I am to narrate an incidence, which happen to me when I was 19 years old, This was with my aunt. She was kind of loose character and my mum did not like her a bit. Her name was Haasini aunty (name changed). She was a family friend and wife to my dad’s best friend Jai uncle.

Haasini aunty was fair and tall almost 5.6”, which in our community is excellent height. Haasini aunty was not fat or lean; she was ok especially with 2 kids and age of 39 at that time. She had curly hair and looked updated but the moment she opened her mouth, the image of modern women fell apart.

She was kind of women who never bothered about her dress exposure and specially when men around her. I guess she enjoyed men staring at her and giving and special attention. My mum use to hate her for her dropping pallu and especially in front of my father. When ever we visited her house, there use to be a fight between dad and mum as Haasini aunty would drop her pallu and show her cleavage to dad with one or the other reason and my mum use to get furious. Aunt use to wear saree much below waist and tight around her hips, giving good shape to her ass. in saree that use to look very seductive. Her blouse always uses to be deep cut and designer.

Being 19 year old and sex obsessed virgin, aunt use to flair my dreams being my love lady. I has so many times imagined her in my dreams making love to her but never had strength to approach her although I was sure she would definitely say yes but I was worried if I was wrong and she would talk to my mum and dad about it.

Those days we use to travel by train to delhi in summer holidays and dad use to book tickets for us in 3tier ordinary where as Haasini aunty use to travel in ac. It use to be almost 48hrs journey and we use to travel loaded with food and in big company with my cousins and friends in community as all use to book tickets together. It use to be super time as we use to play cards, board games, all time food and me being a foodie use to freak out.

It was one such trip and we were 7 of us and were having good time. I remember we were playing cards when Haasini aunty came down to our compartment from ac coach and mum was not much amused by her visit but my cousins and other aunt’s were happy seeing Haasini aunty. She joined us in playing cards. On 2 seats for 6 (3 on each side) we were already 7 (3 on my side seat and 4 on opposite side) and now Haasini aunty had joined so she sat next to me in corner. We where playing cards and had a sheet spread over us to make it convenient. We were in middle of a game so aunty was helping me with my cards. I was too engrossed in my game and never realized when I rested my right hand elbow over aunt’s left boob. She did not even move me nor resisted me, infact I realized after some time when I could feel her hard erect nipple from beneath her kameez on my elbow. Suddenly a shiver ran down my body and I could not concentrate in game. I was kind of excited and with the encouragement show by Haasini aunty, I pushed her nipple with my elbow. Her hands were under the seat and in reaction she held my thighs tightly. She looked towards me but I did not looked towards her. It went on for next 5 to 10 minutes till she said that she is going back to her seat in the ac coach. She was travelling alone this time as her daughter was preparing for board exams and son was busy finding right college to join, so she was travelling to her native alone. And as she was alone uncle had booked a berth in 2 tier AC coach.

Haasini aunty- I am feeling tired and very hot, I am going back to my seat. But rajesh why don’t you come to my coach along with your cousins? We can play cards in AC. There is so much place in my as compartment there is only 1 berth occupied.

Myself- why not aunty, we will come but after this game.

My cousins said they dint want to go as they wanted to play with their mother and my mother. Infact my mother also stopped me from going but I said I would feel good over there as it was air-conditioned and being a mother my mum said ok. My aunt waited till we finished our game. I got up and my cousin from other side took my seat and as I got up, Haasini aunty had a different naughty smile looking at me.

We walked down to her compartment, which was after 6 boogies from our boogie. All the way she use to look back at me and use to smile. She held my hand tight as if I was a kid. She held my hand close to her body and I was touching her lower body every now and then and I had a semi erection in my cock.

We reached ac coach and then to her seat. It was very cold and that coach had very few people as those days AC 2 tier was very expensive and only few could afford it. In aunt’s compartment only 1 person apart from aunty was there and that to he was sleeping on his upper berth. We settled on opposite window berths and then aunty was talking to me about my new college. She was talking to me casually about my college and how many girlfriends I had. I was feeling little cold to which she pulled her blanket with a very sexy smile.

She spread that blanket over me and herself and she pulled pack of cards. We started to play cards but we were not comfortable as blanket was sagging down. So aunt said to stretch and keep our legs on opposite seats. That is where it all started. My aunt placed her left leg between my legs and other leg next to my left leg so I was forced to keep my left leg between her legs and right leg around her left leg. She had stretched her leg so far that it almost touched my cock. With the thought of her leg touching my cock, was exciting me. Tension was clear on my face but I did not say anything.

We continued playing cards and I won first couple of rummy. She did touch my cock few times in between and it ran shiver down my spine and my cock was hard now. There was too much silence and I had to break the ice so I said that I was best in this game and no one can defeat me, to which she said “I can defeat you, and if I do what will you give me?”

I replied “its not possible, anyway if you challenge then if you defeat me, you can ask for anything you want.” I thought she is my aunt and what can she ask for.

Haasini-“be sure of what you commit, I will take what I want and I will not entertain any excuse later.” And she smiled very differently.

Me-no problem aunty, first you defeat me.

Then I won again next couple of games and then I said, “Now I have won so many games, what will I get”.

Haasini-“wait for some time then we will decide who will get what.” And she placed her foot on my cock completely. I kind of jumped and looked towards her. She was looking straight in my eyes. She knew I was kind of uncomfortable and she replied, “I dint stop you in your compartment so why are you worried now and you are grown up now.” Saying this she looked at the man sleeping on top berth to make sure he was sleeping.

It was clear now that she knew I had intentionally kept my elbow on her boobs and she has things in her mind. She was feeling my cock with her feet and I was enjoying it. I was wondering where things would lead to and had completely forgotten than she was my aunt.

We kept playing cards although now I was least interested. I was staring at aunt’s boobs and she knew what I was doing. I lost next game and she was excited and said, “so you have lost and I have won. I told you I can defeat you and I have done it. Now you have to do as I say.” And she smiled wickedly. I was loving my defeat and waiting for what would happen next.

She asked me to pull my legs back and she got and in 2tier ac coaches there are curtains for each compartment and boxes, she straight away went and opened the curtains and covered the box. Now we both and the man sleeping on top were in complete privacy. I was very excited and was cold with excitement, my hands were cold and I was anxious about things to follow. Haasini aunty after pulling the curtains came next to me (below the birth the man was sleeping) and sat very close to me and then inside the blanket.

She wasted no time and straight away held my cock over the shorts I was wearing. I was in heaven. She looked towards me and said slowly “now you will do what I say”. I nodded and surrendered to her. She held my cock and she was happy, she said “not bad for a teenager, you have decent size and strength” and she leaned on me and kissed me on lips. I was dripping lust and with a women whom I had fantasied having sex with was playing with my cock and kissing me.

I opened my mouth and responded to her kiss.

Our smooch got hotter and she went under my shorts and held my bare cock, I was hot and I was moving my hand over her body. I slowly reached for her breast and cupped them and then I squeezed them. They felt so smooth and well shaped hard over the clothes. After about a minute or so we broke the kiss and she looked around if the man sleeping on top was still sleeping.

She then squeezed my cock and said “follow me, come to toilet after a minute.” and saying this she left. My heart was beating hard and I was cold. I follow her after few seconds and saw from distance entering toilet on left. I looked around all the way till reaching toilet, to make sure no one was looking. I found the gate open and aunty was standing there indicating me to come in fast, which I did and she latched the door. She turned towards me and looked me in eyes and said, “Now do as I say. You are going to have time of your life.”

I was already cold and almost shivering with the excitement and also because of the cold ac I had come out of. Haasini aunty came forward and kissed me and held my cock under the shorts. It was already wet with precum and hard as rock. She then asked me to pull her salwar down as she was pulling her kameez out. Ohh god her bare white skin and bare breast were heaven. Not very huge but good size breast she had. I slowly unknotted her salwar and pulled it down and out. She was not wearing bra and now she was standing in front of me just in a panty. I was staring at her body with lust and rushed towards her boobs and started sucking her nipples. I soft moan broke from aunt’s mouth ahhhh.

She pulled my clothes and I was nude in no time. I was little shy although standing nude in front of her. She was stroking my cock and I was sucking her boobs. I was also squeezing her boobs while sucking it. She was moaning softly and then she took my hand and inserted it in her panty, indicating me to play with her pussy. It was very wet and dense with hair. I touched her wet pussy and caressed it. She was shivering now and her moaning was becoming loud. She parted me and took out her panty and now she was completely nude.

She saw toward me and asked me if I knew what to do. I had seen many English movies but had never had intercourse. With no reactions on my face she understood I dint knew much. She said, “I will turn around and you fuck me from behind”. I said I will try and then she turned around she bent giving good access to her pussy but I was new to this and could not create an angel and could not enter her pussy. Tried a lot but failed. At last she turned around and positioned herself with one leg on WC and other bent. This time I could enter and with little pressure I was inside her. She moaned loud ooohhhhhh aaahhhhhh and even I was feeling heavenly. I started stroking her and she held window rod and side rod tightly. Her lips where were parted and soft moan with every stroke of mine was breaking. For me it was more than I could have asked for and I could not control and leaked in less than a minute inside her. As I stopped she cried “don’t stop please go ahead”. I said, “I have spermed out”.

Hearing this was a big disappointment and she was kind of angry. She asked me to bend and lick her as she wants it and I was feeling little bad as I could not hold on and repay for the same I bent down and went close to her pussy. It was stinking and more of my sperms were seen. I cleaned as much possible and then started licking her pussy as I had seen in blue movies. It tasted awfully bad and I wanted to pull back but aunty did not allow.

She asked me to finger fuck her and at the same time lick her, which I did. I guess it was very pleasurable for her and she did scream couple of minutes and pushed my face deep in her pussy and stroking her pussy towards my face. Her strength was immense as she gripped my shoulder with other hand. Her was satisfied now and was smiling now and in happiness said “you have to learn to hold dear, women take time to drain out” and she winked at me and hugged me. She was sweating and her breast felt nice against my chest.

We cleaned ourselves and for the first time I saw women cleaning her pussy deep, it felt somewhat. She dressed her self and I was already dressed. She came and planted a kiss on my lips and said, we will have great time here on and she caressed my cock.

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