Hi everybody, this is Sunil from Mumbai., decently handsome male working in one of the major call centers in Mumbai. I am decently built in body, not too slim, not too fat, just the right body, I guess. this is a story about me having sex with one of my ex-office mate

from my old office, a wonderful experience indeed. Her name was Haasini, about 30 years old, fairly built with 38DD 34 36 figure, fair complexion. She is a married woman and her husband is an engineer in a big limited company,

so he has to travel out of Mumbai quite a while, for days together. Well in my office, due to the extra knowledge that I had on computers I was told to manage all the systems in the office, which also meant that total freedom on the net.

I generally used to browse the net for porn and visit yahoo adult rooms for webcams and had many friends too. This was all after office hours, u knows after everybody left. Also, Saturdays was a holiday for us. So this one Saturday as usual was a holiday,

but due to work load I had to go to the office. Our office is totally empty on Saturdays nobody around except the security at the main gate. I wasn’t aware that Haasini, too was working that day. Of course I never thought of her as a sex goddess, coz we were just friends.

When we met in the office, I finished with the complimentary and went to work. When afternoon arrived I called her extension and asked her if she would like to have lunch with me, she agreed. Before I go ahead, let me tell u, she was wearing a black skirt that day,

with a creamish loose t-shirt on top and I was in my red t-shirt with jeans. After lunch, we decided to chat for sometime, at my table. My computer was on and my yahoo id logged in. Suddenly, out of nowhere one of my porn girlfriends from the net, pm’s me.

Her first statement itself scares the hell out of me, it reads as “Hi there, how is ur cock doing today”. And Haasini reads that message too. I quickly close the window and log off my yahoo and apologize to Haasini.

By this time, I also notice her head is down, as she is shy with these kind of topics. We then go back to our work. We both finish our work at around 5.00 p.m. in the evening, when she calls me on my extension and asks me if we could talk generally for some more time, I had nothing better to do, so I agree. My Yahoo is again logged back in, but this time she pulls a chair and sits behind the monitor. I feel safe. We start on general topics and start going personal, when she asks me if I have any girlfriend.

I tell her no. So she replies back, “Is that the reason u surf the net, for all these dirty stuff”. I love to argue with any woman, who thinks sex is dirty. I get in the mood and get back to her “Why is it dirty, I am just expanding my knowledge on sex.

U are married, didn’t u have sex with ur husband, didn’t u think at that point of time that its dirty”. She again replies back “He is my husband, with ur spouse its ok”. So I reply back, “I don’t feel so, if u has the urge, u goes enjoy urself”.

She calms down and again changes topic and asks me what do u do on the net, so I tell her that I chat with my girls, who are sex crazy and make them hot. She laughs away, how u can turn a girl hot on the net. I tell her u need to have a powerful imagination

and if u has that u can turn anybody hot. She laughed all the more loudly, saying u wont be able to turn on a girl, even if u have to kiss her. That is too much for me. I then challenge her, let me kiss you and then we’ll see if u get turned on or not.

She quickly rejects the proposal. Now its my turn. I laugh at her. To save embarrassment, she agrees. The chair in our office has coasters, I pull her chair close to me, hold her hand in my hand, and I can feel she is trembling.

I hold her face with hand brings it close to me, she closes her eyes and softly I plant a kiss on her lips and detach myself. Again I touch her lips and this time I slight suck it and slowly and slowly I intensify my kissing.

I know she is turned on coz her hand is at the back of my head and she is cooperating with me in every possible way. I now move my one hand to breast and start gently squeezing it, while the other hand I push it inside her skirt and am rubbing her inner thighs.

We are deeply into each other. I then suddenly break off and prove my point to her. She agrees. The next statement that came from her mouth, totally shocked. me. She asked me if I could show her some porn movie, so that she knows what exactly goes on in it.

Fortunately, I had a blue film CD with me, which I was planning to watch, when I come back home. I put that and tell her to sit next to me. The movie rolls, the scene of a man and a woman, first the blow job, then the pussy licking, then the main act,

the ass fucking and then the finishing act, loading the cum into the girls mouth. She just sees this one scene and then I switch it off. She is slowly trembling, I know she probably had an orgasm, watching a porn movie for the first time.

She asks me all this goes on, in sex. I tell her yes and I am sure her husband never did anything like this to her. He would have just undressed himself and her, pushed her on the bed, fucked her pussy and gets done with it.

Gathering some courage I ask her Haasini, do u want to try it. She says no in an angry tone, don’t u know Peter I am married. Yes but I know that u want to try it. If u tell your husband he would never agree, bcoz of his conservative nature, n u r like a free bird.

Besides, I promise this wont go out. It will be just within us.” I also tell her if u doesn’t like it we will stop. She then asks me but where, here in office, what if somebody comes in. This at least gives me the intimation that she wants it.

I build her confidence by locking the main door with the keys that I carry. Then I move close to her hold her hand and start kissing it. I then make her stand and push her towards the wall behind us and start kissing her lips,

while my hands are on her waist and my crotch touching her crotch, she puts her hands at the back of my head and responds very well to my smooching. My one hand now moves behind on her ass and starts feeling it, while the other one moves

towards her boobs and starts squeezing it. My lips move away from her lips to her neck. She starts moaning “HHMMMMM” “AAAAHHH” ”OOOOOHHHHH. Her every moan is turning me all the more hot. I then make her turn around, place her hands on the wall,

while I hold her from the back. I slightly bend my knees, place my dick at the bottom of her ass, and slowly move up, rubbing it in between her ass crack over her dress. Both my hands are now on her boobs, over her t-shirt and I am squeezing them hard,

as she moans her pleasure out. I then attack her pussy with one hand, start rubbing it over her skirt. She responds favorably “OH yes Ashok, nobody has ever done that to me, and it feels so good. OH SHITTTTTT. YESSSS. UUUUUUUFFF”.

I again bend my knees, place my hands on her knees and then slowly bring it up, along with her skirt, my hands are rubbing her legs, from the knees to the thighs, then the inner thighs, till I finally end it on her pussy and start rubbing her there.

She is enjoying it, as she spreads her legs a bit wider for me. I move her black wet panty to the side and am rubbing her clit, in the flesh, my dick is craving to come out of my pants and go straight to her pussy, but I want to enjoy every moment,

so I control myself a bit After a bit of rubbing I pull her panty down and remove it. I tell her to sit on the adjacent table, which is empty, I sit on the chair in front of the table, raise her legs, place it on the arms of the chair, spread it,

push her skirt totally behind her back and jump for her pussy, I straight away start licking it, I don’t know at this point of how many times she has already cum’d, coz she is definitely very wet down there. Her pussy is not shaven, her pubic hair is covering her entire pussy,

though I don’t enjoy hairy pussy, I do want to fuck that hole, so I still go ahead with the licking. I could see her tremble as I lick her pussy up and down, sometime tongue fucking and finger fucking it, too. She can’t stand it anymore and begs me to fuck her.

“Ashok, I cant take it anymore, please do it and get over with it. Please do the main act. Take me now, I cant control it anymore, please, Ashok I beg u”. To be honest so is the case with me, but I wanted her to suck my cock first, anyways,

I pull my zipper down, slide my jeans to my knees, hold her legs and pull her pussy close to me, place the my dick at the entrance of her wet juicy pussy and start pushing it in. Her pussy is tight, indicating that it hasn’t taken a dick for quite sometime.

I am being nice to her, I just push the tip inside, she gives out a cry, and “OOOOOOH” another push “AAAAHH” the third push and I am totally in, with her final cry “OOHHHHH MAAAA”. Now I start the to and fro motion, first slowly and then increasing the pace.

She is enjoying every stroke of mine as she encourages me go faster, with every stroke, and I comply to her demands. Dirty words are coming out of her mouth, which I could never imagine, she would have said “yesssssssss,

that’s it bang me harder, yesssss ooooooooh yessss, do it do it. Much deeper yesss ashok, fuck me don’t stop, yess u r so nice, n so good. Oooooh fuck yes, ashok that’s it, come on, do it do it. These words coming out of her mouth,

were enough to give me the stamina to pump her pussy much harder. As soon as my dick was totally inside her, my balls would bang on her ass hole. Of course, I had my mind set on fucking her ass too. After about a good 20 minute fucking of her pussy,

I was reaching my climax, when I asked her, if I can cum in her choot, she readily agreed, within seconds a splash of cum was sprayed inside her choot, my dick still inside, slowly losing its erection. She too climaxed with me, and moaned for one last time.

We were still in that same position, gathering some stamina to move, when I slowly bent over her, pull her t-shirt on top, along with her white cotton bra and started sucking her breasts, I was slightly biting her nipples, then sucking the entire boob and switching boobs,

she started enjoying it, and slowly I could feel my dick getting erect again, inside her choot, she could feel it too. She gasped “Ohhhhhhhh yes” I sucked, bite and played with both her boobs for sometime and stood straight again and pulled my dick out of her pussy,

it was erect by then. She asked me, why I did that. I told her to suck my dick, the way I licked her cunt. She was hesitant, saying that she had never done it before, and doesn’t know whether she will be in able to take the entire 7 inches in her mouth.

She was still a bit hot, I told her if your pussy can take, your mouth definitely can, with that, I pulled her of the table, made he kneel in front of me, and told her to suck. She was very slow. First she just kissed the tip with a weird expression on her face.

I wanted desperately for her to suck my dick. I again lifted her, pushed her back on the table, this time, with her breasts towards the table, life her skirt and started rubbing and fingering her pussy once again. In between I even rubbed my dick on her clit,

she was getting hot again. Now she was ready to do any hot thing, for me, including sucking my dick. Making her kneel again in front of me, I pushed my dick inside her mouth, and she gladly accepted it. She turned out to be a quick learner,

from watching the porn movie, and was giving me the blow job of my life. She was infact, taking the entire tool in her mouth and then taking it out. Ooooooh, I was enjoying every moment of it. After abt 10-15 minute of sucking, I removed my tool,

and told her to go to the toilet, wet a soap and get it here. She was confused, but she bought the wet slippery soap. I put her back in the same position, with her breasts touching the table, lifted the skirt and start fingering her ass hole.

She knew what I was abt to do but didn’t say anything. She wanted to have a cock in all the possible holes that he has. First I began finger fucking her ass one finger, then with 2 fingers. then I rubbed the soap on my hand and rubbed my dick,

so that it gets the slippery coating that it would need to slip inside her ass. And rubbed it on her ass hole too. I spanked her ass, saying Haasini, your ass is now mine and with that, I attacked her ass hole with my dick, it was very difficult but the slippery soap lotion, was helping.

I knew it was hurting her, I could see it on her face, but I was very slow and polite, so she did not complain. Once inside, I waited for the pain to die and then started the to and fro motion, first slowly then with speed.

I placed both my hands on her waist for the push and pull help and started ramming her ass like anything. I was fucking her in her clothes. Finally in abt another 25 minutes I unloaded my second lot in her ass. It was so much fun

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