I am Haasini. A very simple housewife in my late thirties. I have a loving husband and a daughter of 13 years in age. I live in a Mumbai suburban area called Malad.

My husband Anil is in his mid forties and works for a leading bank as a branch manager. Anil loves me a lot and is very liberal. Unlike many middle class old fashioned husbands, Anil does not worry about me talking to his male friends or my own male friends from college days. Every day, I take my daughter to school by rickshaw and then do the vegetable shopping and return home by noon.

One day after dropping my daughter to school, I was not able to find any rickshaw to go back home. Frustrated by the arrogance of rickshaw drivers, I decided to take a bus. After waiting for 20 minutes, the bus going near my home came. It was very crowded, but I had lost patience and hence got in. There was such a rush that I was being pushed around.

I am not used to commute by bus that often. So, I had decided not to make same mistake again. I was holding my grocery bag in one hand and holding the bar on other hand and tried to balance myself in that bumpy ride. I was sandwiched between an old man in the front and a young college going guy behind me.

In a couple of minutes or so, the crowd had settled and I was getting used to balance myself in that moving bus. It is then when I realized that something is being pressed against my buttocks. I turned my head and gave a look to the guy behind me. He shrugged to suggest that he wasn’t pushing intentionally. Looking at the crowd, I tool felt that he was not doing it intentionally.

After all, he was just a 19-20 year boy. Why would he grope a married woman in her forties like me? Few moments passed by and I felt like something being rubbed against my butts. In no time did I realize that the kid behind me had a hard tool and he was rubbing them on my buttocks. And I was actually feeling nice. I decided to ignore.

But my lack of reaction probably made the kid bolder because his contact with my body started becoming firm. He had come very close so that his erect tool could be pressed against my buttocks. I felt like a current going through my whole body. My breathing became heavy. I couldn’t believe that I was enjoying the kids’ erect tool pressed against my buttock.

I didn’t realize that in an attempt to enjoy that touch, I had moved back a bit. but the kiddo had noticed it because he pressed his tool harder and he also rubbed it in between. My breathing became heavier. I shut my eyes for a moment to fully enjoy that touch. I also adjusted my position such that his tool would rest on my butt crack.

I think that adjustment was enough for him to get the clue. He became bolder because I felt his hand over my butt. He pinched me lightly. By now, I started getting wet inside my panties. As the bus approached near the management college stop, The kiddo detached from me and moved forward. While passing me, he looked at me with a grin.

I tried not to make an eye contact. He got down at the college. Two stops ahead was my stop where I alighted from the bus and walked towards my home. After reaching home, I locked the door and called the security office to give a message to my maid to come late for the household work. I then went into my bedroom and looked at myself in the mirror.

Although I was in forties, I was not in bad shape. A bit of chubby figure but quite attractive. I was still thinking about that boy and the fact that he was attracted towards me was making me hot. I took my clothes off and stood naked in front of the mirror. I touched my buttocks and tried to remember the touch of that kiddo’s tool.

With the other hand, I cupped my breast and then pinched the nipple. Then I moved my other hand from the butt over to my clit and started rubbing it. I kept thinking of that kid rubbing his cock on my butt and that thought made me wet in no time. I started rubbing my clit harder. My eyes were shut, my breathing was harder and I kept rubbing my clit.

Soon I reached an orgasm. Felt like whole body contracting. Shiver went through my entire body. I collapsed on the bed and stayed there for 5 minutes before I got back to senses. I couldn’t imagine I had an orgasm so fast. Generally it takes me 15-20 minutes of rubbing to get to the climax. I couldn’t keep myself from thinking of the bus incident. It had actually made me feel nicer.

Any woman likes to be found attractive by men. But especially when a woman reaches middle age, such thoughts are even more arousing. There are many reasons behind it. First, the age makes woman worry about her sexual appeal. Second, the husband is busy in his career so he has no time to look after his wife. The sex life in the bed also suffers.

I remember the days when we were just married. Anil used to be very caring in bed. He handled me like a flower. But lately, his work was getting hectic and he looked at sex as just the way of releasing his stress out. He hardly bothered about my sexual feelings. After every act of love making, he would just doze off leaving me unsatisfied and wanting for more.

I would then resort to masturbating. Sex was becoming very monotonous. I don’t even remember when was the last time when we had sex in other than missionary position. Next day, after dropping my daughter to school, I again decided to take the bus. Rickshaw was available, but I headed to the bus stop. And I saw the kid at the bus stop. He also saw me.

I took my sight off of him. My heart was beating fast. As the bus came, we all rushed to get inside. The kiddo waited until I boarded. I did not see him boarding until the bus moved. I thought he skipped the bus and I was disappointed. But then I saw him boarding the moving bus. I felt good.

As he waded through the crowd to reach behind me, I moved forward so that he could sneak-in behind me. Within moments, I felt his hand exploring my butt. It was much confident touch. His fingers traced my panty line. Then he moved it along my butt crack. It was such a hot feeling. He continued to grope me liberally until his stop came. This now became a routine for me.

I started taking the bus regularly and he would make sure to stand behind me no matter how crowded the bus was and grope me. Earlier, I used to wear salwar kameez, but one day I decided to wear a saree. My daughter was surprised to see me in a saree, but I told her that I just wanted to use my sarees more often.

My intention of wearing a saree was to let him explore my bare back. As I expected, he did that exactly. He discreetly put his hand on my bare flank. Oh! what a feeling it was. I got instant wetness. The rush in the bus was so much and other commuters were so engrossed in their daily worries that no one noticed what was going on in between us.

The kiddo was so bold by now that he moved his hand up to touch my boobs. But due to the fear of being caught, I moved away from him. He understood and resorted back to my back and the butt. As his stop reached, he tapped my hand and passed a chit to me. The chit had his phone number on it. I was shocked and scared with his daring.

Although I was enjoying his groping session in the bus, I had never expected him to make a move of sharing his number. I kept his chit in my purse. The whole day I thought about him. That night, when Anil took me in his arms, I again thought of the kiddo. Anil had put his hand in my gown to caress my boobs. I fantasized that kiddo touching my boobs.

I responded to Anil by undressing. When Anil mounted on me, I thought of that young man mounting on me and it gave me instant wetness. I asked Anil to do it harder. Anil obliged. It was after a long time that I had a very wet pussy during the intercourse. Anil whispered to me “you are very horny today” I just smiled at him. We had a great sex that night.

After we were done, Anil got off of me and started snoring next minute. I was still awake, thinking about that kid. “Should I call him?” I asked myself. But my conscious mind told me to stay within limits. Next day, when I approached the bus stop, I did not see him around. The bus arrived, but he was nowhere to be seen. I did not board that bus and waited little longer.

But he did not show up. So I took a rickshaw and went home. I had no interests in commuting by bus without him being around. I wondered what must have happened to him. I had his number. I could have called him and found out. But did not have the courage. After my maid left, I retrieved the chit from my purse and looked at the number.

I typed the number on my mobile, but before dialling I hung up. I put the chit back in the purse and started watching TV. But his thoughts wouldn’t leave my mind. I again dialed his number. It rang, but I hung up before he could pick up. I was trembling. I gathered more courage and dialed the number again, but as the bell rang, I lost the courage and disconnected.

But within minutes, my phone rang. He was returning my call. I didn’t know what to do. I answered the call. “Hi!” a husky voice came from other side. I remained quiet. He said, “I know its you”. “You who?” I said. “You know who!” he said with a naughty tone. By now my anxiety levels had receded. “What do you want from an old lady like me? You don’t have a girlfriend?”

I asked. “Well, you are my girlfriend auntyji” he said and giggled. “Don’t call me aunty ok?” I said. “Well, you consider yourself old, so I thought of paying you respect!” He said. The kiddo was smart. “Can’t you show the same respect in the bus?” I said with a fake angry tone. “I respect your sex appeal than your age!” he said. I started blushing.

I asked him “What do you know about my sex appeal. You have only felt my round ass!” I said naughtily. “That’s enough for me to judge your other assets!” he said and made a kissing sound. “What was that?” I asked. “A kiss to my new girl friend”. “You call me a girl friend? I am a married woman with a teenage child”. “Let it be! You are still my sweetheart!”

He said. “Why didn’t you come today?” I asked. “You missed me?” he asked. “NO!” I said. “Oh yeah? then why did you call?” “Well, you gave me the number”. I said. “I wanted to find out if you would miss me so I did not come today. My guess turned right. My sweetheart misses me” He said and giggled. “ I did not know where the conversation was heading.

But I was enjoying it. Our conversation went somewhat like this: Me: “So, what do you want to do?” Him: “Meet you in person and take you in my arms!” Me: “I am twice your age ok?” Him: “Let it be. I want to have you!” “ Me: Why are you after me? You can get sexier, younger girls than me!” Him: “I like mature women.” Me: “How many matured women have you been with?”

Him: “None. Fantasized about many, but never got closer to them like I did to you!” Me: “I will not meet you okay? I have a happy married life. I don’t want to screw it for you!” Him: “It’s okay! I will wait for you to be ready.” Me: “So, you coming tomorrow?” Him: “To your house?” Me: “No! Silly! in the bus!” Him: “Sure! You ready for the butt massage?” (we both laughed)

Him: “Don’t wear your panty tomorrow” Me: “WHAT?” Him: “Don’t wear panty inside your saree!” Me: “You are crazy!” And I hung up the phone. By the time I hung up the phone I was so wet that I couldn’t help masturbating while thinking about our conversation. A man, who was over 20 years younger to me, was flirting with me and had a courage to tell a married woman like me to not wear a panty.

So that he can enjoy more while groping her in public. Such a sexy thought it was. I was lying on a bed thinking and re-thinking about our conversation. I saved his number on my phone under the fake name of a girl. I realized we never exchanged each others’ names. Next morning when I was getting ready to drop my daughter, I remembered my conversation from earlier day.

I thought for once and removed the panty I had worn. Directly wore a petitcoat and saree. I was feeling odd while walking without no panty. Gosh! I was doing this for my young lover. When I reached the bus stop, he was already there. He had worn tight jeans and a T shirt. We looked at each other and pretended to not know each other. As usual we got in the bus and he got behind me.

When he touched my buttocks he looked for panty line and when he found out that I obliged to his request, he patted my butt softly. I was biting my lower lip. I adjusted my standing position so that his tool rubbed against my butt crack. I can not express the feelings I was getting. In my 18 years of married life, I never felt so sexy. Throughout our journey, his dick was pressed against my butt crack.

The wetness oozed from my pussy on my thighs. Today there was no panty to absorb the wetness. When his stop came, he passed me and whispered “Thanks! call me”. I did not react. I went home and called him.. Him: “Hey Sweetheart!” Me: “Hmmm” Him: “Thanks for fulfilling my wish!” Me: “Yea, I don’t like to disappoint kids!” We both laughed. Him: “When can we meet?”

Now I also wanted to meet him. I was convinced it was not going to be bad. But the question was where to meet. Me: “I don’t know. I can’t think of where we can meet.” Him: “I can’t take you to my home. My mom will always be home. How about your home?” Me: “My home?” Actually the idea was not that bad. My maid would leave my house by 12:00 PM.

Between noon till 5:30, no one would be home. I would leave to fetch my daughter at 4’O clock. Without hesitation I told him to come at 12:30PM. I gave him the address. I asked my maid to finish things up fast. After she left, I changed into a black sleeveless blouse with a wide open back and a white saree with black polka dots on it. This was Anil’s favorite Saree.

He had brought it for me on our 10th wedding anniversary. I remember the day I had first worn this saree. Anil said that I looked very beautiful and sexy in it. We also had done a quickie immediately after I wore the saree before we went out for a candle lit dinner. I looked in the mirror and I thought I still looked stunning in that saree.

The bell rang while I was watching myself in the mirror. I swiftly made sure that I was looking nice and ran to open the door. I opened the door and took him inside and double bolted the door behind him. I was now very anxious. He turned to me and held me closer and whispered in my ears, “You look gorgeous” I sensed his erect penis touching my thighs.

OOh! what a feeling it was! I separated myself from him and asked him to come inside and showed him to the sofa and went in the kitchen to fetch water for him. He followed me and held me from behind very tightly. His erect penis rubbed against my buttock crack. It felt very familiar. He kissed my neck and moved his hands over my breasts and pressed them.

“Ummm” I moaned.. “Can’t you wait???” I whispered. “I waited for so long..” he said and he kissed my earlobes. His warm breath went inside my ears. It felt so nice. I turned towards him and wrapped my arms around his neck and kissed his lips. We passionately kept kissing each other. I could sense that he was an amature kisser. I decided to take control and kissed his upper lips.

Then I pushed my tongue inside his mouth and kissed. We kept kissing for a while. He had placed his hands over my buttocks. His hardened penis rubbed against my thighs. I was feeling wetness in my groins. Now I released myself from his arms and asked him to follow me in the bedroom. He removed his tee shirt as we walked to the bedroom. I threw myself on the bed.

He had a very good muscular body. It was apparent that he worked out a lot. I had once or twice fingered myself thinking of John Abraham. But today I was actually going to get a real muscular man. He came over me on the bed. I wrapped my arms around his curvy muscular body and we kissed again. He pulled my pallo down and kissed over my cleavage.

Then he kissed my armpits. I kissed his hard chest and licked his erect nipples. He unbuttoned my blouse. We then separated for a moment so I could remove my blouse and bra. I was now topless. He immediately grabbed my breasts and sucked them. “OOH!” I moaned. I held his head over my breast. He had totally different style of sucking the breast than Anil.

Anil used to caress it and like an icecream, used to lick it. But this kiddo was sucking it like a kid eating an ice cream. It was too rough. But that’s what was adding spice to the love making. Now, he moved away from his to remove his pants. He undid his pant and underwear. What a scene it was! He looked like a naked greek god with curved body. His penis was throbbing with erection.

He had a hairless body unlike Anil’s who was hairy. I also noticed that he was circumcised. I also removed my saree, petitcoat and panty and got naked. I asked him to lie on bed next to me. I turned towards him. I took his penis in my hand and stroked it. I realized, I did not even know his name. Nor did he know mine.

I kissed him and asked, “By the way, what’s your name?” “Aryan” he said. “I am Haasini!” I told him. “Nice name Haasini Aunty!” he said and giggled. I slapped him lightly and said, “Why are you calling me Aunty?” He dragged me closer and said, “I like to call you Aunty! A sexy aunty I want to fuck!” I blushed. Now I pushed him and rode over him.

I took his circumcised throbbing tool and pushed inside my vagina. The feel of his circumcised tool was much intimate than Anil’s uncircumcised one. I started stroking. I started moaning as his bare tool touched my inner walls. But Alas! Even before I could get used to his tool inside me, he sprayed his cum inside. “Shit!” he exclaimed. I too was disappointed.

He took his tool out and went to bathroom. I was lying on the bed. Still very hot. His cum was oozing out of my vagina. Aryan came out of the bathroom and started apologizing. “It’s ok!” I said and asked him to come back in the bed. His once erect and throbbing penis had shrunk now. I kissed him and said, “Too excited weren’t you?”

He nodded. “Aunties are not easy to tame okay?” I said and we both laughed and kissed. I started getting heated up again. I knew he wouldn’t get hard again for at least an hour. we didn’t have that much of time. So, I asked him to finger me. He obeyed my order and put his middle finger inside me and stroked. At the same time he sucked my breast.

It was exciting enough but not too exciting. “Kiss my pussy” I almost ordered to him. He was already embarrassed and could do anything to please me. He kissed over my pussy. I held his head and guided him to kiss my clit. He followed. “Lick it!” I demanded. He followed. I moaned. He got encouraged by my moans and he licked it harder.

I was trying to remember when was the last time Anil kissed my pussy. The excitement was building up. I was getting more and more demanding. After giving what a man wanted all these years, it was a payback time for me. I now asked him to put his tongue inside my vagina. He looked at me and smiled. Next moment, his wet tongue touched my inner walls.

Oh! I can’t even explain how great it felt. He stroked me with his tongue. I was moaning and squirming. In few minutes, I reached my orgasm. I pulled his head away and enjoyed the contractions I was getting. It was a very strong orgasm. After that, we both got up, cleaned ourselves and got dressed. It was time for me to pick my daughter from the school.

I kissed him and said “Thanks for the wonderful time!” “You sure?” he asked. I said “I don’t lie” He smiled and approached the door. I saw him off. Then I went to bedroom and changed the sheets. Made sure I looked okay and left home to get my daughter from the school.

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