Ravi clumsily opened his zipper and took out his cock. Haasini’s eyes grew wide as she saw Ravi’s cock for the first time. He was huge, the shaft was thickly veined, and it curved slightly towards his hard stomach. The bulbous cock head was enormous and leaking pre-cum. The skin was soft and completely unblemished.

Her body trembled as he lifted her and she wrapped her legs around his waist. Ravi’s hands gripped Haasini’s silky thighs. He pulled her towards him, his cock head dangerously close to her pussy. Haasini covered her bare pussy with her hands. “Please Ravi … I don’t want to cheat on Rajiv.”

But, in truth, she didn’t resist. Her aching body was beyond that now. She was afraid of what was going to happen next but she wanted it more then anything else that she wanted in life. She felt that she didn’t belong anywhere but with him.

“Haasini, this isn’t cheating, and you know it. Rajiv wants you to do this. You know he does.”

Ravi took Haasini’s hands and gently, but firmly, pulled them above her head and held them there. With his other hand, he guided his cock towards Haasini’s pussy. “You know Rajiv wants me to do this,” Ravi said, looking into Haasini’s eyes.

Haasini felt helpless, with her hands pinned above her head, and her legs spread wide apart. Haasini moaned as Ravi positioned his cock at her opening, his thighs tensing. Then he slowly massaged his cock, preparing himself to penetrate Haasini.

“No, Ravi, please. I’m married. This is wrong.” She said, watching him intently, as if still needing to be sure. I could watch her primal side take control. Her body was ready for the taking.

“No it’s not,” Ravi assured her. He gripped Haasini’s and spread her legs as wide as possible, then pushed his thick shaft into her.

“No, no,” she whined, but her protest came out like a moan. She gritted her teeth to stifle her moans, but soon she couldn’t help herself. Ravi pulled out then he pushed in again, this time not stopping until burying further inside her. Haasini whimpered but her protests were half-hearted. She writhed under Ravi’s cock. Then he pushed in again. Tugging her up for a nicer fit, he rocked into her, letting her feel his throbbing erection, getting off at the pleasure of sex against sex.

Cheating wife sex stories

Cheating wife sex stories

Cheating wife sex stories

“God, oh god,” Haasini whined, biting her lip as, suddenly, a bolt of pleasure shot through her body. Ravi slowly pushed deeper and deeper into my wife. His body glistened with sweat. He dug his feet into the floor and, with a powerful lunge, shoved the final inches of his cock into my pretty wife.

“Ugh, god!” Haasini grunted at the sudden and deep invasion. She gritted her teeth. Her heart pounded and her breathing came rapidly as her body processed the sensations of being so completely stuffed, so full, so impaled by something as thick and long as Ravi’s hard cock.

Ravi held still for long moments, allowing both to catch their breath. Then he began to slowly rock, moving in and out, just a little at first, letting Haasini get used to him. Gradually he pulled out more, and pushed in deeper, slow at first, then faster, deeper, deeper, faster.

I felt a mixture of jealousy and arousal as I watched them. Their movements were so intimate. This wasn’t just sex. It wasn’t fucking. It was making love.

Earlier that evening, I had noticed how sexy Haasini looked. Now, as I stood in the shadows watching them fuck, I couldn’t get over how desirable my wife looked. A part of me wanted to pull Haasini away and take her back. But even as my jealousy increased, my excitement grew so much that I felt lightheaded. Somehow, my jealousy feed into and increased my sexual excitement.

Ravi shifted Haasini so her legs pressed against his chest. He thrust back and forth, each time pulling all the way out except for his wide cock head, and then savagely pushing back in. His pace quickened, and soon he was frantically ramming his cock into my pretty wife.

“God,” Haasini groaned. Her body burned with passion and desire. Ravi pushed even harder, faster, grabbing Haasini’s thighs and pulling her towards him so every thrust he penetrated her even more. Haasini began to rock with Ravi, back and forth, in and out, meeting his thrusts, tentatively at first, then faster, with more passion, faster, with greater urgency, her passions growing.

She dug her feet into the floor, pushing up to meet Ravi’s thrusts, and then rocking back as he pulled out, opening her legs wide to let Ravi go deep inside her.

I watched with masochistic fascination as Haasini slowly rose until only Ravi’s cockhead remained inside her, and then slowly lowered until fully impaled on his rod. She did this over and over, moaning with pleasure as she pulled up, and whining in discomfort as she pushed down, her pretty face initially contorted in a grimace of pain before transforming into a glow of pleasure and fulfillment.

Cheating wife sex stories

Haasini was moaning continuously. Ravi stroke into Haasini’s pussy, each stroke incredibly long, each powerful thrust pushing Haasini against the headboard. Haasini’s legs were wrapped tightly around Ravi’s waist. Delirious with pleasure, she abandoned herself to his dark, driving passion.

Suddenly reality hit Haasini and her eyes grew wide in alarm. “Ravi, you have to pull out!” she screamed. “Pull out! I’m not on the pill!”

With a start, I realized Ravi wasn’t wearing a condom. Even though I knew he was fixed and clean, it bothered me that he was fucking my wife bareback. Was he going to cum inside her?

“No, no,” Haasini cried. “Not inside me!”

But Haasini’s warning came too late. Ravi grunted and roared, and then lurched violently forward. I knew he was coming inside my wife. He pushed deep inside Haasini and didn’t pull out for what seemed like minutes, the muscles in his back and ass repeatedly convulsing as he shot what must have been gallons of his sperm inside my wife’s womb. Again and again Ravi rammed his cock into my wife, his cock flooding her with his seed.

“Oh god, oh god,” she moaned as she felt Ravi’s sperm explode inside her. Ravi’s powerful, orgasmic thrusts pushed Haasini over the edge. Then something happened. Something Haasini hadn’t expected, and wasn’t ready for. Her head tossed from side to side, her back arched and her toes curled. Pleasure exploded through her body, and as she came. Intense pleasure, like a tidal wave from her clit to all parts of her body. The pleasure was so intense her body shook, and so overwhelming she almost passed out.

It was like a dream come true and a nightmare to me both at the same time. I watched Ravi bring Haasini to climax. It’s funny what draws your attention at times like this. What things burn into your memory. It wasn’t so much Ravi’s cock moving in and out of Haasini’s pussy. But the sparkle of her wedding ring as her left hand clutched his chest. And the look on Haasini’s face, a mixture of pleasure and bliss so intense, it seemed almost religious. She enjoyed fucking Ravi. He gave her pleasure, and she loved it. It sent a dagger through my heart, and I tried to remember if she had ever looked the same way with me.

Haasini came on Ravi’s cock, the experience and pleasure so intense that she reflexively wrapped her legs around him, digging her feet into his thighs, urging his cock deeper inside her. At the height of a shattering climax she screamed in ecstasy before she tumbled down and down and down in a release from her physical body that was so powerful that she was not quite sure she was conscious for several minutes afterwards.

It seemed forever while I watched the primal coupling in front of me. I watched their mutual climax as he pushed himself as deep into Haasini’s body as possible. I watched Haasini clinging to him while willingly taking his seed into her fertile body. Finally Haasini’s moans subsided and her body relaxed. She collapsed into the bed, her chest heaving, her breathing fast. Haasini lay panting for long moments, basking in the afterglow of the most intense orgasm she had ever experienced. Even after Ravi relaxed, signaling the end of his orgasm, he kept his cock planted deep inside my wife.

Cheating wife sex stories

Haasini’s face was a picture of complete, post-orgasmic bliss. Slowly, her legs relaxed and I watched her foot land on the floor. They stayed joined together for a long while then he kissed her gently and got off her.

Eventually Haasini came back to her senses, and the reality of the situation hit her. She could only imagine how obscene she looked, with her dress bunched around her waist, her legs spread wide open, and her panties lying someplace on the floor. She suddenly felt shy. She pushed her dress down and tried to squeeze her thighs together.

Ravi picked up her panties and handed it to her. Silently she put it on. “I saw you and I wanted you before you even spoke. One look and that was that.”

“I told you to pull out! I’m not on birth control!”

“I’m sorry, I couldn’t help it,” Ravi said honestly.

“You better get going, now.”

Ravi got up and picked up his shirt and walked to the door, intending to dress in the hallway. He looked at my freshly fucked wife and appeared uncertain. He seemed to have an overwhelming desire to back and cover her pretty face with kisses.

“Please leave now. We …we’ll talk later,” Haasini said, seeming to read his mind.

After Ravi left, Haasini locked the door, straightaway crawled into bed and started to cry. She felt horribly emotional and tearful. She felt guilt to have let herself enjoy it. She was attempting to block out those disturbing thoughts. As a final act of betrayal, she had let Ravi cum inside her.

Cheating wife sex stories

Disheartened, she sobbed into her pillow, and eventually fell asleep.

I don’t know how long I remained behind the door. I don’t know how or when I got out of my hiding and went into the bathroom. I don’t know how or when I removed my clothes. I don’t how and when I took out my cock and wrapped my hand around it and masturbated, the images of Ravi between my wife’s legs playing through my mind. I stroked my cock faster as I remembered how Haasini had wrapped her legs around his waist, how her toes had curled as she came on Ravi’s cock. I quickly came, but then I immediately felt disgusted with myself.

I went back to the bedroom and climbed next to Haasini on the bed, feeling a mixture of regret, sadness, and excitement. I felt sick as I remembered the way my wife moaned and writhed under Ravi as he fucked her with his cock. We were planning on starting our family this year. Haasini had already stopped taking her pills. She was now fertile and unprotected. I knew I had utterly failed in my responsibilities to my wife and family. I had plotted to get Ravi to seduce Haasini but I hadn’t protected her from becoming pregnant with another man’s child.

Then I fell into a restless sleep.

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