My husband (Vishal) used to come home every weekends from Bangalore to meet us. But after few months he reduced his schedule to once in every month.

He said that he got promoted and his work load also increased, that he couldn’t come every week. I knew that he changed his mind because of his new girlfriend. But I didn’t wanted to argue and ruin our relation because of a silly girlfriend. I acted like I don’t know anything.

Even though I took it so silly I was jealous that some other woman is enjoying my husband and it gave me sleepless nights. Every night I sleep alone thinking about my husband and my pleasureful past with him. After much thought I felt if he can have extra marital affair, why can’t i. Also his absence made me a sexually hungry woman.

So next day onwards I also started to find a suitable sex partner for myself. But I didn’t wanted for any men who is hungry for sex, I was looking for a man who is caring, handsome and have a good job. Wherever I go I looked for guy with all these characters. But I didn’t find anyone for weeks. But I didn’t had to wait for long. It was PTA meeting in the school.

It was mandatory for every parents to come to the school to talk about students academic performances. Since I was the class teacher of the 4th standard I had to meet the parents of every student in my class. I met this father of one student, he was handsome and beautiful. His name was Ashok, 34 years old working as a professor in a private business school.

He was big tall guy with muscular body. Anyway I wanted him as my boyfriend or sex partner whatever. But since he was already married I doubted whether he would be interested in me. The only way to make him mine is through seduction and teasing.

So while we were talking about his son’s performance and I was taking the progress report and the exam mark sheets from the top shelf, so that he can get a glimpse of my whole figure. I had to stretch myself to take them and when I raised my both my hands, my navel got exposed by my saree and he was staring at my navel.

I went back to my chair and sat their showing him the progress report and I pull down my saree and blouse so that he can know that i’m a slut. And like I wished he was not concentrating on the report file, all he did was staring at my boobs cleavage. In between I asked about his wife. He said that his wife is a nurse in abroad and comes once in every year.

After hearing this, the first thing that came to my mind is that his wife must be in extra marital relation with some doctor. So I thought he might be the right person for me since he is handsome, beautiful and married but his wife is not around. Then after talking everything, he was ready to go and suddenly he asked for my mobile number.

He said that he want to talk about his son’s studies later but I knew that he was asking it just for him. So I gave him my mobile number so that he can call me later. Like I believed Ashok called me that night and we talked about his son, school things etc. After few weeks our relation grew more than a parent teacher relation.

We became more friendly and we started to talk about personal things. One day he invited me to a mall to accompany him and his son. I went with my daughter to meet him at the mall. I was wearing a tight churidar top and leggings underneath. When we met each other in the mall he was staring at my boobs cleavage and my figure because I wasn’t wearing any shaul over my churidar.

Then we went to a coffee shop but we just sat at the coffee shop sipping the coffee and talking personal things like about our family and friends and he did some jokes in between. While we were talking I bend more towards the table to expose my boobs cleavage so that he can get a clear view of my boobs inside my churidar top.

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After the enjoyment in the mall we decided to go back to home. But I invited Ashok to my home, so that I can get what I want. When we reached the home kids sat before the TV and started to watch their favorite cartoon shows. I went to the kitchen to make some tea for us and cool drinks for the kids. While I was making the tea Ashok turned me around and started to kiss me on the lips.

Even though it was sudden and uncalled for I didn’t resisted him because that was what I wanted. We were kissing each other so passionately, my boobs were jamming on to his chest and his hands were crawling through my back, finally he caught my ass and started pressing them.

We kissed each other so passionately for few minutes, but I pushed him away and said that kids may see us kissing. Then Ashok left that evening and he called me in the night. He said that he’s going to take leave next day to see me and I should also take leave and he praised my figure and boobs and ass.

Next I sent Ritu to school and when I came back Ashok was standing at the door of my apartment. I invited him inside, suddenly he hugged me from behind and started to kiss on my neck. He was caressing my navel sliding my saree with his hands. I turned around and kissed his lips, and we continued our hot passionate long lip kiss for few minutes.

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We sucked each others lips and locked our tongues together. Then I removed my saree, blouse and underskirt one by one. Now I was in my red bra and panty in front of him. After seeing me in bra and panty he become more horny and he started to squeeze my boobs. Then I slowly unbuttoned his shirt while he was pressing my boobs.

Removed his shirt completely, went for his pants and unzipped it. I took out his long fat cock from inside his underwear. Even my husband don’t have such big penis. I was already satisfied with the size of his penis. I gave it a few thrust with my both hands. Then I slowly inserted his penis into my mouth and moved it in and out few times.

Then took it out and started to suck and lick the tip of his penis. He was moaning in low voice because of the touch of my soft tongue. His black penis tasted so good that I sucked it for long. After sucking it for long, he splashed all his cum into my mouth. I drank all his cum and cleaned his penis by licking it.

His penis became dead after his first ejaculation, but I grabbed his hand and took him to my bedroom. He lie down on the bed and asked me to remove my bra and panty. So I removed my bra and panty as he wished. Then placed my both big boobs on his penis with his tool between my boobs and I started to move my boobs in up and down motion.

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Sooner his penis became erect again. Then I came top over him in 69 pose and we licked each others genitals. He was licking mine so hard and so slowly which gave me more arousal. After much licking and sucking both our genitals become well lubricated. Then I sat over him and slowly inserted his long fat penis into my vagina slowly.

His big fat penis was little hard to get into my pussy, somehow I managed to take it inside my vagina. I started to move my ass in up and down motion which made the penis in and out of my pussy. I ride his cock in a slow move which gave me more pleasure when it touched every end of my pussy slowly.

While I was riding his penis I was kissing him and he was holding me by my hips with his hands. When I was kissing him I felt more penetration of his penis inside me which was so sexy. I couldn’t explain that feel when we kissed each other while I was riding his penis. When it got more harder I held my left ass with my hand so that it can give his penis more space to enter into my pussy.

I ride his penis harder and faster so that he said he’s gonna ejaculate again. I took out his penis and put it inside my mouth and started sucking it. After few seconds of suck he ejaculated again into my mouth. I drank them all and clean his tool with my tongue. I went to shower to clean myself while he was lying on bed tired and sleepy.

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After cleaning myself I put on my night rob and went to kitchen to make some food for lunch. He dressed up already to go back to home. I served him lunch and we ate together. After finishing the dinner I was cleaning the dishes and Ashok was watching the TV. I went to him after finishing the dishes and removed my night rob and lie down on the sofa in front of him, facing my back side towards him.

I shaked my ass and looked at him and bite my lower lip in sexy manner. He stood up and removed his dress and came near me, started feel my ass. Then he spread my ass cheeks slowly inserted his erect penis into my pussy. He then stood in a slopy position over me and started to fuck me. I moved my ass closer to him so that his penis wholly enters my pussy while fucking.

Each time he made a huge stroke into my pussy his belly banged on my ass making a slapping sound. The banging and fucking made me huge arousal that I squeezed my own boobs. We fucked in this position for few minutes. Then he grabbed me by my hips and made me sit on the sofa. Then he spread my legs to both sides and moved me down a little.

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Now we are in missionary position, he inserted his penis and started to fuck me sloping over me. This time his thighs were banging on my ass that made slapping sound. He fucked me for long till he ejaculated on my navel. Then I went to my bedroom and get a towel and cleaned his cum from my navel. Again went to him and sucked and cleaned his penis.

Then I grabbed him and made to follow me to the bathroom. I sat over the edge of the bath tub and he kneel down and started to suck my pussy clit. Then he started to suck and finger my pussy at the same time, I pressed his head on to pussy while he was still sucking and fingering. After long half an hour of licking, sucking and fingering, I had my first orgasm.

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Then he turned me around and started to fuck me in doggy style. Later I had two orgasms while fucking together, at the end he ejaculated again on bathroom floor and we both became unbearably exhausted. We sat on the sofa with me sitting on his naked lap, he caressing my boobs and ass.

Then before it was going to be evening he went to his home giving me a goodbye kiss and a giving a squeeze on my butts! It was the best ever fuck in my life, even my husband was not able to fuck like this. After that we did sex on every chance we got. 

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