pussy tightly. He then parted the outer lips of her pussy and darted his tongue to savor her clit. Now Haasini was moaning very loudly and calling his name and begging him to stop. But Sandesh was now taking her to seventh heaven. He was intermittently stroking his cock also. In the mean time I had already cum twice and my cock was still erect as ever. I was stroking it vigorously. I had removed my pant and underwear completely. It was good that at balcony had tinted glasses and so in the darkness no one from outside could see anything.

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After tongue-fucking Haasini for some time, Sandesh was again rearing to go. Haasini had still not reached her orgasm. She shouted at him, “Oh Sandesh darling, now don’t leave me thirsty, come here and fuck me hard. Let me feel your hard cock inside my pussy. You don’t know, I have fingered myself many time thinking of you. (This was even news for me). Now don’t tease me any more. I can’t take it now. Fuck me. Make me your bitch. Fuck me hard.” Saying so she pulled his head. Sandesh, stopped teasing her clit. He stood up and mounted her in missionary position. 

Haasini took his cock in her hand and positioned it in her pussy. Sandesh with a hard thrust pushed his cock deep inside Haasini’s pussy. She moaned very loudly probable due to the pain. Her pussy was very wet due to the intense sexual activity so far. Sandesh now started thrusting in and out of her pussy and settled in a nice slow rhythm. The sight of my wife being fucked by another man was extremely erotic and arousing. I was also now furiously stroking my cock. In the mean time Sandesh was sucking her breasts and pinching her nipple with his teeth. Her nipples were erect already. Intermittently he kissed her lips also. After some time Haasini shouted out loudly and reached her climax. Her body spasmed due to her very intense orgasm.

 But Sandesh had yet to climax> He continued pounding her and now had increased his speed and intensity of his thrust. Haasini was moving along with his thrusts. After fucking her for about 15 mins, he finally came inside her. Luckily, Haasini had just completed her periods 2 days ago and so there was no risk of pregnancy. Like a true lover, Sandesh, Kissed Haasini passionately for some times afterwards. I had already cum myself and had spurted my semen all over the window and curtains.

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After that they lay naked for some times. As I thought it was over and was about to leave, Sandesh woke her up and again fucked her in doggy style. I enjoyed it again. After that I noticed that it was 3 in the morning. I crept back and went in to the garage and slept there for some times. At 6 o’clock, I got up, went to my car and came back as if IU had just returned. I rang the door bell. There was a bit time before Haasini opened the door. She looked completely dis-shelved from the love-making activity of the night. They were probably fucking even now. I went to my bedroom to find it neatly arranged. I popped on the bed. I could smell the erotic scent of Haasini’s and Sandesh love juices. Haasini came and slept besides me. I told her that I had seen everything from the window and that it was my ploy to make them fuck each other. Haasini got very shy and hid her face in her hands. I said to her that it was now my turn to enjoy her. And then for the next 2hours we had the wildest fucking sessions of our whole life!

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After that Haasini and Sandesh Uncle made love whenever they got chance. It was like Haasini was having two husbands. Only once I got a chance to see them make love. Rest of the times, Haasini described me what had happened. They had made love everywhere in the house, including hall, kitchen, bathroom. Once they had a quickie when I had gone to bath

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