Hi I am Arun. I’m 23 years old and I’m here to share with you my intense sexual experience with my friend Haasini. She is a year elder than me. We became friends in a social networking site and got closer day by day. We shared our photos privately as both of us feel shy to publish our photos. She is very fair complexion with a sweet look on her face, chubby arms and has a normal figure. She has a little fat in her waist and looks very sexy.

We used to chat a lot in the social networking site and without our conscience got so close that we started sharing certain intimateor private information like boobs size, penis length, shaved and unshaved body parts and so on. We also shared the photos of our private areas privately and admired each other on it. As we kept enjoying sex chat, after about 6-7 months both of us got madly addicted to each other and wanted to have some real sex. But she was married and so it was very difficult for her to spend a few hours with me without her husband’s knowledge.

One day she called me and asked me to come to a open ground where a program on yoga was scheduled to be conducted. I asked her “How to have sex in a place where thousands of people would gather?” She said “Just come there. This is the best chance I have.” I agreed and went to the ground informing my parents that I’m going to the yoga program. The program was between 7pm and 9pm. She asked me to reach there 15 minutes in advance. As per her words I reached there around 6:45pm.

She was waiting for me at the entrance gate. She was in a blue saree with a golden border and a short hand blouse. The moment she saw me, she ran towards me, hugged me, sat on my bike and asked me to go where she asked me to. She made me drive for about 15 minutes and asked me to stop in front of a house. As we entered the gate, I asked her whose house is this and she said “Its my friend’s house and they are out of station for a vacation.” I asked her “Do you have the keys to go in?” She said “No just come.” She took me to the back of the house and behind the house, There was a train compartment like construction about 10 feet high with a open roof fully made of transparent glassware fitted with a door of the same material.

As we went in I was stunned to see that it was a beautiful indoor garden with full of plants, flowers and hanging pots. There were about 3.5 feet tall plants planted inside close to the walls in the 2 longer sides of the cabin and pots arranged in 3 layers of staircase like arrangement in the 2 shorter sides of the cabin. There was lush grass on the ground and about 10 people could stand inside in the centre left over grass area.

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She turned towards me and asked “What do you say?” I was nervous as to someone would see us because even though people at home are on vacation, there should be some arrangement to take care of such a beautiful garden built indoors. Though there was no light surrounding us, it was just 2 or 3 days before full moon day and the moon light was beaming in. When I asked her she said “There are no security for this house and a person from the neighbour will come every morning to water the plants. The house will remain free for the rest of the day.”

I calmed down a bit but was still a bit nervous as to someone might see us. But the plants on all 4 sides are about 3.5 feet tall and hence nothing would be visible outside if we lie down. So I slowly started looking at her viciously. She also dropped her handbag and came close to me. I placed my right hand on her waist and slided my left hand on her buttocks over her saree. I pulled her closer with her body pressing tight on mine and kissed her. She opened her mouth and dipped her tongue into my mouth. I sucked her tongue deep into my mouth and slowly both got down and lied down with our lips locked tight.

As I withdrew my lips from her’s, I removed my T-shirt and slowly slided her saree down. There was very little wind entering the cabin from the open roof. We started sweating. She said “I need to leave by 9pm” and it was already around 7:15pm. We sat besides each other and I placed my hand straight on her boobs and started licking and kissing her all over her face and neck by pressing her boobs. Her boobs size is 36 which she told me during our sex chats. It was big and spongy and I loved pressing and squeezing it.

Cheating wife sex stories

She slided her hands on my pant and caught my dick over my pant. My dick slowly grew in size and started getting harder and harder. I then opened the hooks in her blouse one by one and without removing her blouse slided my hand on her back, inserted my hand inside her blouse and opened her bra hooks as well. I asked her to remove her bra and wear her blouse back and leave it open. She gave a naughty smile and I said “Just do it.” She removed her bra and wore back her blouse leaving it open.

I pulled out the the saree inserted in her abdomen and also removed the knot of her inner skirt. She also opened my pant button and inserted her hands into my underwear and started shaking my hard and 6 inch long dick. I placed my left arm around her sweaty waist and dipped my other hand into her skirt and panty and rubbed my middle finger between her legs. Her pussy was smooth and cleanly shaved just like she told me during our chats that she would shave her pussy before having sex with her husband.

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I dipped my finger into her pussy. It was hot and very wet inside. I then dipped my index and third finger into her pussy and fingered her pussy very hard. She moaned in pleasure and my hand got really wet as her pussy juice was flowing like a river over my hand. It was around 7:40pm and she asked “Shall we start. Its getting late.” I could not control my emotions and immediately remoed her inner skirt and panty together in a flash. She also pulled my pant and underwear down and I removed them and got myself fully nude and she was wearing her blouse and nothing underneath.

She lied down on the grassbands and I spread her legs and sat low on my knees with my buttocks pressing my heels. I was dying to fuck her very hard and experience some intense sex pleasures with her. My dick was very hard. I placed my hands underneath her buttocks, lifted her up, placed her buttocks on my thighs with her pussy kissing my dick and with some force chucked my dick into her pussy. It was a little tight as her pussy has already been exploited by her husband a few times. But it was seriously wet. I fucked her intensely by moving my dick inside her pussy back and forth and her upper body was floating in the air with her buttocks on my thighs. She tried hard not to scream by closing her mouth with one hand and kept moaning in a bit louder tone mm mmm mmm mmm mm. She had her other hand on the grass floor for support.

Cheating wife sex stories

I gradually increased the speed of intercourse and in a few seconds started crushing her pussy fiercely. My thighs and testicles started jamming her inner thighs and buttocks clap clap clap. In sometime I slowed down and pushed my dic fully into her pussy leaving no between our waists and allowed my dick ti stay inside for few seconds and started to take some breath. She then raised her upper body, hugged me tight by sitting over my thighs, locking her waist with mine with my dick fully dipped into her pussy. We were so heavily drenched in sweat that it looked like we were bathing in sweat. Her blouse was also so wet that it was sticking tightly on her body. I removed her drenched blouse in a sensual manner slowly and threw it aside leaving her fully nude.

Both of us were breathing a bit better and it was her turn. She sitting on my waist slowly started moving up and down. She then slowly started jumping up and down on my thighs and in seconds started jumping wildly with great passion again causing sounds of clap clap clap. I hugged her waist and pressed my face tightly between her bouncing boobs. In a few minutes we went back to the traditional pose. Without pulling my dick out of her pussy, I placed on hand underneath her buttocks and slowly slided her down by pushing myself over her, placed her on the grass and we went down sleeping on the grass with me sleeping over her slippery yet cusion like body.

She slept underneath me with her arms spread wide across. I placed my hands underneath her shoulder with my thumb pressing her underarms, to have a hold while fucking her and my upper body raised at some height. I once again slowly moved my dick back and forth inside her pussy and in sometime started crushing her pussy hard and wild. After drilling her pussy for close to a minute, my dick started vibrating. As my semen gushed out of my dick I experienced immense pleasure inside me and I fell over her body pressing her boobs tightly with my chest. I was moving like waves over her body as my semen splashed several times inside her pussy.

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Both of us felt exhausted and I removed my dick from her pussy, slided down her body and slept besides her looking at the moon. We took some time taking our breath back. We saw the time and it was close to 8:40pm. She said “Lets dress up and start.” But I wanted to fuck her asshole. So I asked “Shall we spend just another 10 minutes? I will leave you in the nearest place where you want to compensate this 10 minutes.” She thought for a while and accepted. She asked “Which pose shall we do now?” I said “I want to fuck your asshole. Bend down on your knees.” She said “Fine but whether or not you cum we should stop in 10 minutes.” I said “Sure baby.” But Inside me I wanted to pour my semen heavily into her asshole just like I splashed it inside her pussy.

She sat on her knees and bent down. I spread her buttocks wide and her asshole was very small. I had to finger it first and loosen it a bit. So I licked my forefinger, middle finger and my third finger, applied my saliva on her asshole and dipped my middle finger inside her asshole. It was damn tight even for one finger. As I dipped it she felt the pinch and shouted aah sss. I asked her “You never had asshole sex with your husband?” She replied “No we only had normal sex.” I then slowly dipped my index finger and then my third finger into her asshole.

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After fingering her asshole for a minute or two, I removed my fingers from her asshole. I pressed my left thumb on the side walls of her asshole, pulling it aside to create a little hole and held my dick with the other hand and pressed it on her asshole. My dick once again got hard as it touched her asshole. It was very tough to penetrate her asshole and having no other option I forced my dick into her asshole by chucking it in by clapping my thighs on her buttocks. It went in to some extent and she again shouted ouch shit. I then pushed it in and in and finally penetrated fully into her asshole.

I decided to crush her asshole mercilessly just to cum inside her quickly. Her asshole was so tight that it was even tough to pull my dick out and move it back and forth inside her asshole. I then placed my hands on her inner thighs, widened her legs and slowly but steadily moved my dick back and forth inside her asshole. She kept moaning mmm mm mm mm mm mmm. As I started crushing her asshole, in a matter of seconds I once again felt my dick vibrating with giving extreme pleasures of sex as my semen poured into her asshole. I could not control my emotions as I hugged her belly tightly from behind as my semen poured into her asshole. This time I screamed ohhhhh sss aaah ssss ohh shit bay aaaah ssss.

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As the sexual pleasures subsided, her knees slowly slided down and she slept as it is on the grassland with her face facing the ground. We rested there for a few minutes and though too tired to get up, as we had no other option, we got up dressed ourselves and as we were about to leave, we saw the time and it was 9:10pm. She asked me to drop her at a bus stop much nearer to her house and I agreed. We slowly opened the cabin door, came out seeing both sides as to someone was there. We came out silently without speaking a word, pushed the bike till the street end and then started the bike and left. I left her in a bus stop nearer to her house compensating for those 10 minutes and went back home.

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