Sylvia, 20, beautiful with right-sized boobs and all curves, graduated in commerce and was waiting for marriage or for further studies. Her parents old fashioned wanted her to go for marriage and raise a family. Her brother, Basheer did not do well in academics and after failing three times in matric, stopped his studies and just remained at home.

His father was a commission agent, but he wanted his son to go to gulf and earn money like other boys. But no job offer was forthcoming. Haasini, 21, cousin of Sylvia got married three years back and her husband was in gulf. He gets home leave once a year and remains at home for one month. He loves sex and fucks her continuously for one month and then goes off.

He could not get a family visa to take her along with him. Haasini also is very sexy and hot girl. But she cannot get sex as much as she wants. She masturbates and satisfies herself. One day she called Basheer and asked him to get her a bottle of pain balm from the medical shop. He brought it to her.

It was evening and her father had yet come home and her mother has gone to some neighbor for gossip. Haasini told Basheer to apply pain balm on her forehead and massage. After that she wanted him to massage her knee. She was lying in her bed and Basheer was standing near her and asked her which knee is to be massaged.

She told him to massage left knee and she raised her petticoat upto the knee. Basheer leaning over her was massaging her knee with both of his hands. Her fair color and soft skin gave him an erection. Lying Haasini could see that Basheer was having an erection. She asked him to go a little upwards towards her thigh.

Bhasheer was doing massage on her thigh and underneath her thighs and he was very much aroused. She told him to do the same to her right knee and right thigh. Her petticoat was drawn up and Basheer strained to see her pussy. He bent very low and made her legs wide so that he may massage well. Haasini knew what his intentions were.

Casually she lifted her hand and touched his erect cock. She asked him, why, Bhasheer what is this, so strong and long. She was younger to him, but he did not behave as an elder brother. Before he could withdraw, she took hold of his cock and with both hands and pulled it towards her.

Basheer wiped his hands on her thighs and saw that she did not wear any undergarments and her pussy was visible as Haasini had removed her petticoat from covering her pussy. Come closer, Basheer, come closer and let me see this object clearly. WOW, it was indeed a jewel, bigger than that of her husband. His ball pouch was compact, his balls were moving in her hands.

Her one hand guided the tip of his cock to her mouth. She opened her mouth wide and took his cock inside and guided it with her tongue. Basheer was in ecstasy. She took a gap and asked Basheer to lick her pussy. She opened her legs wide and pushed his head down to reach her pussy. Basheer had to lie down on the bed and insert his head between her legs to reach her pussy.

Her pussy was nice, without much hair, a little dampness due to oozing fluid. Haasini turned to one side so that she could have his cock in her mouth and make Bhasheer lick her pussy. She placed one of her hands on the back of his head and pushed his head so that his face may get buried in her pussy. The tongue of Bhasheer stuck out was licking the cunt lips of Haasini.

Haasini slowly was reaching her orgasm. It came all through her body and her vaginal muscles were shivering. Bhasheer also got his orgasm and he shot his fluid into her mouth. Mouth full of cum, Haasini enjoyed the fucking very much. Basheer’s cock did not lose the stiffness. She went on sucking it. She asked Baseer to go on licking her cunt and clitoris.

Basheer sucked her cunt lips and the clitoris. It was like high voltage electricity passing through her body. She moved her body to suit to the rhythm of his sucking. She got short short orgasms. Basheer was doing a wonderful job. She slowly got on his and lied on him flat, pressing her cunt on his face. She took good length of his cock in her mouth. This went on for quite a while.

They did oral sex for more than an hour and when she reached her orgasm, she got down from the top of Basheer and went to the bath room and washed her cunt. It had a burning sensation because of his sucking. Basheer just wiped his cock in his dhothi and took permission from Haasini and was about to leave. Haasini called him and told him to come on the following day by evening.

He agreed and left. Haasini was just thinking about the recent experience of sex she had with Basheer. She enjoyed it more than the fucking of her husband. Basheer was a new discovery. But she did not want him to fuck her. If she gets pregnant she will be earning a bad name to herself and her family. She telephoned to her friend who was a lady doctor in private practice.

She asked about the methods to avoid pregnancy. Her friend asked her how she came to clarify her doubts now, whether her husband is coming shortly. Haasini told her he may come anyday and she just wanted this information. Her friend told her in detail about the rhythm method, I Pills and condoms etc. Haasini marked in the calendar her safe and unsafe days.

Next day her safe days were to begin. Haasini was happy that her real sex life is about to begin. Next day her mother told her that she had to go for the wedding reception of the daughter of her friend. Haasini told her that she may call Basheer to come and keep company with her. Her mother agreed. Haasini said if it is too late she will ask Basheer to sleep here.

Ok, Ok, said her mother. Haasini’s heart was beating very fast and she was restless and was walking within her house. Haasini’s mother had just left and had Basheer been there they could have started right now. She put on her foot wear and went out in the road and and looked around. There he was coming slowly. Seeing her he made a quick pace and reached her.

They both went inside and Haasini locked the door and asked Basheer to go to the bedroom direct. Basheet was wearing his traditional loose shirt and a lungi. Haasini went to the kitchen and took a bottle of cool water and a bottle of coconut oil. She came to her bedroom, it was slightly dark inside. She put on the lights and the fan. She asked Basheer to remove his clothes.

Obediently he removed his clothes and came near her. His tool was limp and shrunken. At least once she wanted to take his entire cock in her mouth. She kneeled on the floor and took his entire limp cock in her mouth. Her tongue rolled around it and it was real fun to have his entire cock in her mouth. But it was only for a few seconds.

It grew in size in seconds and came out of the mouth of Haasini. She removed all her clothes one by one to the amazement of Basheer. He had not seen a nude female figure so far and there she was like a beautiful statue. Haasini was very fair in colour and her whole body glowed in the light. Her pussy was clean without any hair and her full thighs and round raised ass were the real beauties.

Her boobs with erect nipples showed how roused she was. With her both hands she beckoned Basheer to come on her. But Basheer made her to lie diagonally in the bed, sat on the floor and opened her legs and looked and enjoyed the sight of her pussy. He opened her pussy lips and looked inside. He saw the crowning clitoris and the two small orifices for urethra and vagina.

Haasini told him her game plan for the day. she told him that her mother and father may not be there till late night. They are going to fuck today. He has to plunge his entire cock into her cunt. Basheer no, no, no, if you get pregnant? She told him not to worry and that she had taken precaution against it. They have to simply fuck and enjoy that is all.

Basheer wanted her permission just to lick once, her cunt and suck her clitoris. He said he wanted to taste the honey coming from her cunt just once before he starts. She said ok, and she with her fingers opened her cunt and asked him to lick and suck. Basheer removed his clothes and leaned on Haasini and licked her cunt and sucked her clitoris with great greed.

In one push Haasini asked him to come up on her and fuck her in missionary position. His huge cock was positioned by her in her cunt and it went in slowly and deeply. Her cunt was very tight and both Haasini and Basheer enjoyed the tightness. He moved it in and out very slowly and slowly increased his speed. Haasini was moaning loudly to express her pleasure.

Basheer went on fucking her in moderate speed. Haasini hugged her pressed his body against her boobs. Her wise legs were getting wound around him and she gripped him tightly. She was arriving at her orgasm. Her whole body was reverberating with his thrust and he too got his orgsm and shot his cum inside her cunt. It was a new experience for her.

The short of his cum into her fuck hole made her thrilled. His flow went on in successive spurts. Finally it was over. But his erection was intact. He withdrew much against her wishes and they both went to the bathroom. Both were nude, brother and sister, but they enjoyed the fucking to the maximum.

Basheer wanted to lick her cunt and he said he liked the taste of her honey. They fucked for another three or four times that night. Haasini made to lie on his back and strode on him and fucked him

One day Haasini was talking to her cousin Sylvia, sister of Basheer. Sylvia was narrating all her woes, not getting married and her youth getting spoiled etc. She said her fingers have worn out due to constant masturbating. Haasini laughed and said she will give her solution and asked Sylvia to come to her house on day. It was fixed that Sylvia will come on the following day.

In the afternoon when Haasini was taking rest after lunch, Sylvia came. She was very beautiful and Haasini wondered why nobody comes forward to marry her. Haasini explained to her in great detail how sex can be had at arm’s length and how safely it can be used for our benefit.

She said she was having this luxury and now her husband Is coming and she is telling her a secret which Sylvia has to follow secretly. Haasini explained about the prevention of pregnancy, safe period and all. Sylvia asked but how who will give sex to the extent we want. Haasini told her it was Basheer who was giving her all the sex she wanted.

She asked Sylvia to make use of the services of Basheet till she gets married. Sylvia was shocked. How can that be. He is my elder brother. Haasini said he is my cousin brother also. But he was told everything in detail and he is very cooperative. Anyhow I will see that he makes you sex today in my presence so that you may not have any embarrassment said Haasini.

Basheer came escorting Sylvia and was sitting in the drawing room. He did not know the subject matter of the talk between Sylvia and Haasini is he Haasini asked Sylvia to hide behind the almirah and watch their sex. Sylvia went and hid behind an almirah. Haasini called Basheer and asked him was he tired because of the previous day’s fucking. He said no, not at all.

Haasini asked can you fuck four times today. He laughed and said why four, I will fuck six times. Haasini undressed and asked Basheer also to undress. Sylvia was watching in great surprise. Haasini lied in the bed and Basheer came and widened her legs and raised them and he buried his face into her cunt. He was licking the cunt of Haasini and sucking the clitoris.

Within seconds, Haasini was aroused. Sylvia also was greatly aroused at this scene. She saw the cock of Basheer dangling between his legs. Basheer then got up and took his cock and placed it in the fuckhole of Haasini and slowly pushed it in. Haasini at this moment called Sylvia to come out of the hiding.

When Sylvia was coming out of her hiding place, Basheer was shocked. He looked at her with wide eyes full of anger. Haasini told him, don’t get angry with her. It is I who called her. Let her watch how a fucking has to done. Sylvia sat near them in the bed and watched the huge cock of Basheer entering the cunt of Haasini.

Haasini took the hand of Sylvia and placed it near her cunt so that she can feel the cock going in and coming out of her cunt. She asked Sylvia to remove her clothes and lie down nude near her. Sylvia was shy and yet she removed her clothes and lied near Haasini. Here the vigorous fucking was going on. Sylvia was also aroused. Her hand was on her clitoris rubbing it.

Within no time Basheer and Haasini reached their orgasm and they pulled out and went to the bathroom to wash their parts. When they returned Haasini asked Basheer to suck the cunt of Sylvia. Cunt of Sylvia was a virgin cunt. Basheer looked at Sylvia and at Haasini and asked is it ok. She said you first lick and then I will tell you what you should do.

Don’t fuck her till she gets married. Till then just lick and suck that’s all. Whenever she wants you should do it. After marriage is over, if her husband goes away without taking her, you may fuck her, but not before. Basheer agreed and asked Sylvia to lie down and open up her legs. He buried his face in her cunt and licked the entire cunt. He face was lit up. Sylvia was moaning.

Bhaseer went on licking and sucking her cunt. When got her orgasm, she tightened her legs and Basheer waited for her to open up again. Haasini asked Sylvia how is it, did you like it? Sylvia said this is fantastic, better than my masturbation. I will ask Basheer to do this to me whenever I want. Basheer said certainly this I will do for you any number of times, day or night.

Sylvia hugged Basheer and kissed him. Luckily a proposal came for Sylvia from a commerce graduate from gulf. He was very much satisfied with Sylvia and wanted the marriage to take place immediately. It was immediately arranged and on the first night he fucked Sylvia.

Sylvia’s cunt was very tight for him and he told her hat he will get a job for her as soon as returns beck to gulf. He was there for 2 weeks and every day he fucked daily her three or four times. But his cock was not as big as that of Basheer. Finally the date of his departure came and she was crying for his departure and for her loneliness.

On the same night, she called Basheer to come to her room at 11 pm. Basheer came. She removed all his clothes and licked and sucked his cock and he also licked and sucked her cunt. He then fucked her for the first time. Fucking one’s sister was great fun he said. They would have fucked three or four times that night.

Basheer went to the house of Haasini just once to fuck her, but he fucked Sylvia many and many times. All this luxury happened only till the girls are taken away by their husbands.

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