I am Haasini , I had been sexually frustrated in my marriage for quite some time. At the time that the events of the previous rainy season transpired, I and Swami had been married for ten years. After an initial ‘honeymoon’ period of one or two years, the lustre had faded considerably. From the perspective of my girlfriends, however, I had it all: a caring, doting husband who was not only handsome but rich as well. Yet behind the picture-perfect facade was a marriage that yielded neither passion nor excitement.

 It was a case of the sum was not equal to the parts: individually both I and Swami were lovely people; as a couple, however, our union lacked that essential spark, both emotionally and physically. For me, the fact that my marriage was also emotionally flat only exacerbated the lack of sexual shortcomings of the relationship. I found my husband far too accommodating, too passive, and too lacking in ego to ever cause my heart to go pitter-patter, or my panties to dampen like they had in the beginning.

Though my husband was physically beautiful, the brutal truth of the situation was that his “appointment” left my wanting. I was a highly sexed woman, and my frustrations were twofold: sex was not only uninspired and repetitive, but Swami’s size was such that intercourse was unfulfilling. His length was such that he failed to touch my in places that I needed to be touched. To be sure, my feelings of frustration and lack of fulfillment caused my a significant amount of guilt — it was no one’s fault. Yet I could not ignore those feelings. Though an unfortunate match in many ways, the two of us were equal in terms of our attractiveness to the opposite sex. 

My body was an expression of my personality: sensual, voluptuous, alluring. Fairly petite and small-framed in most respects, my breasts were conspicuously large. My girlfriends often noted that, other than a curvy and aesthetically-pleasing back, the view from behind gave no warning of my formidable profile or full frontal. I was, in a word, busty, as in, ’size 32DD bra’ busty. My face was strangely at odds with my figure: my long, jet black hair, porcelain complexion, and fine features, somehow belied my exaggerated endowments and fecund curves. Indeed, I was a combination of a normal face, and a Penthouse body.

At the age of thirty-one, I was still a shameless flirt, and more sexually voracious with each passing year. The course-altering events of last summer began in mid June, when our next door neighbours sold and moved away. Our street was set high in the hills; the two properties shared a low fence and a good, panoramic view of the city skyline below and, further off in the distance, the mountains. The new occupant of the house next door turned out to be a man in his mid thirties, quite good-looking, and smart and kept to himself. About two weeks later, I was about to sleep when I saw the light in his bedroom come on. Curiously I peeped into his bed room . He started stripping and was changing into his pajama kurta. I approached the window dressed as I was in a form-fitting t- shirt and a pair of silky panties; the soft blue moonlight from above fell across my large, firm bosom undulating inside the stretchy confines of my shirt. When I saw into his window, I gasped and stood transfixed.

Shiva was HUGELY endowed! In profile, his flat tummy accentuated the incredibly long, thick wad that hung heavily between his legs. Even from a distance it looked truly awe-inspiring; so much larger in its current state than my husband’s erection. And the most amazing thing was his scrotum. It was real huge. Me and my husband used to watch blue movies on the VCR very often during our initial marriage days. I had seen quite a few of those porn stars with huge penis but none of them matched him.I had never seen a penis and scrotum combination anywhere near that large before. In addition to the incredible length, it appeared quite fat and fleshy and vascular, and tapered down a good six or seven inches to a bulbous tip. I drank in his Adonis-like form: the tapered waist, the thick smattering of chest hair across his strong chest, and of course, that long, fat pendulum swinging between his thighs waiting to ravage some woman’s tender pussy. I imagined it could do to me.

My face was flush with heat. I suddenly became aware of the gentle ache between my legs. As I continued to watch, my fingers made their way down to the warm, wet spot at the base of my silk panties; the fingers of my other hand gently squeezed one of my huge, fleshy orbs inside my t-shirt. With my eyes glued to the masculine object of my desire, I silently and slowly pleasured myself. My fingers gently explored the soft folds of my labia and; my tender nub became swollen and incredibly sensitive. My panties were soon soaked. I momentarily closed my eyes when the tingling began to build deep in my tummy. I imagined Shiva watching me and very soon an orgasm flushed through my like a hot wave. Pressing harder against my clitoris, I was gripped by another one moments later. Opening my eyes, I saw that Shiva was no longer in view. Still unsated, I climbed inside the cool, marble expanse of our stand-up shower stall. With the heavy, hand-held shower head, I directed the pulsing, warm water between my legs.

The jets of water soon yielded yet another orgasm. I groaned quietly to myself in the night. Several days passed before I finally had the opportunity to meet Shiva. It happened one day when I was watering my plants at the side of the house. I heard someone with a deep, sexy voice utter a “hello”. Turning I saw that it was my neighbour. I immediately felt flustered but did my best to appear non-pulsed. He was very outgoing and had an air of self-confidence, almost cockiness, which I found quite sexy. He was also even better looking up close than he had been from a distance: wavy, black curlyhair, rugged good looks, a lovely tan, and “dishy” bedroom eyes. He definitely had the smile of a charming bad boy — simmering sexuality and a hint of danger.

Ooh la la, I thought to myself. “You seem to be alone…are you a bachelor?” I asked him He started laughing and said that he was married for 8 years and had recently taken up a job here. Since his son was in school and the session was on, his wife had decided to stay back till his sons school session was over. We got talking and I realized he was very carefree and easy going man. I invited him home for a cup of coffee. All the time his huge penis and scrotum was in the back of my mind. Glancing between his legs, I saw an abnormal bulge in his trousers. 

While we had coffee we started chatting. I told him how boring life was for me as my 9 year old son was in a hostel and that my husband was busy in his business. He informed me that he used to get bored too as after work there was hardly any thing he did except watch TV and work in the garden. We kept flirting with each other with double innuendo dialogues bordering on bawdiness. The following week, Swami left town on business for several days. That first night alone, I had a restless, fitful sleep; I laid awake wanting desperately to act on my insatiable desire, yet knowing it was wrong. The following evening, I decided to seduce Shiva.

When he rang the door bell, I opened the door wearing a lose skirt and a see through shirt. I was not wearing a bra. A man had to be blind not to notice my breasts and nipples inside the see through shirt. Clearly, Shiva liked what he saw. My heart pounded in my chest as I opened the door. Without uttering a word, Shiva instinctively closed the door behind him. “Swami is out” I muttered softly. “I know, but cant you offer me a cup of tea?” answered Shiva. “You shouldn’t be here,” I whispered. “I’m a married woman. I …” Knowing exactly what I wanted to hear, he leaned forward, gripped my slender shoulders with his strong hands, and placed his lips next to my ear: 

“I want to fuck you,” he whispered quietly in my ear. “Yes,” I replied with a quiver in my voice. “I want to put my big dick inside you,” he added. My eyes closed and I sighed and shuddered. “I”m your big, bad boy, aren”t I” And you”re my sweet little girl. And what my sweet little girl needs is a good, hard fucking with a nice … BIG … dick … A softly uttered “Yesss,” was all I could manage. He leaned into my and held my chin with his thumb and index finger, pulling my lips apart, then sucked my ruby-red lower lip, pressing his tongue inside my hot mouth. I moaned and hungrily suckled his tongue, tasting him.

His breath was sweet; hers tasted like wine. “I’m taking you upstairs,” he pronounced. Taking my hand in his, he led my upstairs and into my large master bedroom. We kissed again, passionately, in the doorway. He reached up underneath my skirt and placed his large hand between my legs. I caught my breath as I felt his fingers press against my labial lips and the wet, warm, Over heated clitoris. A shudder raced through my body and once again I felt that ache building between my legs; the tingly sensation in the base of my tummy. Shiva sat in a chair by the bed. “Strip down nude” he commanded. Without speaking, I began to unfasten the ankle straps of my expensive black heels. “Leave those on,” he said. First, I unzipped my skirt and let it fall the carpet, then unbuttoned my blouse and tossed it on the floor. My huge bust looked exaggerated jutting out from atop my small ribcage. My breasts rose and fell with each breath. Next he ordered me to undress him. I found his dominance arousing. I considered expressing that to him, but decided not to, thinking it might dampen the pureness of the sexual energy between them.

I unbuttoned his shirt and removed it, then removed the sexy white banian underneath; my massive breasts shifting slightly in my bra as I leaned forward. Next, I knelt in front of him, unbuttoned the top button of his pants and unzipped his fly. He slowly raised his hips from the chair as I took hold of the waistband of his pants and underwear, pulling them down to his knees. The now semi-hard organ I uncovered made my gasp audibly yet again. Completely taken aback, I had stopped tugging on his pants the moment Shiva’s enormous cock sprang from the confines of his black boxers. 

Shiva reached down; pushing his pants past his knees until they dropped to the floor. I couldn’t stop staring at the thick monster nearly eleven inches in length — bobbing heavily between Shiva’s thighs. It was so much bigger and thicker in its aroused condition. And his scrotum, it was really huge…it must be the size of a bullocks scrotum. All in all his love machine was exquisite. “I’ve just never seen one this big before,” I stammered. I moved closer between his now parted legs, with a tentative expression on my face; he took my hand and guided it to the huge, fleshy stalk in his lap.

Lying awake at night in my bed, in countless sexual daydreams, I had imagined making love to Shiva and taking him into my mouth. Now, up close and in the flesh, I wasn’t sure that I could even manage to get my lips over the large head. He placed my hand on his manhood; I tried to close my fingers around it, succeeding only partially, and gave it a gentle squeeze. It was just enough to cause a drop of clear pre-cum to ooze from the tip. “Suck it,” he commanded. “I can’t, Shiva,” I said sheepishly, with a tremor of fear in my voice, my courage quickly evaporating. “It’s too big.” “I told you to suck it, I,” he replied. 

He ran his fingers across the nape of my neck, took my gently by the hair and brought my mouth to his massive dick. I pushed my lips against the large head, pursing my lips and sucking the droplet of pre-cum from the tip. I brought my other hand up and gripped it with both hands. Initially, I was content to just lick the length of Shiva’s shaft, but after several minutes I lifted his sac to lick that lovely ridge of skin right behind it and between his legs. After several more minutes, I still hadn’t tried to take him in my mouth. Shiva had been stroking the back of my neck and tugging gently at my long, black hair; reaching down, he switched to my breasts, marveling at its weight, size, and firmness. “Suck it, baby.” His forceful tone excited me, the taste of his salty pre-cum fired my lust. Finally summoning up the courage, I moved up his shaft and once again pursed my lips.

Carefully, opening my mouth I slipped my lips over the head, eventually opening my mouth wide enough to accommodate a little more. I gently worked both hands up and down his shaft, and when my wet lips slipped down to take his entire head and a bit more into my mouth, he began to rock his hips in time with my sucking. I tried hard not to gag, and succeeded until the enormous head pressed against the back of my throat. I choked, but soon regained my composure. My sucking generated an enormous amount of saliva, and eventually an oddly erotic slurping sound accompanied my laboured breathing. Spit began to trickle down my chin and across my fingers as I gripped his cock. 

“That’s it, sweetie. Good girl,” he cooed while he watched my impale my mouth on his organ. His cock felt so different to my than my husband’s in my mouth; it was so thick and stretched my mouth so wide, I had to be careful not to inadvertently drag my teeth across the taut flesh of his shaft. Eventually, he lost control, and flooded my mouth with his cum. I’d braced myself when I felt his shaft pulsate, but I wasn’t ready for the volume and force of his ejaculation. It exploded against the back of my throat and kept shooting his thick warm wads of cum. I swallowed what I could and let the rest ooze down my chin and across his shaft; trickling across my fingers.

He just kept ejaculating in my mouth.I looked up at him and smiled sweetly; a string of his white ejaculate trickled downwards from the corner of my mouth. The head and shaft of his enormous organ was smeared with my red lipstick. I lovingly rubbed the tip against my mouth, smearing his salty cum across my pursed lips. “I want to taste you,” said Shiva. Placing his large hands under my arm, he stood and lifted my to my feet. Then grabbing my up in his arms, he carried my over and laid me down on my king- size bed. He wasted no time: parting my legs, pushing them up and back against my chest, and dropping his head down between. 

He found my delicate pussy, like my large breasts, exquisite. It was soon apparent to me that he was adept with his tongue and knew how to pleasure a woman orally. No doubt he’s had plenty of practice, I thought. My pussy was already incredibly slick with my own wetness. He parted my puffy lips and thrust his tongue inside my. He knew how to read a woman’s body; knew when to apply pressure to the clitoris with his tongue, when to ease off. I was so aroused that I climaxed almost immediately. After my orgasm, my clit was momentarily sensitive and so Shiva transferred his attentions to my heaving, DD-cup breasts still encased in my bra. He practically ripped it off my breasts: the snap burst and my huge orbs spilled out.

His suckling soon produced two puffed-up and enlarged areolas. I let out a series of deep sighs. When it came to my breasts, despite our size, I found the delicate touch the most pleasurable at first. He proved good with his hands, too, gently tracing circles around each breast with his fingers, then sucking them more and more forcefully until I was begging him to suck harder. Afterwards, I ran my fingers through his hair, then drew him up to me and kissed his mouth, running my tongue past his lips and tasting my own wetness. 

Lifting himself up, he took hold of my hips and turned my over on my stomach; spreading my legs again. Grasping the firm ass cheeks of my smallish behind, he spread them, opening my up, then moved his face down and kissed my puckered hole; thrusting the tip of his tongue just inside. The intense pleasure of it caused my to wiggle my ass backwards, pressing my bum tighter against his face. Shiva had the presence of mind – and past experiences had taught him this– to wonder to himself if I would be able to handle his size. Still, when piqued as it clearly was now, his lust was a force to be reckoned with, and he was determined to gain access through my delicately inflamed vaginal lips. Lifting himself up off the bed once again, he turned my back over. Lifting my legs up, and standing between them, he rubbed the head of his huge erection along my puffy swollen cunt lips.

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