Hi friends, My name is Raj and I am from Chandigarh. This story is not a fantasy but my own experience when I was 20-21 year old. My father had big family and I am the only son of my parents. Because of middle class earning of my father I have to give tuitions to small children so that I can pay my college fees.

One day my uncle asked me why you go far for giving tuitions as they knew one businessman family nearby whose children needs tuitions. I reached that particular house with my uncle reference and found that I have to teach two small children whose mental IQ was very poor. I felt bad as I have to work hard to teach these children but when I saw their mother, I was stunned.

She was just 6-7 years older than me and have a stunning Sikhni body figure. A perfect 36’ 24’ 36’ figure. I fixed my remuneration and timing for study and returned home to come back next day. I was very relaxed as now I don’t have to go 14 kms one way to give tuition on cycle. But I was not aware that fate was more pleased on me and something more exciting was stored for me.

Every day I spent approximately 02-03 hours in that house and every day I got my dose of refreshment through their servant or through mother of children. Everything was going smooth until one day when I was sitting on bed while teaching and my hand suddenly slipped under one pillow and I found that a book was kept there.

I pulled it out and surprised to note that it was a sex magazine with XX sex stories. After tuition I sent children out and called their mother and enquired about that magazine. She simply said that it is her husband who used to read these books and he might accidentally left this book under pillow in night.

I was bit nervous but gather courage to ask whether I can take this book home as I also want to know what was inside it. She said “OK, but returned it by tomorrow” as her husband may ask for it and she doesn’t want to tell him that she has given it to me. I took this magazine home but did not read it as I was addicted to read MASTRAM stories and used to jerk myself off once or twice.

Next day while returning magazine to that lady I gather my courage and asked lady whether she also used to read these stories or not. She said “Yes sometimes” and this was the turning point. Immediately I said “I can give her more better magazine with exciting stories” but took her promise that she will not show it to her husband.

She hesitantly agreed and next day I handed her a MASTRAM story book. Next day it was Sunday and my off day. On Monday when I finished my teaching, she came to me and sent her children out. My heart start pumping fast. This was the first time she and me was alone in this room and she was holding MASTRAM book in her hand.

She asked me, “Why do you read such dirty books, it is better for you to get married and have fun”. I am a big opportunist and immediately I responded “Bhabi what will I do with my wife as I do not know anything about woman”. She said “you will learn everything once you get married” “I don’t want to be a looser on my first night”

I snapped and asked her “Bhabi why don’t you teach me something about this before I took this sex examination”. She was already hot after reading MASTRAM stories. She was caught unaware by this sentence and replied “OK, I will teach you someday” and she left the room. I was on seventh sky I was going to see, touch and feel any female body for the first time in my life.

I reached home and musterbate twice that day thinking of next happenings. As now I was looking for appropriate day but that day was not coming so one day after sending children out, I tried my luck and caught her hand and begged that she must tell me more about female body and begged her to show me her nude body.

She shivered with my touch and asked with lust in her eyes “what do you want to know from me, don’t you have any girl friend, go and ask her” I said “I swear I don’t have any girl friend and I never seen any nude female body”. Now she was left with no answer and said “OK”. We both entered their bathroom and she slowly lifted her kameez (shirt).

My heart bounce back in my mouth because in my life I have never seen such live things. She had marvelous boobs. They were rock solid even after birth of two children. She stopped there but when I touched her nipples and she moan ahhhhhhhhhh… my dick start rising. I begged her to open her salwar (lower) also but she refused, but now I took control of her and put my first kiss on her nipple.

Ohhhhhhhhh….. she exclaimed and I pulled her. Her salwar fall down on floor and behold she was wearing no underwear and her shaved pussy was in front of my eyes. I was in a state of unbelief as I was seeing a nude lady for the first time. She tried to cover her pussy with one hand and her boobs with other. But I wasted no time and I put a lip kiss.

She shivered ….ummmmm………. as I lowered my mouth from her lips to her nipples and then towards her pussy. As I kissed her shaved pussy she moaned again ohhhhh…and tries to push my mouth towards her pussy. I was totally new to these things and knew nothing. I was foolish I should have fingured her to orgasam but instead I pull out my dick from my pant as this was too much for me to handle.

She opened her eyes and simply took my dick in her hand. This was not new for her. She stroked it. I wanted to put my trobbing dick in her dripping pussy but she refused as this was not the place nor time for it. But I was desperate to cum then and there otherwise it would spoil my underwear. She was mature and knew about my situation.

So she simply give me a blow job ohhhhhhhhhhhhh…….. ahhhhhhhhh… I cried and after five minutes I shoot my cum about three feet away. My dick immediately lowered its position. I kiss her passionately all over her body before she re-dress herself. We left bathroom with promise to meet next day.

Now it becomes almost every day routine for me to get my share of satisfaction in their bathroom or in staircase whose two doors could be locked from inside and she never complaint whether I was giving her pleasure or not. But one day when I read about ‘G’ spot of ladies in a sex magazine, I decided to try it on her.

Next day when I started my sex game with her she tried to pull out my dick from my pant to give me blow job as usual but I stopped her and opened her salwar instead. She was bit amused when I put my hand on her pussy and tried to open her pussy lips. First she moaned umhhhhhh……… but immediately stopped my hand saying “your hand will become dirty”

but I didn’t stopped and carry on with my work. I opened her pussy lips to find what inside was with my fingers. She started moaning slowly ohhhhhh……..raj……. plzzzz ….. don’t……umh………. Suddenly I find a tip in that spot and when I take it in my two fingers and start mashing it she gone mad and kissed me badly and make noise

ohhhhhhhhhhhhhh……..ahhhhhhhhh……… raj you will kill me……… plzzzzzzzzz do it ….. I love you raj…………. Ahhhhhhhhhhhh……. and some water start flowing on my hand and her moan increased ahhhhhhhhhhhh…………….ohhh………. suddenly her body ached and she grabbed my dick from my pant and tried to pull it out. I helped her.

She took it in her hand and start fondling my balls and my erect dick. As I keep rubbing her pussy, she again ached her body and said I am cuming I am cumming ohhhhhhhh….. ahhhhhhhhhh……… raaaaaaaaaaaaaj……… and she almost clappsed in my arms. Her juice was flowing on my hand.

I was bit nervous what was happening to her, but after few minutes she regained her concise and kissed me lovingly and said that her husband is drunk and he never give her such pleasure. Then she said ” since you have given me a memorable day, so I will also give you a new thing that you will never forget in your life”.

I was amazed but before I could say any thing she lowered herself and put my limp dick in her mouth. I was stunned as I could not imagine such thing from this lady. Immediately my dick jumped back to life and start throbbing in her lusty mouth. She looked upward while sucking my dick ohh…….. I cannot forget those eyes till date.

Her mouth was working on my dick and her hair were falling on her face again and again so I garb them and took in one of my hand now I can see her face clearly after few minutes I start moaning ahhhhhhhhh……..ohhhhhhhhhh….. ….. as her mouthful of feeling giving me a divine pleasure.

After ten minutes I felt something boiling inside me and I knew it was the end of my game. As I don’t want to spoil her mouth so I asked her to stop and do it with her hand. She understood and started it with her hand. My fluid start running towards my tips and ohhhhhhhhhh… ahhhhhhhhhhhh… ummmmmmmmm… I cried as my cum landed on her left cheek.

She smiled and kissed my lips. We were both very happy on that day. We dressed up and I whispered in her ears that I want to fuck her pussy but on bed with full foreplay. She said that she too want me in her bed but presence of her servant and children were main hindrance. She promised to call me when her husband, children and servant will be out for more than 4- 5 hours.

I didn’t have to wait long for her call as on one Sunday my mother told me that there was a phone call for me from the mother of my tuition kids and she wanted me to teach her children for extra time on that Sunday between 2 pm to 6 pm. I got the message… and started for her house.

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