I am Neel and this is about me and a female living beside me Haasini Bhabhi. My sex relation with Haasini Bhabhi started nearly six-seven months back and truly speaking it just happened on its own and I must say that the way it started and how all this happened was really very unbelievable and dramatic,

I somewhat blackmailed Haasini Bhabhi, believe me she deserved that, at that time Haasini did whatever I said without her consent but later she accepted me, as she too needed me physically and started enjoying this sex relation with me. Though it is quite a long time when all this happened between me and Haasini Bhabhi even then I remember each and every moment like it happened.

Actually Haasini whom I address Bhabhi after her name is not my Bhabhi; she is Bhabhi of my childhood friend. I and Aashish were friends when we were just kids. Living beside each other from our childhood I can say that Aashish is one of my closest friends and Haasini Bhabhi is a wife of Aashish’s elder brother Sharad Bhaiya.

Being the only child of my parents I have always considered Sharad Bhaiya as my elder brother and he too has given me the affection of a brother assuming me just like Aashish. Going back in time to give some basic information about Haasini Bhabhi I will say that long time back when my schooling was just over Sharad Bhaiya got married to beautiful girl Haasini, whom I always tried to consider Bhabhi.

But it is really very difficult for a growing boy like me to consider a good looking female as Bhabhi, and from the first day she came in my neighborhood I started lusting over her. Though because of my shy nature initially unlike Aashish I was not very frank with Haasini Bhabhi but internally my feeling for her was very lustful and sometimes I use to wait for long in my balcony to get her glace,

I was crazy about her newlywed looks and for me everything about Haasini was voluptuous, her face, her body, her simple middle class manner and most arousing her frank and concerned behavior with me and her real brother in law Aashish as like Aashish, Haasini Bhabhi use to address me Bhaiya after my name and always took me as Aashish as far as casual behavior was concerned.

Anyway talking about Haasini Bhabhi, if I had to define her in words then I will say that she is fair in color, good looking female with an average height and had a nice seductive body when she got married. Initially when she was new into my neighborhood, I use to visualize her getting seduced by Sharad Bhaiya during my masturbation session.

In the mid night during my collage studies I use to visualize, that at this particular instant, Haasini Bhabhi must be lying naked under Sharad Bhaiya, or Bhaiya will be pumping Haasini Bhabhi’s fuckhole from behind, or she must be sucking his Penis to make him ready for a fuck. But as the time moved and I saw changes in Haasini Bhabhi’s body structure, like her ass got wider,

her milks got enlarged, and her thighs were getting thicker it was really very difficult for me to think her fucking her with her husband Sharad Bhaiya, for me as the time passed she was getting sexier and sexier and as expected Haasini Bhabhi became my fucking partner in my dreams.

My attraction towards her increasing but not in a way that I was eager to fuck her or I planed anything like that, neither I could dare to talk about my childhood friend Aashish about his Bhabhi because visually I could see that Aashish use to consider her Bhabhi. At my end it was just that I wanted to see her and visualize her naked and myself fucking her nicely during masturbation.

Her nice round butt use to raise my dick in seconds and I was crazy about her luscious milky boobs and I use to visualize myself sucking her clean shaven cunt between her fleshy thighs. Few years passed like that, we both I and Aashish, got graduate and started doing professional courses of our choices.

Like Sharad Bhaiya, Aashish took the IT stream and finished his course and got attached with his brother in the same organization, I too started working, but things went little out of track when Sharad Bhaiya got an opportunity to fly abroad on some project, by now Aashish was permanent in the organization in which Sharad Bhaiya was working from very long time and at personal end Haasini Bhabhi was a mother of baby girl.

As expected Sharad Bhaiya flew to states leaving her wife and child with her mother and younger brother and after that whenever I masturbated while thinking about Haasini Bhabhi I use to fantasize that Haasini Bhabhi is very lonely and starved for physical love and she is asking me for sex.

But truly speaking this thought always remained in my mind, till I ejaculated my load while jerking my rod with my hand, as far as reality was concerned I never got any hint from Haasini Bhabhi’s gesture that she could be a kind of female who can make any such relation with anyone except her husband, but to my surprise I was wrong. But whole thing was not in my favor but in my friends favor.

The way Aashish’s sexual relation with her beautiful Bhabhi came in my knowledge was really very fortunate for me. Nearly after year of Sharad Bhaiya’s first departure to states (he came back after around 6 months and went back to US) Aashish also got appointed on the same project to assist his brother and now within month’s time he was also suppose to fly.

Even till the last day when next morning Aashish was suppose to fly I was clue less about his and Haasini Bhabhi’s physical relation, things changed when after dinner Aashish came to my place to sit and chit chat and also for a coffee. While sitting in my living room, talking to me with a coffee Aashish was busy on her laptop and connected his high end mobile to computer couple of times and changed memory card also in between.

While sitting opposite to him on the couch, truly speaking I did not bothered about what he was doing I was just chit chatting but he smiled lightly couple of times while looking at screen. Finally Aashish ended up the whole mess of mobile, its cord, memory card and all before leaving and took leave in hurry from my place as his family members (possibly Haasini Bhabhi)

were calling him to come early but it was really very unfortunate for him that in hurry he dropped one of his tiny memory card in my living room while putting it into his wallet and at the same time it was really very-very fortunate for me that I found that tiny thing on the floor while switching off the lights of living room after his exit and I casually tried to access it through memory card reader and as expected at the very first step I copied whole data in my PC on the desktop.

Certainly I was expecting some erotic stuff in that memory card as Aashish was fond of such things and never hesitated in telling me that, moreover I could recall that he was smiling while looking at screen but at that time I did not asked him about that because at that age I was having plenty of that kind stuff and I was not interested in watching his choice of xxx videos because

unlike me he was a kind of person who use to like hardcore stuff like anal fucking and all and that is why initially while playing the video I was somewhat sure that what kind of stuff I am going to see on my screen but still I played the videos and I must say that I was wrong. It was not at all what I thought, after couple of ordinary homely videos of Haasini Bhabhi

and her baby girl one video started which was shot in kitchen and Aashish was standing behind Haasini Bhabhi and called her couple of times addressing her Bhabhi. Haasini Bhabhi looked back with a smile, till now it was normal but then Aashish said, “Bhabhi kuch dikhaao naa” (means-Bhabhi show something),

I was shocked with his words and before I would have doubted on his words that does he really mean that, Haasini Bhabhi turned back in video with a smile and said “Aashish Bhaiya aap pagal ho gaye ho kya?” (Means-Aashish Bhaiya have you gone mad?) By now I was sure that everything between Aashish and his elder brother’s wife Haasini Bhabhi is not normal

but that video did not left me anything assuming on my own and in video I heard Aashish clearly speaking “Bhabhi please…….you know main thode dino mein jaane wala hun….phir mujhe kahan dekhne ko milega aapka ye sab” Aashish requested Haasini Bhabhi while saying that he is going in few days and then he will not be able to see her things.

By now I was erect and waiting for Aashish to convince Haasini Bhabhi to show her body but once again Haasini Bhabhi denied and spoke which made me hardest of my life, “Nahi abhi nahi……Raat ko bedroom mein dekh lena jo dekhna ho…..” (Means-no not now….you can see whatever you want, in the night in bedroom) “Bhabhi please……sirf oopar ke dikha do”

(Means- Bhabhi please just show your upper) with that Aashish took the camera closer to his Bhabhi’s big and milky mounds, it was too much for me, from the dress Haasini Bhabhi was wearing I could make out that video is not very old, but it was shot 2-3 days back when she was wearing that suit as I use to look at her to capture her in my mind to masturbate on her name in the night.

Anyway while taking his mobile closer to Haasini Bhabhi’s breasts Aashish tried to shot her deep cleavage and then tried to open her neck a bit to shoot her breasts clearly. Haasini Bhabhi objected that and held his hand in video and spoke again, “Aashu……please aisa matt kar……video matt banna…….isske alawa jo karna ho raat ko kar lena…sabke son e ke baad…..maine kabhi manna kiya hai tujhe karne se?”

It is really very difficult for me to translate last statement spoken by Haasini Bhabhi to his loving Devar in English as I am really weak in this language; even then I am trying actually Haasini Bhabhi did not wanted to get shot from Aashish’s mobile and to stop him she spoke something which was revealing their relation which was hidden till date,

she said “Aashu (nick name of Aashish) please don’t do this……don’t make my video….do whatever you want to do in the night…after everyone is asleep….did I have ever said no to you for doing that”. I think as such there was nothing left which could make me think that my childhood friend Aashish has clean and pure relation with the wife of his elder brother,

which he use to reflect all the time in front of me and everyone but that video was yet not over, though there was nothing on screen as such as it was kept on side and I could see slab of their kitchen but I could hear Aashish saying, “Bhabhi….aap tension kyun le rahe ho…do you think I am going to misuse this video…..ye to main apne liye banna raha hun…so that I can see it when I am alone”

(means-Bhabhi….why are you getting tensed…do you think I am going to misuse this video…..I am making this for myself…so that I can see it when I am alone) “theek hai…to raat ko banna lena…raat ko saare kapde utar dungi aapke saamne……but dekh lena…kahin ye video leak na ho jaaye” Haasini Bhabhi replied (means- ok…..then make it in the night….I will take off all my clothes in front of you…but make sure this video does not get leaked).

At my end I was praising my destiny, as now the video was leaked. That video ended there but as expected there was one more video, which was shot in the night and it was a long video with the clear voice as unlike mine Aashish was having high end mobile with high resolution camera but before I would have played that Video, my mobile rang and it was none other than Aashish,

I behaved as if I am in bed and about to get into deep sleep. As expected he asked me if I have found any memory card dropped by him in the hurry but I behaved unknown to the matter and walked to the living room saying that I am looking at it on the floor and gave him expression that I have found it. He reacted excitedly and told me to come out with it as he is coming to my door.

I behaved casually and returned that tiny card to him behaving as if he has disturbed me and asked him about the data of the card by asking “aisa kya hai iss mein……?” “kuch nahi…just few songs…… actually I have bought another memory card of bigger space…and I want to shift data from this to the new one” Aashish replied, I looked at this house casually while coming back,

Haasini Bhabhi was standing on the gate wearing a long nighty and now I did not had any doubt that her loving Devar who was flying to states next morning, rather hardly after few hours is going to fuck her nicely throughout the night, rather I don’t know if he would have fucked her once before realizing that he has dropped that memory card somewhere.

Anyway I was already having everything copied to my desktop and I came back to my PC and played that Video which was shot later in the night. Here I am writing down whatever I saw on the screen, picture was crystal clear and voice was very much understandable. While sitting straight on the edge of the bed, Haasini Bhabhi was wearing same Salwar Kameez she was wearing in the kitchen,

but now she was without Duppta and her big melons were jutting out of her top. Though while making Video Aashish was standing bit far from her loving Bhabhi but I could see her facial expressions clear and she was smiling and blushing while looking at camera. While looking at the screen of my PC I was going bizarre and took out my erect to masturbate after bolting the door from inside and continued looking at the Video.

I heard Aashish saying, “oopar ka uttaro” (means-take off upper) Haasini Bhabhi took off her Kameez slowly and within a minute she was just in a bra on upper half and I could see her big luscious breasts packed in a very tight bra making big and deep cleavage. Picture was crystal clear, as room was full of light and as I said earlier camera of Aashish’s mobile

was really good and to get a better view Aashish took her mobile closer to her Sluty Bhabhi and shot her big milky breasts closely, then again he went far and spoke again “Salwar uttaro” Haasini Bhabhi followed what her Devar said and got up on floor and pulled the cord of her Salwar and I saw Haasini Bhabhi’s Salwar racing down to her feet and now she was just in bra and panty.

I was jerking my rod in full swing and could not believe on whatever I was watching. Haasini Bhabhi belonged to a small town and from her simple and religious gesture and down to earth behavior it was really very difficult to believe that she is such a slut in real life. Anyway like last time once again Aashish took his mobile closer to his Bhabhi and captured Haasini Bhabhi’s fleshy thighs

and the area between them while wearing Panty and came back to his previous position and told her to turn around by saying, “Bhabhi ghoom jaao….” Once again Haasini Bhabhi obeyed and turned around and showed her big and erotically spread ass packed in the tight Panty to the camera and waited for some time. Instead of going closer to her this Aashish stood there only and told her to take off her Panty by saying,

“Bhabhi….kachhi uttar do apni” as he said that Haasini Bhabhi turned around by turning just her head, fortunately moving close up from her ass packed in tight Panty Aashish recorded that too and shot her facial expressions and I must say that Haasini Bhabhi was looking awesome with mixed expressions of nervousness with lot of lust.

Next moment once again close up the camera went down as Haasini Bhabhi’s hands moved a bit and she slowly pushed down her panty to her feet. Wow what could I do at that time, I was masturbating and wanted to release my load, Haasini Bhabhi was exposing her big and erotically spread ass to Aashish and to me as well.

Anyway Haasini Bhabhi was facing away from Aashish, camera and me and like Aashish I was enjoying the view of our sexy Haasini Bhabhi’s Naked Ass and thighs. My cock was hardest of my entire life. I recalled my fantasies, for how many days rather years I have masturbated thinking about these ass mounds, her ass was so huge D shaped and looking so sexy.

I must say that she had the perfect butt in the world and I was feeling envy of my friend Aashish assuming that at this particular moment he would be fucking Haasini Bhabhi in doggy style while making her stand on her four or he must be recording more of Haasini Bhabhi’s seductive body.

Anyway it was a long Video and I skipped watching all that and moved forward and realized that I cannot be more luckier than this, anyway without spoiling the flair of the sequence of the Video, to readers I would like to detail everything as it happened between them, so coming back to the point where it was left,

Haasini Bhabhi was revealing her erotically spread ass to the camera and like fewer times Aashish took the close up to her ass by bringing his mobile to her hips and went back after shooting Haasini Bhabhi’s ass crack and spoke to her, “Bra bhi kholo” Haasini Bhabhi was still facing away and Aashish was shooting her hands while unhooking her bra and within few seconds Haasini Bhabhi took off her bra and threw it on the floor.

Haasini Bhabhi turned around as her loving Devar told her to do, while trying hiding her big luscious milks with her hands but they were so big that she could not cover them with her hands. “Haath hataao” Aashish told her to removed her hands and she did that, Haasini Bhabhi’s milk treasure was hanging in front of Aashish and me.

Her luscious milky jugs were much bigger than my assumption and they were so good looking that I could not control my pressure, her long dark brown color nipples were erect in big wrinkled areolas, I had good view of them as Aashish was doing great job with his mobile camera by shooting everything of his elder brother’s wife’s body.

At my end I was jerking my rod continuously while sitting in front of my TFT screen and watching everything full screen and realizing that I was about to explode. Aashish was making that Video so sensibly that it was impossible for me to hold myself from reaching to my climax, the part which aroused most was apart from recording every asset of Haasini Bhabhi he was recording her facial expressions and smile and many times moved his mobile to his Bhabhi’s big breasts,

ass mounds and fuckhole and once while taking close up of Haasini Bhabhi’s fucking cunt he spoke, “Bhabhi….. shave karke aapne apni Chut ko ek dum Chikna kar liya…hmmmm…..” “haan…tereko aisi hi Chut pasand hai na….iss liye” Haasini Bhabhi replied and I think that was something which I needed to release and within few seconds I discharged my load

and once again among several times shower of white jizz came out of my rod on the name of Haasini Bhabhi but unlike other times this time it was a massive load. Pausing the video I cleaned the mess I spewed from my monster and lied down on the bed resting myself in piece to think that what all I can do with this video and as expected on the very first instant I thought about blackmailing Haasini Bhabhi

to get my first sexual experience with my goddess of love and I started making statements which I can speak to her while revealing the truth hat her sex relation with the younger brother of her husband is no more secret and these thoughts really aroused me again and I came back to my PC to see the video further.

After recording his loving Bhabhi’s body completely Aashish spoke to her while putting the close up on Haasini Bhabhi’s face “Bhabhi mazza aa gaya” “cha lab bass kar, band kar issko…shuru karte hain” (means ok not stop all this…switch off this…let’s start) Bhabhi replied and apart from her voice I could see her face while saying that,

Haasini Bhabhi was literary behaving like a bitch while saying that but Aashish was not in mood to stop recording and he told her to take out his Penis by saying, “Nahi abhi nahi…aap mera bahar nikalo” “Kya….? Wo bhi record karega?” Haasini Bhabhi was little shocked “Haan… Pant khol ke nikalo na” Aashish spoke again,

“Please ab bas kar….. sex karte hain” Bhabhi did not wanted to get recorded anymore and she requested him to stop and start having sex. “- Bhabhi sex to karenge hi…poori raat hai hamare pass….aap mera LUND bahar nikalo na…” Aashish insisted her to take out his penis using the Hindi word LUND instead of Penis and Haasini Bhabhi followed,

she went down on her knees and opened the belt of her loving Devar and her Devar kept on recording his Bhabhi from top while taking out his erect Penis. “Suck karo issko” Aashish spoke again, Haasini Bhabhi looked up in bit of anger and uneasiness but again looked down after looking at Aashish for couple of seconds and started doing what she was said to do.

Once again I was hard like iron rod, I could see a lady sucking a meat of her Husband’s younger brother, the one who was so simple and so religious for everyone in the day light. The way Haasini Bhabhi was sucking monster of her Devar I could see that it was not first time she was doing this act but certainly she was getting recoded for the first time,

Haasini Bhabhi was very conscious as she knew the camera is on her head she is getting recorded while moving a man meat in and out of her mouth. “Bhabhi achhe se suck karo issko….don’t bother….just be normal…camere ki taraf matt dekho” Aashish told her not to look at camera and then hummed in pleasure while saying something to his Bhabhi;

I could hear and understand his voice “hmmmmm….. Wonderful…..Haasini I love you….tum meri Bhabhi nahi ho….meri wife ho….” ( means- you are not my Bhabhi…..you are my wife). After a minute Aashish stopped Haasini Bhabhi from sucking and told her to get up and go to bed and spread her legs by saying “Bhabhi…bas karo aur bed pe late jaao taange khol ke”

“Aashu ab bas kar….ab shuru karte hain…” Haasini Bhabhi who use to address Aashish by Bhaiya in front of everyone, she was calling him with his nick name, telling him to stop recording and start fucking her. “Haan….bas shuru karte hain..aap bed par jaao aur apna fuckhole ache se expose karo”

Aashish also wanted to start fucking his Bhabhi, he told her to lie down on bed and expose her fuckhole clearly, he was not stopping the video making mode. Haasini Bhabhi lied down in the middle of the bed with the spread legs, making a big W from her thighs for the camera and as expected Aashish recorded the close up of her Bhabhi’s wet fuckhole and took the camera to her face as well,

I could see that Haasini Bhabhi was reluctant of doing all this on camera but she did not said anything and smiled lightly to show her consent as she was sure that her Devar is recording all this just for his pleasure. Anyway once again Aashish moved the focus of his camera from her face to her fucking cunt and this time it was better view for me,

I could see that Haasini Bhabhi was really very aroused, she was wet like hell and things went out of my control when I saw Aashish touching Haasini Bhabhi’s fuckhole with his finger to tease her while saying “Wow Bhabhi… you are amazing” Haasini Bhabhi instantly removed his finger and got up and spoke “Cha lab bas kar mujhe tadpana..…jaldi aakar daal de issmein”

(now stop teasing me…come fast and insert) “haan haan kyun nahi…iss mein main nahi daalunga to aur kaun daalega….” ( yes yes why not…if I will not insert, who else will insert) Aashish replied and with that went back with his camera and took the whole bed in view,

Haasini Bhabhi was still sitting in the middle of it looking at him and she spoke something which was little difficult to understand as she spoke in low voice, but moving volume to maximum, after putting up headphones and after bit of concentration I heard her somewhat saying “main to soch rahi hun ki jab tu chala jaayega tab mera kya hoga…”

Aashish laughed a bit in reply, I could hear that as he was closer to mobile and spoke again “Jaane se pahle main aapko itna Chod Dunga ki aap ek saal tak satisfied rahoge….” I saw Haasini Bhabhi smiling on his reply while waiting for him sitting stark naked on the bed and spoke again after few seconds when she saw Aashish doing something with a mobile,

“Chal ab Shuru to kar….. Aur kitna Video banayega?” I could make out from the things moving on screen that Aashish was trying to put mobile somewhere in such a fashion that whole bed can be covered, just then I saw and heard Haasini Bhabhi saying “Aashu kya kar raha hai?” (what are you doing) “Mobile set kar raha hun….fucking record karne ke liye” Aashish replied to his loving Bhabhi,

“Pagal ho gaya hai kya..?” (Have you gone mad) Haasini Bhabhi was really very uneasy with that but Aashish was not bothered about that, he wanted to record everything and he spoke again “wahan US mein yehi dekh dekh kar Masturbate karunga” while sitting stark naked on bed waiting for her brother in law to come and fuck, Haasini Bhabhi spoke in bit of anger while raising her finger

“Aashu dekh le agar ye video leak ho gaya to bahut problem ho jaayegi” “Nahi hoga… … ye sirf mere pass rahega” Aashish replied back. Finally Aashish managed to set his mobile still with Video making mode and took off all his clothes which I could not see, he came stark naked closer to the bed,

Haasini Bhabhi moved bit up on the bed to give him space between her thighs but Aashish pulled his Bhabhi’s legs on the edge of the bed and sat down on the floor while saying something which I could not understand, but it must be something about his sucking of her fuckhole.

Though I could not understand what he said even after trying my best as it was in low voice and mobile was kept bit far from the bed but I could see everything happening very clearly. Haasini Bhabhi was lying on her back on the edge of the bed and I could see Aashish’s head buried between the fleshy thighs of his brother’s wife.

From Video I could make out that Haasini Bhabhi was in divine pleasure as she was humming in pleasure and in between getting jerks on her abdomen and breasts, and after hardly a minute of sucking she held Aashish’s head in her hands and started moving her body erotically in pleasure, I could make out that Aashish was sucking her hard.

After nearly one more minute Aashish stopped and moved up to the bed and saw the mobile once. Haasini Bhabhi took out something from the drawer, I realized it was Condom. She peeled it off and started coving her Devar’s fully erect rod. Aashish was on his knees and Bhabhi was sitting in front of him,

I could see them sideways and Haasini Bhabhi was saying something with a smile while putting on the Condom, Finally fucking between Devar and Bhabhi started, Aashish was very well aware of the location of the camera, while putting Haasini Bhabhi on her back he widened her legs apart and holding his rod, pointing to the fuckhole of his elder brother’s wife he inserted his monster into Haasini Bhabhi’s flesh and went deep inside her in a single stoke.

Haasini Bhabhi grabbed her Devar instantly between her fleshy thighs and arms. I could not see their faces in the position they started fucking, but I could see the main area which was actually in action. Haasini Bhabhi’s legs spread apart and stretched out wrapped around her husband’s brother.

Aashish was lying over her on his forearms and knees, his legs were also splayed wide to record the penetration clearly. Very soon Aashish was fucking his loving Bhabhi furiously, his wheatish buttocks were flexing and unflexing rapidly over fair color flesh of her Bhabhi’s spread thighs, he was rising and falling again and again and his hips were swinging madly up and down like a machine.

I could see bit of his thick rod going into Haasini Bhabhi’s fuckhole and could clearly see his balls pressing to her cunt-lips as he was thrusting into her. Unknowingly I was jerking my rod again and truly speaking I never realized when I started doing that while watching real Bhabhi and Devar fucking.

Haasini Bhabhi’s hands and fleshy thighs were around him and Aashish was trying to spread her as much as possible to get as much as of real penetration. Although Haasini Bhabhi was not uttering anything loud but I could hear her moans a bit and I could make out that she was really enjoying that rapid fucking.

After hardly couple of minutes Aashish changed the position, he bought his loving Bhabhi on her four facing the camera and invaded his monster cock from behind. Thought initially Haasini Bhabhi was looking behind when Aashish was trying to get into her from behind but as he entered into her flesh he made Haasini Bhabhi look straight while saying something in low voice which I could not understand.

He wanted to record Haasini Bhabhi’s facial expressions and to get expressions as erotic as possible he was pumping his Bhabhi’s fuckhole from behind very hard. Haasini Bhabhi was in extreme pleasure and I was also reaching to my verge one more time but I had to hold my nerves because yet there was much to go in the video so I stopped my jerking my rod to extend my pleasure.

After fucking hardly for a minute in that posture Aashish stopped and changed the posture for the camera, both Devar and Bhabhi were still in doggy position but they turned around to record the penetration. For few seconds till Aashish came behind her Haasini Bhabhi stood on her knees and arms, showing her ass to the camera and for me it was really very erotic when she was speaking something while turning her head and once again I started jerking my rod,

Finally Aashish came behind her and inserted his hard cock into his Bhabhi’s fuckhole and started fucking her again, now I could not see anything except Aashish’s buttocks moving back and forward. Haasini Bhabhi turned couple of times to say something but I could not see her face properly and again it was in very low voice which could not be heard by me.

I really did not liked that posture because I could not see my sex goddess like I could see it in last two postures, just her white skinned legs were coming out on screen around Aashish as Haasini Bhabhi legs were spread to keep Aashish between them but as their fucking moved ahead and Aashish rose his speed of banging his Bhabhi he stood up on his feet and bought Haasini Bhabhi’s legs together.

In a moment Aashish was riding fast on his brother’s wife while holding her hard from her waist. I could clearly see Haasini Bhabhi’s erotically spread ass under Aashish’s pumping buttocks and within few seconds Haasini Bhabhi was getting banged with fast and furious fucking strokes by her Devar.

Within one minute of fast and rapid fucking I saw Aashish reaching to his climax, he squeezed her hips to release his load and trembled a bit and took out his Penis from his Bhabhi’s fuckhole and got down from bed. Haasini Bhabhi spoke something while looking back in the same posture as she saw Aashish taking off the Condom from his rod and then she collapsed on bed on her front.

Aashish went out of screen, must be to the toilet leaving his naked Bhabhi on the bed revealing her ass and Camera in the shooting mode, although Haasini Bhabhi spoke something while pointing to mobile which was recording her every small Sluty act. Anyway Aashish came back, I think within one minute, by then Haasini Bhabhi was lying on bed on her back again making a big W kind of thing from her legs and thighs while exposing her fuckhole to me and Camera.

Aashish came on bed, spoke something and sat aside and started rubbing his Bhabhi’s fuckhole after widening his elder brother’s wife’s thighs further apart. Initially I could not make out what are they doing after proper fucking but next moment I realized that Aashish has released his load but her Sluty Bhabhi is yet to discharge.

Aashish continued fisting Haasini Bhabhi’s fuckhole while widening her thighs apart to get better view of her fuckhole in the video and as Aashish increased his speed further high I saw Haasini Bhabhi trembling like a bitch in a fucking pleasure. She tried to stop Aashish but Aashish was not ready to stop, he somehow tried to jam Haasini Bhabhi’s movement and fisted her fuckhole rapidly with 3 or 4 fingers and stretched Haasini Bhabhi’s fuckhole to maximum.

Finally within a minute of brutal fisting I saw Haasini Bhabhi reaching to her orgasm; she started trembling with short and sudden shivering while moving her bottom with tiny jolts. Aashish got up and picked up the mobile and took the close up to her Bhabhi’s face. Haasini Bhabhi seemed satisfied after releasing her pressure and smiled a bit, her hairs were spread and she was looking very sexy in that tired gesture.

Finally she uttered to Aashish “Stop it now” this time Aashish obeyed what his loving Bhabhi said. Video ended there, I was still jerking my rod and within few seconds I too hollowed my balls with whatever I had after previous ejaculation.

That night, after releasing my pressure twice while watching clear Video of Haasini Bhabhi getting fucked by her husband’s younger brother I masturbated one more time after reaching to the bed to sleep. Time was well passed to 2 and I could easily guess that Aashish who was suppose to leave around 3:30 in the morning will be fucking Haasini Bhabhi at that time and who knows if he will be making more Videos of their fuck sessions

and with these thoughts and envy feeling for my friend I remained really very uneasy and could not sleep even for a fraction. I got up around 3:30 and came out to my balcony and waited for Aashish to come out, taxi was already standing on the gate. Finally Aashish came out along with her loving Bhabhi Haasini.

Like few hours back Haasini Bhabhi was still wearing that long gown but certainly by now it was taken off by her Devar from the last time I saw her wearing that. Anyway once again I came back to my bed with a envy feeling but that Video was something which we call it trump card and from the very beginning as I found this treasure I had this thing in mind that I have to blackmail Haasini Bhabhi

to get on bed with me too and to do that after saving that video file at various locations in my PC, I wrote down everything in a blank disc in a video format to play it on DVD player attached to the TV and decided to blackmail and fuck Haasini Bhabhi hard to reveal my frustration, in frustration at that time I was somewhat sure about this that I will talk to her in the morning itself and taking a day off from office I will somehow manage to fuck her after blackmailing her.

But it was really very stupid thinking on my end. When I got up in the morning I was in different mind state. Even though I did not had any hurdle as Aashish was also gone from here even then I failed to gather courage within myself to call Haasini Bhabhi and reveal the truth and with that perplexing mind state I went on my work.

Once again after a tiring day at work I was feeling very horny and desperate to fuck Haasini Bhabhi and while coming back to office I somewhat decided to talk to her and made some statements within myself to give her hint that I know the truth about her sexual relation with her brother in law but once again when I met her on the street nothing came out of my mouth and we just smiled while looking at each other.

Like first day next few days were really very frustrating for me because I could not do anything about that. Although I was meeting Haasini Bhabhi daily and sometimes twice in short span as intentionally I was finding some useless work to go to her house and in next few days I went to her place many times and failed to do anything except staring at her fleshy assets.

I think nearly one week passed like that and somewhere I was getting weaker and weaker in conducting my intentions to Haasini Bhabhi but must tell you that whenever I met and talked to her on any subject, Haasini Bhabhi responded and behaved like she use to in past I got heavily aroused while looking at her lovely face and recollecting her state in the video which I use to watch

regularly in the night and like this once things went really crazy for me when I met Haasini Bhabhi on the street on one fine Monday and she gave me sweet as “Prasad” while coming back from the temple. Haasini Bhabhi was having a spiritual Tilak on her forehead revealing her faith towards god, and for me it was really very arousing as I knew the truth about her Sluty behavior with the younger brother of her husband.

Anyway without wasting much time and coming back to incident, as I said I was feeling really very frustrated because of my cowardness and few days passed like that and to add up the spice to my sex experience a spiritual occasion came in which is known as KARWA CHAUTH in northern India.

Basically it is a spiritual occasion for married females who do fasting for the whole day for the long and healthy age of their husbands and Haasini Bhabhi was not exception from them. Although I had a working day but somehow I came little early because I knew this fact that today Haasini Bhabhi will dress up beautifully and I wanted to see her fully dressed up in Indian wear and I was absolutely right.

By the time I reached back home females of the colony were coming back after combined worship and along with my mom Haasini Bhabhi was also coming towards my house. Wearing a bright yellow color sari with a golden color border with matching blouse, Haasini Bhabhi was exploding like a sex bomb and above that the way she was wearing her marital ornaments and makeup like Mangalsutra and Bindi,

it was really breath taking for me, especially after knowing this fact that she is not faithful to her husband and fuck up with no one except her husband’s younger brother. That day because of all these thoughts and her luscious dress up things were really out of my control and somehow I wanted to fuck Haasini Bhabhi and on that day only as she was looking gorgeous in that outfit of faithful wife.

Anyway I came up with my mom while thinking how to approach her and pass that disc to her without getting noticed by anyone. I stood in the balcony and saw her Haasini Bhabhi many times coming out and going in her house, like that bit of more time passed and moon came in vision. All females reached to the roof top to end the fasting and Haasini Bhabhi too came to her roof,

I saw her doing the custom of this spiritual occasion as I was accompanying my mom on my roof top. Once again after all activities I came down and as such I was feeling very dishearten assuming that I am about to fail today as well, but it was my day, rather it was my night. My mom gave me something to deliver it to that house to Haasini Bhabhi.

It was something sweet made by my mom on that occasion and I happily took that opportunity and while going down with that sweet dish I picked up that disc too and entered in the house campus and knocked the door. As it was expected by me, Haasini Bhabhi opened the door and smiled as she saw me, she was still wearing that yellow sari and my dirty mind visualized myself taking it off from her body.

I extended that bowl of sweet dish, Haasini Bhabhi thanked me with a lovely smile without a clue about what all is running in my mind. I was about to turn back without giving that disc to her as I was really very afraid of something but somehow after collecting lot courage I took out that disc from my back and gave it to her.

“Bhaiya ye kya hai?” Unknown from the contents of the disc Haasini Bhabhi was still smiling while asking me that but my heart was beating really high, though till then I was not at all culprit but I was really very scared as if I have done anything wrong. “You have DVD player in your bedroom” somehow I asked her, although I knew this fact that she has DVD player in her bedroom.

“Haan..kyun?” Haasini Bhabhi asked me back, “raat ko dekhna isse…..ye especially aapke liye hai…….but make sure…that you are alone when you play it on the television”. I replied, by now I was feeling bit confident but still my heart was pounding high. Haasini Bhabhi replied with a flat “ok” with some confusion as it was obvious because of my statement that she should watch it when she is alone.

I came back to my place with a hell of mind state and had bit of dinner and tried to kill some time while waiting for the call from Haasini Bhabhi. I was aroused as well as confused as well as scared with some uncertainty, maybe because I was about to lose my innocent gesture and image of good boy in Haasini Bhabhi’s perspective. But unfortunately my phone did not ranged till 11:30.

Again I gathered some courage and called Haasini Bhabhi on her mobile, her phone was busy, and I assumed that she must be talking to her husband on this spiritual day which is distinctly made for husband and wife. I was right, after around 15-20 minutes I got a call from Haasini Bhabhi and she told me that she was talking to Sharad Bhaiya.

Next thing I asked her in Hindi was “you’ve played that disc or not” “nahi abhi nahi….actually main bahut thak gayi hun…main kal dekhungi” (means- no not now…actually I am very tired…I will watch it tomorrow” Haasini Bhabhi replied, “nahi…..abhi dekho aur fir mujhe phone karo…..ye aapke liye bahut important hai” I somewhat insisted her to watch it now and told her that it is very important for you.

Once again my heart was pounding but still I could feel that I was in much better state as compared to some time back when I was giving that disc to her. Haasini Bhabhi disconnected the line after saying ok to me and as I was expecting she called me back in hardly 5-6 minutes, once again my heart was beating high but it was a strange feeling of being in pleasure too,

I was overcoming my fear and as she heard my hello she asked me in confusion, “Bhaiya ye kya hai?” (What is this?) “Video hai…aapko to yaad hoga, jayada purana nahi hai….” (You would have recalled it, it’s not very old) I replied “ye aapke pass kaise aaya?” (How it came to you) Bhabhi asked again

“bass aa gaya….remember Aashu ne memory card mere yahan gira diya tha….uske phone karne se pahle…maine apne computer mein ye sab copy kar liya tha I replied and I was replying with confidence, “aapke pass ye computer mein bhi hai?”(you have this in computer too?) “Haan…and I watch it every day…. aaj kal issi ko dekh dekh kar main masturbate karta hun”

I was coming on the point while speaking sex. Haasini Bhabhi went silent but hardly for few seconds and then spoke again “Bhaiya please usko delete kar do…apne computer se”(please delete it from your computer) “Bhabhi what are you saying…. I cannot do that…rather main aapse ye kahna chahta hun ki now I am tired of masturbating….mujhe aapke saath sex karna hai….”

I cleared my intentions and it was straight forward blackmailing that I want to have sex with her “Bhaiya kaisi baaten kar raho ho…thodi sharm karo” Haasini Bhabhi tried to dominate me but I laughed sarcastically and spoke “main sharm karun….sharm to aapko aani chahiye….. maine dekha hai jo aap Aashish ke saath kar rahe the….aur ab aap wo mere saath bhi karoge”

Haasini Bhabhi went silent and I checked whether she is on the line or not, “Bhabhi kya hua…” “Bhaiya aap mujhe blackmail kar rahe ho?” it was a straight forward question and I replied in the same fashion by saying “yes…I am…. aur agar aap chahte ho ki ye baat mere tak hi rahe to aapko mere saath sex karna padega”

“Bhaiya please aap kaisi baaten kar rahe ho…main to aapko bahut achha samjhati thi” “I know…but I can’t help it….mujhe karna hai bass” I was stuck on my words that I want to have sex with her and there was no way Haasini Bhabhi could avoid me and to clear my intentions I spoke again

“otherwise ye video mein Sharad Bhaiya ko de dunga….and you know ki uske baad kya hoga…..Sharad Bhaiya will get divorce from you” “Bhaiya please aisa matt karo” Haasini Bhabhi was in almost crying state, “Bhabhi truly speaking I don’t want to do all that….I have no interest in breaking your marriage, main to bass aapke saath sex karna chahta hun…

I am crazy about you but agar aap nahi maanoge to main Sharad Bhaiya ko ye sab dikha dunga” then there was long silence, I waited for Haasini Bhabhi to speak but she did not uttered anything “bolo…..kya karna hai…..you have two options…..mere saath sex karna hai ya……divorce papers sign karne hain?” I asked her straight forward.

“waise bhi I am sure aapne Aashish ke saath sex karna shuru kiya hoga jab Sharad Bhaiya was not here….now Aashish is also not here ….sirf main hun….to ab mere saath shuru kar do…..aapko jo chahiye mujhe pata hai….maine video mein sab dekh liya hai…and I promise main kahin nahi jaaunga….I will always be here in the town…sirf aapke liye”

I was taking out whatever was buried inside me from so many days in sarcastic way, once again I waited for Haasini Bhabhi to speak but she was silent “tell me…I cannot wait for long” “ok” finally she replied “good” I replied “bolo kab karna hai?” Haasini Bhabhi went softer with her voice while asking that as she did not had any choice. “abhi….(now)” I replied “abhi…..?” she repeated but in different tone,

“iss time….….Bhaiya kya baat kar rahe ho?” Haasini Bhabhi could not believe her ears that I want to fuck her at that time. “haan mujhe abhi karna hai…aaj aap bahut sundar lagg rahe ho” I replied and confirmed what I said “abhi nahi ho sakta” “why?” “Bhaiya please aaj Karwa Chauth hai….. aaj maine pooja ki hai…aaj rahne do”

Haasini Bhabhi replied in requesting tone and tried to say that it’s a spiritual occasion and she has done worship but I was not in mood to leave her, rather I was ready with a sarcastic reply “aapne kiski long life ke liye pooja ki hai…I mean aapke to do husband hain na…? aapne kiske liye vrat rakha tha Aashish ke liye ya Sharad Bhaiya ke liye”?

As I said that Haasini Bhabhi went silent again but I spoke again in same sarcastic fashion “Sorry…. Aashish to aapke bhai jaisa hai na? aap to usko rakkhi bandhte ho” I teased her by saying that Aashish is like her brother as she ties Rakhi on her wrist. Haasini Bhabhi was still silent and could not utter anything, I spoke again “aap terrace par aa jaao…we will talk there….face to face…

I will jump to your roof from mine” I replied but just then I asked her again “by the way aapne pahna kya hua hai?” “Blouse aur petticoat” Haasini Bhabhi replied after few seconds, “Ok…uske oopar gown pahan kar aa jaao” As I said, I jumped from my roof to her roof as it was hardly 4 feet wall, Haasini Bhabhi also came on roof but took nearly 10 minutes.

As I saw her I reached closer to her staircase to receive her. And I must say that Haasini Bhabhi was looking awesome in full marital make up, specifically done for the occasion of Karwa Chauth. Wearing a gown which was tied with a belt around her waist, her eyes were lined with Kajal with light makeup over her cheeks; lips were full and lusciously red with a lipstick,

hairs were coiled in a bun high on the back of her head, wearing lot of yellow color bangles matching with the sari she was wearing, couple of finger rings and Mangalsutra around her neck with gold earrings Haasini Bhabhi reached on the roof and looked at me with her big eyes and spoke “Bhaiya please ye sab matt karo mere saath” (please don’t do this to me)

“Bhabhi I cannot control myself….mujhe bas karna hai….jab se aapka video dekha hai main poori raat so nahi pata….I want to fuck you…..jaise Aashish ne kiya tha” I replied by now my hesitation was over and I was getting desperate to get closer to her. “Bhaiya bahut problem ho jaayegi….. kisi na kisi ko pata chal jaayega”

Haasini Bhabhi was trying her best to avoid getting laid with me by giving me useless excuses, “Bhabhi let me touch you first…..mere paas aao” I was really going out of my control, I wanted to touch her and I went closer to Haasini Bhabhi to touch her. I grabbed Haasini Bhabhi from her waist and bought her closer to me, once again my heart was beating high, first time in my life I was handling a female body and that is without her consent.

My hands moved up and I touched her luscious melons, they were big and round, Bhabhi was standing still in my arms looking at me. I looked up in her eyes and caressed her cheek tenderly and spoke “Bhabhi aap bahut sudar ho….” With that I pulled the belt of her gown to open her front and next moment it was opened.

As expected Haasini Bhabhi was Bhabhi was wearing blouse and petticoat under that gown and her breasts were large and heavy, superbly formed, jutting out from the tight blouse she was wearing underneath while making a deep cleavage. I grabbed her breasts in my hands and touched them properly with my both the hands with bit of solidity and squeezed them for my pleasure and spoke in passion

“Bhabhi aapne mujhe pagal kar diya hai” “Bhaiya please aap aisi baaten mat karo” I was busy in feeling her body and could not think anything like right and wrong, my hands were moving over her breasts, I was trying to play with them and again and again they were going down, I wanted to touch her and grab her ass too.

Next moment I kissed her cheek and moved my lips down to her neck while brushing them throughout the way. Bhabhi moaned a bit but then tried to get away from me but I grabbed her further hard from her waist and continued kissing her deep cleavage in passion with heavy breath.

“Bhabhi chalo niche chalte hain….aapke bedroom mein” (means-lets go down stares in your bedroom) “nahi please abhi nahi…. Dolly(her daughter) has just slept” “fir kab?” I asked her back “kal….kal main evening mein Dolly ko Mummy ke saath Mandir bhej dungi…..aap half an hour mein jo karna ho kar lena” Haasini Bhabhi replied and I could see that she is trying to get smart with me,

she said that tomorrow evening she will send her daughter to the temple with her mother in law and I can do everything in half an hour. But I was not at all in mood to leave her that night, though I did not wanted to speak rudely with her to blackmail her but I was not left with any other choice as she was insisting me to leave her.

Finally I spoke again while dominating her “No way…. aap jaakar abhi Dolly ko uski daadi ke pass sula kar aao…jaise us din kiya tha….main aapke saath aaj hi karunga” “please Bhaiya aisa mat karo” Haasini Bhabhi requested me again as I said that but I went more dominating with my words “jaisa main kah raha hun waisa karo…nahi to ye video abhi facebook par upload kar dunga”

Haasini Bhabhi went speechless, I knew that was enough terror for her as we four (me, Haasini Bhabhi, Aashish, and Sharad Bhaiya) were friends on FB. “I am waiting for you here only….settle down everything and come back…to take me along with you” I spoke again but in Hindi and then spoke again and somewhat ordered her, “aur Sari dobara pahan lena….mujhe apne haathon se utaarni hai”.

Haasini Bhabhi looked at me as I said that, I could see that she was disappointed as she was bound to do whatever I was saying. She went down, she took long but I waited for her there only and finally she came up again wearing same Sari and stood on the stare case only and spoke to me

“chalo…..” her voice was soft, Bhabhi seemed prepared for whatever I was about to do with her but opposite to her I got little nervous while getting down from the stares into her house and reached to her bedroom while tiptoe through the passage. Finally I was inside Haasini Bhabhi’s bedroom and could see everything as it is, as it was in Video except the bed sheet.

“Bhaiya Kar lijiye jo karna hai mere saath….main aapke saamne hun” Haasini Bhabhi spoke in soft voice while surrendering herself. I smiled a bit while looking at her beautiful face though my heart was beating high. I was waiting for this from so long, especially from the time I got that Video but at that moment once again I was feeling weak maybe because it was without Haasini Bhabhi’s full consent.

Empowering my ethics I went closer to her and caressed her cheek and spoke. “Bhabhi main aapse bahut pyar karta hun….believe me” I paused a bit and then spoke again “aur jab se aapka wo Video dekha hai main pagal ho gaya hun”….Haasini Bhabhi was silent and looking into my eyes

”main aapko bahut achha samjhta tha….but jab aapko Aashish ke saath karte hue dekha to……..mujhe gussa aa gaya” once again I spoke “I am sorry…for whatever I said….main apne aap ko control nahi kar paya” then again I spoke “I promise…..aaj ke baad aapko kabhi blackmail nahi karunga…..aap bass ek baar achhe se karwa lo” I was looking into Haasini Bhabhi’s eyes and she was looking into mine without a flick.

I could feel the difference in Haasini Bhabhi’s gesture, she got bit relaxed after my words may be she eased out because of my promise that I will not blackmail her again. But truly speaking at that time whatever I said was spontaneous, just to relax her and involve her fully in the sexual act, I really did not mean with whatever I said and not for a fraction I thought about leaving her after fucking her once,

it’s not possible for any male like me especially if the female is like Haasini Bhabhi, though now I knew this fact that she is a bitch but certainly she was a homely bitch to whom I was attracted since my collage. Anyway I wanted to enjoy this moment mutually,

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