Silvia worked as a recruitment head in my company. Being an India head of a multinational IT company, I had almost daily interaction with Silvia. She was a very decent mallu lady, married to a successful businessman. Silvia’s was a joint family. They were very conservative.

Despite of being in mid 30’s and mother of 2, Silvia had a very good physique. She was 5-5”, had long silky hair and big eyes. Her complexion was very fair. The way Silvia dressed was very conservative wearing a typical salwaar kameez.

Silvia was very efficient in her work. She had recruited top notch employees in our company. In our meetings, I used to find her assertive. I enjoyed working with her and since we had very frequent interaction, we had also developed a good friendship.

We had also met each others’ families. Slowly, as our friendship grew, we started talking about our personal matters to0. From such conversations, I had guessed that Silvia, though a happy looking lady,

was not exactly very happy in her life. Her husband was a typical Indian husband expecting his wife to do all household chores after returning from work. And being from a joint family, there was lot of work to do at home.

Silvia and I spent lot of time together at work. Probably more time than we would have spent with our spouses. Naturally, we were very close. We ate lunch together, had our afternoon tea together either in my cabin or her cabin.

During such light moments at work, we also flirted with each other. We both enjoyed it. It was just about six months when I and Silvia were invited at our corporate headquarters to discuss future growth of the company in India.

We were booked into a business class. It was Silvia’s first trip. Her family was not ready to let her travel, but my assurance to her father in law that I will take care of her had helped. Silvia’s entire family had come to see her off at the airport.

Being a usual traveler, I was all by myself. We completed the check-in and headed towards the gates. Silvia was very excited. She had worn a business skirt and a shirt covered by blazer. I had always seen Silvia in ndian attire.

She was really looking gorgeous in this new form. I complimented her new looks. She smiled and said “Thanks Sanjay! It was very hard to convince my family”. “I can guess” I said. Since we had some time before the boarding began,

we entered the maharaja lounge at the airport and occupied a comfortable sofa. For some reason, the lounge air-conditioner was not working. Silvia was feeling a bit too warm and hence she took off the blazer she was wearing.

That was the first time I noticed that the shirt she was wearing was sleeveless. I stunningly looked at her. She realized that and smiled at me and said “What happened to you Sanjay? You are looking at me as if you never saw me before”.

I said, “Well, I have never seen you before like this! What a transformation from a kurta paijama woman to sleeveless top, skirt wearing modern career girl!” Silvia smiled and asked “So, how do I look?” “Do you want a straightforward answer or a diplomatic answer?”

I asked. “Come on, don’t tease me now. Tell me what you really think!”. “If you want my true answer, you look sexy!” Silvia blushed. Silvia picked up a travel magazine lying on a table and started browsing through it.

I was still looking at her. She had a smooth complexion. Her bare arms were looking truly sexy. I also noticed her smooth legs. I had never seen these parts of Silvia’s body in past. Silvia noticed that I was still staring at her.

She asked “Excuse me, what are you looking at?” I told her “To be frank Silvia, you are torturing me. A beautiful woman wearing sexy clothes like these is going to sit next to me for 18 hours and I am expected to stay calm!

That’s a torture!” Silvia rolled her tongue in her cheeks and gave me a seducing look and said, “You deserve even more torture naughty man!” and pinched my nose lightly. I enjoyed the way she pinched my nose.

Within few minutes, we boarded the plane. Our seats were in business class section on the upper deck of the plane. The air hostess asked Silvia to hand over the jacket to be hung neatly in a coat closet. Silvia gave it to her.

I was pleased to see that. She was going to sit next to me for 18 hours wearing the sleeveless blouse and business skirt. The blazer was not going to obstruct my view of her sexy figure. Silvia took the window seat and I sat next to her.

In about half an hour, the plane took off. I looked around to find out that the business class had very few passengers. I and Silvia started chatting. While chatting, I tried hard not to stare at Silvia’s body. Silvia had noticed that, but she did not show any disapproval.

As the plane took the desired altitude we were served lunch. After clearing the meal trays, air hostesses dimmed the lights. We both switched on our personal tv’s to check out what movies were playing, but got bored with the idiot box

soon enough and shut it off and continued the chatting. I noticed that Silvia was rubbing her neck with hand while talking and at one point while rubbing her neck, she very subtly unopened her shirts top button. I got the glimpse of her cleavage. I could not set my eyes off of her.

Now Silvia adjusted her sitting position. I also noticed her adjusting her shirt such that the shirt’s opening widened a bit. I looked at her and raised my eyebrows. She responded by a naughty wink and whispered

“I told you! you deserved more torture”. It was a clear signal to me that this plane ride was no way going to be boring. I told her “This torture is better than what the TV is doing. I am ready for more” and I winked.

Now Silvia looked out of the window but she had put her hand into her shirt. She adjusted the opening to give me more view of her cleavage. She also sat crossed legs and and pulled her skirt to give me a view of her bare thigh,

just about 1 inch above her knee. I was aroused. I whispered in her ears, “Can I put hand on your lap?” She looked at me and indicated her permission through her eyes. I now put my hand on her lap. I pressed it gently. I could sense Silvia breathing a bit heavily.

I pulled her skirt a bit to expose her thigh. Silvia looked around to make sure no one was aware of the happenings and then she moved closer to me. She looked in my eyes and positioned her lips hinting me to kiss. I swiftly obliged.

I held her face and kissed her lips. She opened her lips to let my tongue slide inside to chase her tongue. Her hand had moved over her groins. Our noses rubbed against each other. Our eyes were closed. Our friendship of all these months was turning into intimacy.

I must confess, I had not experienced so much of intensity whenever I kissed my own beloved wife. After a couple or so minutes, we parted from the kissing position and sat straight in our seats. Silvia was still breathing heavily.

I had rested my chair against the embedded pillow in the seat, and closed my eyes. I opened my eyes after a few minutes too look at Silvia to realize that she was staring at me. Her breathing was back to normal. As I opened my eyes, she held my hand and tapped it.

She whispered “Great kiss!” I smiled and said “Thanks! no once more?” She again looked around to make sure no one would notice and then gave me a go ahead. We again kissed. This time I had put my hand over her breast while kissing her. I could notice her nipple getting erect.

I was now getting hornier. Silvia pulled a blanket kept in a seat pocket and covered herself. My hand was still over her breast. She sat straight and with her both hands backwards, unhooked her bra and moved back.

I could feel her bra loosening as my hand was still on her breasts. Silvia now unbuttoned one more button of her top and held my hand, pushed her bra up and kept my hand on her right breast. I was directly touching her breast.

I couldn’t believe that I was touching a bare breast of my friend and a office colleague, who was always clad clothes covering her body. And that too in a airplane. I pressed her breast and moved my fingers towards her nipple. It was erect.

Silvia had closed her eyes and her hand was between her groins. I whispered in her ears “I want to see it”. She opened her eyes and looked at me with question mark. I pressed her breast and said, “Please, I want to see it”.

Silvia again made sure that no one was looking. Everyone on flight was sleeping. The air hostess and retired to their designated area. She slowly pulled the blanket down and revealed her bare breast peeking from her shirt to me.

It was a well rounded, 34C, very fair in color. She had pink areola. I couldn’t resist myself and bend down to kiss her beautiful breast. I licked her nipples and sucked them. I could feel her heavy breathing.

She let me play with it for few minutes before she pushed me away sensing a passenger ahead of us getting up from his seat. He was heading to a toilet. We sat back in our seats waiting for the passenger to return from the toilet.

Silvia had covered herself in a blanket. I could figure out that she was stimulating herself. After the passenger returned to his seat, we continued. This time, I put my hand between her legs and I started stimulating her clitoris.

Silvia was biting her lower lip and holding back the urge to moan. In a while, I could see her getting an orgasm. Now, I couldn’t hold myself either. I got up and went to the toilet. I pulled my pants down. The toilet was cramped so I could not have let my sperm squirt freely.

So I wrapped my penis with toilet paper and rubbed it until I ejaculated. By the time, I returned to the seat, Silvia had tidied up herself and switched on the TV. I settled in my seat and took a nap. I was awakened by the air hostess handing out the dinner menu.

We informed her of our choices. After the dinner was cleared up, I took Silvia’s hand and asked her “How are you feeling?” Silvia smiled and said “Very nice!” I pressed her hand and bent towards her and whispered “You are wild!”

Silvia blushed and said, “So are you naughty boy!” I asked her how come she suddenly became so bold. Silvia told me how she was suppressed in her married life. The burden of acting conservative in front of in-laws,

no co-operation from husband and his frequent trips left Silvia with much to desire from her sexual life. She had already become a mother of one girl before her marriage anniversary. Then first four years passed by just taking care of the daughter,

balancing career and home front and whenever her husband was home, serving to his sexual needs with no time to get aroused. It was during this time she said, she met me at work. Whenever we talked personal lives,

she had realized how satisfied I and my wife were in our sexual life. I had once told her how I had a thing for bold, wild women and my wife was not like that. That’s why she had decided to make her move to seduce me.

I asked her why she thought I would be seduced. She laughed and said “Come on Sanjay! I know you very well. Besides you are a man after all.” We both laughed. “So what is next in life for two of us?” I became serious.

Apparently, Silvia was well prepared for the question. She said, “Let’s just enjoy together whenever we can. But it should not interfere with our married life. No too much of commitment okay?” I nodded and said, “Oh! so we are corporate virtual couple!”

“What is that?” asked Silvia. I told her about an article by someone who came up with this new term about the married men and women working together and spending more time and hence developing a strange bond.

She smiled, strangled her hand in mine and said, “Yes! you are my virtual husband!” and we both laughed. By now, the lights were dimmed. The passengers around us were dozing. We still had about 8 hours to go in a flight.

I played with the hand-rest between me and Silvia to see if it could be removed, but since it was a business class seat, the hand rest was fixated to the floor. Silvia took a couple of pillows and placed them on the had rest.

Now she turned such that her back rested on the pillows and her head rested against my flank. The seats being wide, she could easily take her legs up and rest against the hand rest by the window. I had now put my hand over her chest.

She covered her lower side with the blanket. I unbuttoned first 2 buttons of her blouse and put my fingers between her cleavage. Silvia unhooked her bra and took it off through her shirt. I bent down to kiss her lips first and then stretched forward to kiss

her breasts and then lick her nipples. I played with her breasts for a while. She was stimulating herself. Almost all the passengers in the business class were sleeping. The aircraft was cruising at a steady pace and the only noise we could hear was of the engines.

I decided to get bolder. I asked Silvia to get up. Silvia looked at me with a question mark. I whispered “Let’s have a quickie” She looked at me puzzled and asked me how I planned to do that. I said ” Let me sit in the window seat. You come over my laps.

Silvia buttoned her shirts and got up from the seat. She again made sure there it was safe. She stood in the aisle and I shifted in the window seat. I put my pants down and signaled Silvia. She first sat in the aisle seat and removed her pantie under the skirt.

Now she took the blanket and came over my laps. She covered her front with the blanket. I was feeling Silvia’s bare, well rounded buttocks rested against my hairy groins. I had never imagined I would be feeling this shy, often overdressed simple girl’s bare buttocks.

And here I was, with my erect penis rubbed against her bare skin. My hands were on her thighs. I moved my right hand over her clit and rubbed it with my fingers. I moved my left hand up, inside her shirt, cupping her left breast. Silvia bent backwards and turned her neck.

She kissed me and then rested her head against my shoulder. I now started stimulating her clitoris and the left nipple same time. She moved back and forth to rub my penis against her bare buttocks. I could feel a gush of wetness around her vagina.

I asked her to lift her buttocks so that I could enter inside her vagina. She did so. Now Silvia had held the seat in front of her and started stroking up and down. I was holding the side of her buttocks. It was a very hot feeling.

Within few minutes, I could feel contractions inside her vagina. I too had reached the point of no return I pulled Silvia closer to me and held her tight against my groins. My penis was deep inside her. Within few jerks my sperm squirted inside her vagina.

I could feel her tightening around my penis. We just sat like that for a moment before Silvia got up and sat in my seat and wore her pantie. I too pulled my pants up. Silvia picked up her bra shoved between the seat and hand rest and went to the toilet for changing. I too got up and went to the backside toilets. We had lot of cleanup to do

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