Haasini wandered around her living room in a see through red negligee, the lace cups fitting well around the soft swell of her breasts. She had toyed with the idea of wearing matching panties but had decided against it; instead she had thrown a matching see through robe over the top. The small tuft of pubic hair that she trimmed neatly could be seen easily through the thin red material, just as the dark outline of her areolas could be discerned through the lace of her cups where her nipples peaked into hard points of excited expectation. She smiled as she slid her feet into her matching red high heels, her black hair piled up loosely on her head with long wavy tendrils falling around her shoulders.

Her lips were painted red and her eyes darkened with mascara and shadow, she looked just like one of those smutty pictures in a men’s magazine. Her eyes widened as she heard the rattling engine of a vehicle coming up the drive, she held herself back until she heard the doorbell then walked slowly to the door opening it wide. The milkman gasped with his mouth gaping as his eyes took in the vision of the sex goddess that answered the door, he almost dropped the small crate of dairy products that she had ordered and Haasini had to stifle a giggle. “Hello Suthan, won’t you bring those in for me and put them on the kitchen bench” she crooned.

Suthan nodded not even trying to find his voice as he watched the vision in red sashay before him into the kitchen, many sites had met him on his rounds but this one took the cake. His cock was rock hard in his pants by the time they reached the kitchen and he found it hard to tear his eyes away from the tight little orbs of her ass, until she turned around and leaned back against the wall just inside the kitchen door. Suthan put down the crate and turned to her, he tried to look into her eyes but his gaze kept falling to the full cleavage that nestled between the red lacy bra cups and those pointed nipples that looked ripe for a nibble. Haasini smiled knowingly, “see something you like Suthan? Something you might want by any chance? Or perhaps you should make yourself more comfortable somehow? You’re looking a little cramped down there,”

she teased as she motioned with her gaze at his bulging crotch. Suthan groaned deep in his throat, “if you want it you got it” he muttered low as he started to unzip his pants, letting them fall to the floor his impressive cock standing to attention as he stood boldly in front of her. Haasini had always suspected that her sexy milkman was well hung, but this was totally unbelievable, his cock was long and thick, so heavy that it hung forward under it’s own weight. She just stared down at it as he undid the buttons of his shirt; her pink tongue darting out to moisten her lips as he slowly exposed the rippling stomach and well formed muscles of his smooth tanned chest. Suthan smiled at her reaction, “it seems as if we both have something the other wants, care to trade?” he was teasing now and Haasini’s body responded, her pussy hot and wet and her nipples hardening even more than she thought possible.

She moved forward to run her fingertips across his bare skin, their eyes connecting as his hands slid up beneath the flimsy material of her negligee following the well curved contours of her ripe horny body. As they kissed Haasini grabbed the shaft of his massive erection and started rubbing her hand up and down its smooth hard length. Their tongues played together as their kisses intensified, until Haasini bit his lip a little too hard. Suthan gave a sharp cry “you bit me” he touched his fingertips to his lips, as he looked down at her with a frown, Haasini giggled apologetically, “oops a little too rough for you Sorry.” She smiled and moved to kiss him again.

Suthan stepped away taking her wrists he moved them down behind her back holding them there with one hand, “you like it rough do you Mrs Dean? I’m sure we can make this enjoyable for you then” he smiled wickedly as he bent his head and took one of her nipples between his teeth and nipped it through the red lace of her negligee. Haasini cried out and squirmed as he bit her, the painful pleasure shooting through her, but as she tried to release her hands he just tightened his grip, pinning her against the wall. Suthan grabbed the front of her negligee with his free hand and with one swift movement tore the front away, tossing it aside as he kissed her roughly bruising her lips in the process. Haasini’s cunt throbbed with anticipation, her juices wetting her inner thighs as Suthan mauled her breasts, cupping them tightly with his free hand so he could suck and nibble them until Haasini was arching against him and panting with desire.

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Her hot little thighs spread open as he slid his hand between them to find her slippery wet slit swollen and ready for him, he smiled wickedly as he dragged her towards the refrigerator. Haasini wasn’t sure what to expect until she saw Suthan produce an unusually thick carrot from the crisper box. “Get on the table and spread your legs bitch,” he growled brandishing the carrot in her face with a wicked grin that promised she was going to get the fucking of her life. Haasini did as he said, lying back on the table she lifted her knees and rested her high heels on the edge of the table spreading her thighs wide. Suthan looked at the slut on the table in front of him, her shaven cunt lips glistening with her juices that had already started to run from her horny cunt. Her beautiful tits fell to the sides the nipples hard and red from the mauling he had given them, shreds of her red negligee still hung from her shoulders and her eyes looked up at him with a mixture of desire and fear.

He smiled at this sight, and slowly ran the end of the cold carrot around her erect nipples, they tightened visibly and he continued down over her flat sensitive stomach, watching it tense and twitch. When the carrot slid down between her legs he heard her suck in her breath, but he continued, spreading her pussy lips apart with his fingers, he began rubbing the carrot back and forth over the swollen moist tip of her clitoris. Haasini’s arse lifted off the table as he masturbated her with the carrot, small moans of pleasure escaping her full red lips. Suthan watched her face contort as he grabbed her left hip to steady her and slid the carrot right into the glistening hole of her cunt. She screamed as the thick end of the cold hard vegetable made contact with the hot walls of her fuck tube, her hands gripping the table as her hips squirmed.

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Suthan held her tight and began fucking her liberally with the cold hard carrot, “you wanted it rough bitch, you got it” he growled as he pumped her wet horny snatch with the thick orange root. Haasini’s hips started to pump in time with his thrusts, her hips lifting to meet the carrot as he pushed it deep into her sexual cavity “oh yes, yes harder” she gasped her body starting to shudder and shake. Suthan knew she was going to cum, but he had other plans, pulling the carrot from her slippery cunt he slid the thin end into the tight little hole of her ass making her cry out again with a mixture of surprise and need. Pumping her ass with the carrot, he watched her facial expression change from pain to pleasure, her mouth open wide as she panted loudly with little groaning sounds.

“You like it like this bitch?” he asked her as he fucked her ass with the carrot, never taking his eyes from her beautiful face. “Yes! Yes!” she cried with abandon as her hips bucked and she held her ass cheeks wide open for him with her hands. “You like fucking vegetables so much you probably don’t want any of this hot hard cock here then right?” he teased her, fucking the carrot in harder up her ass making her groan with pleasure, her head rocking from side to side. “No, no, I want your cock, I want it inside me, please Suthan, give it to me!” she pleaded in a gasping high pitch. “Oh I’ll give it to you alright” leaving the carrot inserted in her ass he pulled her off the table and turned her around bending her over the table swiftly before she could complain.

Without warning he shoved his cock deep into her juicing cunt, she was tight but he continued pushing himself into her until he was buried right up to the hilt inside her. Haasini felt as if her cunt was being stretched beyond its boundaries, Suthan’s thick erection opening her deep inside pushing against her constricting muscles as he drove himself inside her. The carrot was still inside her arse and she felt him start to move it in and out at the same time as he began pumping her protesting cunt with his huge cock. Suthan couldn’t help but smile at the bitch’s groaning cries of agony and ecstasy as he drilled out both her holes at the same time. He could feel the tight spasms of her cunt as it contracted around his cock; she was nearly ready to blow. He fucked her steadily, letting her build up then he would slow, driving her wild with the need to cum until it made no difference any more.

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Haasini cried out as her cunt shuddered and gripped at the cock inside her squeezing tight as her insides erupted into a quivering heated orgasm. The waves of pleasure continued to wash over her as he pumped her harder and faster from behind. Suthan withdrew the carrot and tossed it aside, grabbing both of her hips he leaned forward over her back with his cock deep inside her rippling cunt. “Now we begin the serious fucking, let me know just before you pass out bitch” he murmured low with a chuckle as he started to bang her contracting cunt with renewed passion. Haasini loved a real hard fucking; she loved the feeling of a cock almost splitting her in two like Suthan’s cock, she cried out “Oh yeah, fuck me Suthan, fuck me harder!” Suthan’s thrusts began to lift her off the floor; the only thing stopping her from hurtling across the table was the strong pair of hands that gripped her hips and pulled her slender body back against the impaling length of his cock.

Suthan fucked her with animalistic urgency, his cock butting against her insides like a ramming rod, the bitch kept screaming and howling for him to fuck her harder, which he did until he felt as if he was going to snap his dick off inside her with the impact. With each thrust of his cock he could feel her insides spasm and tighten, the gripping sensation around his cock sending his senses reeling. The heavy kitchen table made of solid timber was slowly moving across the floor as he fucked her, but she kept hollering for more. Suthan felt her insides quiver again and pumped even faster until she gave a loud cry “OH GOD YES!” Her cunt began munching on his rock hard shaft like a mincing machine as it climaxed viciously, sending Suthan over the edge at the same time.

Suthan gasped loudly as his cock exploded inside her; he kept pumping, driving hot squirts of cum deep inside her fertile womb. With his cock buried inside her quivering cunt Suthan grabbed a handful of her hair and pulled her back up against him, kissing her upturned face with passion as he gave her a few more hard pumps with his cock for good measure. Haasini groaned deep in her throat her heart beating fast and her breathing irregular, “God Suthan, you’re the best fuck ever,” she murmured as he pulled out of her dripping cunt. She turned resting back against the edge of the table to steady herself, her shaky knees not quite able to carry her weight.

Suthan grinned “and don’t you forget it, don’t worry I’ll show myself out” he pulled on his pants and shirt and giving her a quick peck on the lips made his way out the front door. Haasini wandered back to her bedroom and lay down to rest, showering and dressing a couple of hours later. She tidied the kitchen and put away the dairy products, wrapping the remnants of her negligee and robe up, and burying them in the dustbin. When she was satisfied that there was no sign of what had occurred that morning she started cooking dinner. Haasini’s husband Graeme arrived home late and she was sure he was never any wiser that she had been up to mischief with the milkman.

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They made love later that night, as usual with the lights off and as usual it was over quite quickly, with her husband rolling over and going to sleep. Haasini sighed in the darkness and masturbated next to her snoring husband, fantasising about her morning with Suthan, she came silently but intensely and slowly drifted off into a deep sleep. Four weeks later Haasini was glowing with happiness when her husband came home, “darling, you’re going to be a father!” she exclaimed excitedly. Graeme was pleased that his wife had finally fallen pregnant; they had been trying for some time with no success. “That’s great news Haasini, how far along are you?” he asked softly as he took her into his arms and held her close.

“About a month darling, so there are eight more to go yet, we will have plenty of time to get started on the nursery,” Haasini gasped excitedly, her eyes shining with pleasure. Graeme nodded, he had thought there had been someone else playing around with his wife about that time, but he hadn’t been sure because he had seen no sign of it since. Graeme had never told his wife that he had recently been found infertile, because of her incessant need to bare children to him; he had been waiting for the right time to tell her hoping it would not bring their marriage to an end.

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He stared down at his happy wife and decided that it was of no consequence now that she was pregnant, he was pretty sure she would not leave him if there was a chance the child was his and in a way he was grateful to whomever had impregnated her, giving them a chance at a happy family life together. Somewhere in the back of Haasini’s mind the morning with Suthan connected with the time she conceived and it played upon her conscience. Haasini was eternally grateful to have finally fallen pregnant no matter who the father was, she just hoped that the baby didn’t have the milkman’s eyes

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