My name is Ravi. I am an engineering student aged 21 studying in one of the most prestigious colleges in Mumbai. This incident happened with me nearly 3 years back when had just turned 18 and thereafter changed my life for good reasons. Sex is an integral part of most people’s life. Though I was very good in studies I always thought of sex. I was fascinated by women’sboobs and used to masturbate thinking about them. Porn, erotic bollywood films were great help during that time. Mature women in their late thirties or early forties always interested me which commonly known as MILF.

There was hardly a day when I didn’t masturbate thinking about women and their assets. Life was just going on like that until she came and changed everything. She turned me into a man. My neighbor’shouse was empty for some time as they had shifted to Delhi. But in June 2008 they rented the place to a Gujarati family.

The family had 4 members a husband, wife, daughter named Neha aged15 and a boy Sonu with age 4.The bhabhi as I mentioned above was going to be the reason of all things which happened afterwards. When I saw her for the first time I was just left with my mouth wide open appreciating her body. Her name was Mira aged 40 which I later came to know.

A perfect Gujarati bhabhi with voluptuous body measuring 36DD-28- 38 which I measured myself when we had one of our sexual encounters with her mesmerizing breasts and an ass to die for .She wasn’t young with slight wrinkles on face and other parts but again my she perfectly fitted my criteria. She was the MILF I was looking for.

Days passed and so the bhabhi and her family started interacting with other neighbors. She was sweet, nice-talking lady like other Gujaratis. My mother and she used to interact quite often as there were hardly any other neighbors to talk. They used to talk about families, sarees, food etc. My mother had even told her how I intelligent I am and always stood first in my school years.

Whenever I used to come across her she used to smile and ask me about how I was doing, studies etc and then I used to masturbate thinking about her. She used to wash clothes in the verandah of their house in her saree and the extremely fit blouse which used to show her deep cleavage. It was always my routine to have a look at it by finding a reason to go outside and stealing glances at her huge mangoes.

She never caught me as I was slightly shy with very good image in our locality and so she never thought that I will do something like that with her. Whenever my school friends used to come home and see her washing clothes with her huge boobs they always used to tease me that I was so lucky to have a hot bhabhi as a neighbor.

Her daughter Neha was in 9th standard .She wasn’t really hot and had average looks. She was really weak in maths. So when bhabhi and my mother were chatting one afternoon, bhabhi asked my mother whether she knew of any classes or personal tuitions for Neha. My mother thought for a while and suggested her if it just a question of maths then Ravi would teach her as he is good in maths.

Bhabhi became really happy as she didn’t have to send Neha for classes and even told my mom that she would pay me some money for teaching her daughter. My mother bluntly refused it and told her that she would ask me about teaching math to Neha. So when mom asked me about it there was no reason for me to say no even though I was busy in my first year engineering and even better news was that I had to go to their house for Neha’stuitions and a chance to get close with bhabhi.

Being shy I had never visited their place before and so for the first time my mother accompanied me to their home. Bhabhi greeted us warmly and offered snacks, tea etc to us. Neha was also there. After some chit-chat we came to the main topic i.e. tuitions. Bhabhi told me about Neha’sstudies and her weakness in maths.

O boy she was a looking smokin hot in the saree draped around her voluptuous figure with just one fold around her shoulder exposing her deep navel through the transparent saree. I listened to whatever she had to say and told her that I would give my best to improve Neha’smaths. After some time my mother left and I started to teach Neha.

The house wasn’t big so I was teaching Neha in the bedroom while bhabhi was cooking in the kitchen. Her husband wasn’t at home as he had a shop so he used to go quite early in the morning and used to come late in the night around 10. I also imagined how pathetic their sex life was and felt sad for bhabhi.

I used to come home from college around 4 pm and used to teach Neha from 7 to around 8-30. She was above average in studies and was improving quickly while I used to get a hard-on just thinking about bhabhi. Bhabhi was sweet. She used to offer me snacks, etc and she was happy with Neha’sperformance as she scored very good marks in semester exams.

Bhabhi was really happy and thankful to me. Whenever I used to get a chance I used to catch glimpses of ass or boobs through her saree but things really were not going anywhere with me just masterbating .many days passed. Like most engineering colleges I had vacations in December.

So I told bhabhi that I would teach Neha in the morning around 10 to 11 after which she would go to her school. Bhabhi and Neha had no problem. So I started my morning tuitions. My mom used to work in an office from 10-6 so I used to be alone the whole day during vacations. I hardly had friends in our area so I used to be alone at home watching TV, porn, surfing internet etc.

One day after the tuitions when I was just about to leave bhabhi casually asked me to stop and have chit-chat with her as she had also become bored with Neha in the school and her son Sonu playing with his friends, I thought for a while and decided to be there for some time as I myself would have been bored with no one in home except me. So I sat on the sofa in their hall.

After some time Neha went to the school, Sonu was outside playing. Bhabhi came after 5 minutes and sat on the sofa just opposite of me. We started talking about various topics such as from Neha’sstudies to my college, our neighborhood. All this while I couldn’t stop myself from ogling at her amazing body…Man she was in her forties but she was one of the hottest women I had seen in my entire life.

During out chatting suddenly Sonu came inside and started complaining bhabhi about being hungry. His hug to bhabhi, she caressing him as he was just about 4 years old made me jealous of him and I wish I would been in his place fondling bhabhi the way he was.

Bhabhi was asking him whether he would eat this and that and he was refusing saying he wanted milk. So bhabhi told him that the milk is kept in the fridge, so go and take it. But again he refused and started crying by hugging her boobs tightly. I was amazed why he was doing something like that.

At the same time Bhabhi realized instantly that indeed he was asking for her breast milk .But she told him that she won’t give it to him as he is now grown up and it is meant only for infants. But Sonu was relentless now crying even harder. I was watching all this without understanding and asked bhabhi what was the matter when she told me that he is asking for her breast milk.

I was shocked. Boy as old as Sonu asking for breastfeeding. Seeing my puzzled look she told me that Sonu was actually breastfed occasionally as he was always very adamant about breast milk and refused to drink any other milk .So she used to breastfeed him whenever he used to behave like that.

Curiously I asked her whether it is possible for a woman to produce milk even after many years of pregnancy to which she replied by saying, if you continue to breastfeed the child the breast will continue to produce milk. On the other hand Sonu was still crying. Bhabhi told him that Ravi bhaiyaa(me) will laugh at him if he still drinks breast milk even when he has so grown up.

I thought may be bhabhi would be embarrassed to breastfeed him in front of me, so I told her that I will leave now even when I wanted to stay there and wanted to see her mango sized naked breasts for the first time. But bhabhi stopped me saying that it is ok and is absolutely no problem if I sit there. She told me to watch TV. Oh boy I was ecstatic. My joy knew no bounds.

Bhabhi locked the door and sat on the mattress with Sonu in her lap. She positioned herself in a way so that I couldn’t see her breasts. She removed her pallu and started unhooking her blouse and started feeding Sonu. Sonu now stopped crying, but I hardly could see anything with pallu covering her boobs and that position.

I was moving on sofa from side to side hoping to get at least some glimpse of boobs. But I wasn’t lucky. After some time Sonu got up and went outside playing. Bhabhi now quickly covered herself and again started talking with me. I was still in shock. A forty something woman breastfeeding her 4 year old son. I wasn’t paying attention to her.

After 5 minutes she suddenly started complaining about pain in her breast. I asked her what happened, she told me that it is common after breastfeeding as there is still some milk in the breast and thus it pains. She told me that she needed to go to kitchen and empty the excess milk into a glass. But I was sitting just a foot away from her seeing her breasts with great pleasure.

That was it probably. She asked me whether I would love to drink excess milk. Current flew across my whole body and within a minute I tore open her blouse and started sucking those melons with great power. She started moaning and told me to go slow. Her breasts were sagging probably because she never wore any bra. But they were mind blowing.

There was no stopping me now. The milk tasted slightly sour different from our regular milk but it was fun. She was pouring and pouring hard. I was squeezing her breasts hard so to drink more milk. The soft and ball like feel was beyond description. After some time it stopped milking. She lay on that mattress for some time almost exhausted.

My penis was already hard; it was almost erect in my pants. Bhabhi smiled and asked about her milk .I told her it was too good. She had naughty smile on her face and told me to proceed to bedroom. Oh boy I was so charged that I couldn’t wait. Bhabhi came in the bedroom with her blouse open and locked the door. She asked me whether it is my first time or have I done it earlier???

I told her that I haven’t even seen any woman naked in real except my mother and now YOU. She was amazed and told me to give my best and told me not to worry that she’ll help me through it. I almost jumped over her and we started kissing and hugging. I was in full flow and so was bhabhi. Her lips were really nice for the woman of that age. He smelled nicely.

Saliva getting mixed, lip biting went on for few minutes when I fully removed her blouse and started squeezing, kissing it all over again. She was ecstatic and feeling raunchy, my penis was getting unsettled in my fit pants. She tightly hugged me and took me towards the bed and pushed me on the bed. I was there now all in bhabhi’sfull control.

She removed my t-shirt in a flash and started unbuttoning my pants, unzipped me and slowly took off my pant erotically. On the way kissing and caressing my groin, thighs, legs, and toes, sending electric socks all throughout my body. I was just in my under wear and she was in her saree without any blouse. My erect penis made a huge tent in my pants.

She started kissing it even without removing my pants making my pant all wet. She was rubbing it making it even bigger in size. This went on for a while. She had amazing patience I must say just kissing, rubbing it without its real sight (my penis). But now it was my turn. I held her against bed and started removing her saree fold by fold caressing her navels, stomach all flesh.

Now she was just in her undies. What a sight I must say. Her thighs, legs all felt so yummy her groin so hot. Now I started removing her panty. Slowly, seductively playing with her groin, navel all of which she really enjoyed. After that I completely removed it and there was her pussy, slightly trimmed with some hair and a tight pink lips calling for my sucking.

Within a flash I was there inserting my tongue into her pussy and feeling its sweet juices and hotness. She was moaning harder moving around in bed telling me that I m made her day and how she never thought of having sex with me. This went on for a while. I inserted my finger into her cunt and started moving it back and forth. She was enjoying.

Now I inserted two of fingers and pushed them a little further. She was hot and told me that she was about to cum and she came and she came hard. White juices flowing all over tasting really nice. I had been successful I giving her first orgasm and it made me feel proud. She was now fully lubricated and now it was turn again. She held me against the bed’scorner and removed by pants thereby exposing my almost fully erect penis.

She looked at her pleasantly and told me that it is much bigger, cleaner and meatier than her husband’s. Oh boy now it was my turn to moan, her strokes of my penis were hard and made me all the more erotic. She now took it in her mouth and started getting it wet with her saliva that made it slightly cold but all the more amazing. She did that for a while enjoying fully.

With her each stroke my penis was becoming harder and harder and the sperms were getting close to explode anytime. Now I held her and made her sleep on the bed with her legs wide spread open and slowly tried to enter her vagina. It was my first time so bhabhi helped a lot in directing me about how to insert it and then stroking it.

I was in full flow now pushing my penis in her pussy in full forces making her moan louder. I was enjoying the feeling of my penis going in and out of vagina; their touch was all divine and sent currents all through my body. After that I made her turn around and started inserting in a dog style position thanks to my porn watching experience.

Bhabhi enjoyed it a lot as it was more powerful even I felt more relaxed in that position. It had been almost been an hour and still we were fucking amazingly. But the main question which suddenly came to my mind: where the CONDOM was??? I took out the penis from her vagina and asked her hadn’t she forgotten about the condom???Bhabhi gave me a mischievous smile.

I was puzzled. I again asked for the condoms. She laughed and told me that there is no need to worry as she had already undergone a surgery so that she can’t conceive again. They already had two children, a girl and a boy. I heaved a sigh of relief and again started fucking her with all the force. Bhabhi came again. Her second orgasm making my penis all wet with her juices.

Now even I was about to cum. I told bhabhi so, she was amazed that I gave her two orgasms in only my first fuck. She was elated, told me to relax. I came…came with full flow of sperms in her pussy. Even I myself was surprised that I was able to hold them that longer. Her pussy now became as hot as hell. I removed my penis and looked at it. It was first fuck and what a fuck it was!!!

Bhabhi quickly turned around and inserted it into her mouth, testing sperms lovingly. I was exhausted and so was she. We laid there for some time. It was already too late but who cared. I again started kissing her, fondling her boobs for a while.

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