This story is about my affair with my old college-time boy friend Gopal He was the first person in my life to touch my body, to kiss my lips, fondle my boobs and pinch my nipples.

Let me describe below how it all happened and how finally we made love in a hotel room a few days after my marriage. It was the time when I was completing my graduation in my home town of Panipat. Since I had already passed twenty years of age, there were talks in my home about my marriage and my parents were in search of a suitable boy.

But I was not interested in getting married so sooon. I wanted to enjoy my college days and complete my studies. I had known Gopal since long as he was our neighbour and his home was just a few blocks away from ours. We were good acquaintances and used to greet each other politely with a courteous smile when ever we meet face to face in our vicinity.

Apart from this there was no other feeling for him in my mind. In my home, I always loved taking walks on my terrace, whenever the weather was cool and pleasant. I would keep on walking for hours and enjoy my privacy and serenity. Once I was at my terrace in the early morning and taking a walk from one end to the other and doing some light exercises.

While walking towards one end, my eyes casually fell on the terrace of Gopal’s house. He too was there doing his early morning work outs. He was doing his push ups and was wearing only his boxers. I could see that he had built each and every muscle of his body like a professional. The very sight of him in his brief boxers made my mouth turn dry and I kept on looking at him.

I remained there till the sun had come up making it uncomfortable for him to carry on with his work outs. A short while later he went back without even noticing my presence. Possibly it was his daily routine, so he was not aware of any inquisitive eye on him. I was a young girl of 20 and at this age hot and erotic feelings go in quickly to your mind and soul.

It was the onset of adolescence and physical changes had already taken up well in my body. I had a slim physique and a reasonably good figure of 33-26-34. I was fair and good to look at with sharp features and big eyes. My hairs were well kept and moderately long up to my back. Girls at this age, are bound to get hot at the slightest provocation.

More over I had seen a number of pornographic magazines that my friends used to bring in some times in the college. The erotic pictures of men and women engaged in making love in every posture took my breadth away and my mouth would turn dry. There would be an automatic hardness in my boobs and my clit would go moist.

Such was my state at that time that I would have surrendered to any man who would have extended his hands to take me. That day the sight of Gopal’s muscular body only in his shorts, kept me haunting as if a model from those magazines has come up before me. He had broad shoulders and thick muscular biceps. His waist was thin without any extra flesh.

I would not say that I developed a crush on him but surely I had started to like him as I was getting aroused by his sight now. Till that time, I had no boy friend and when ever I saw any girl walking with her boy friend in the campus area, I would feel a pang in my heart. After that day, it became a routine for me to go to the terrace every day in the morning and see him while exercising.

The movements of the fishes of his muscles always made me high. He did a lot of push ups and the bull worker exercises. After a couple of days, he also noticed my presence and he passed on a smile to me while giving a small wave. I too smiled back acknowledging his gesture.

Perhaps I was too obvious in my approach towards him and possibly I gave him an indication of my interest too. But apart from regular hi and hellos there were no inter-actions between us. Once I started for my college in the morning and on not finding any conveyance, I had started walking down the road looking for any auto or rickshaw.

I had taken a turn away from my home and was walking when suddenly a motor bike stopped by my side and I heard a voice saying “hello” to me. As I looked up I felt my heart beat going fast. It was Gopal sitting on his bike and asking me what I was doing taking a walk. I some how stammered to convey that I was not getting any conveyance that day and I was just going ahead and looking for some.

He smiled at me and asked me to get on his bike as his institute was ahead of my college and he could drop me in between. I did not know what to say. Since I had come away from my home I knew that no one can see me talking to him. I was still thinking when he asked again if I was coming over or preferred taking a long walk. Very timidly I sat behind him on his bike.

Since there was no handle in between us to grip, I had to hold Gopal to maintain my balance. While sitting, I was holding Gopal only as little as was required to remain proper seated. I was even maintaining a small gap between us. Still, the very touch of him in my arm was giving me an unknown pleasure. Finally I was touching the muscles I had been watching and dreaming.

I wanted him to keep on driving when after a few minutes he stopped as my college had come. I thanked him and moved on without looking at his direction. Had I looked at him and our eyes met, he would have known what was going on in my mind. The whole that day, I kept on thinking about the feel of his body when I was holding him.

I would not like to go in more details about my thoughts and feelings as it would fill pages upon pages. So after a couple of days, I was coming out of the college well past my normal time as my tutorials were going on. All my friends and companions had already left and I was walking alone towards some rickshaw to hire.

I heard some one call my name, when I turned, it was Gopal on his bike who was standing there. He came towards me and said that he was going back to his home when he saw me walking out of the college. So he thought he would rather give me a lift back home if I agree. I was hesitant as some one might see me on his bike near our home.

Once it was okay but repeatedly, I would not be able to justify myself if any one did see us together. He perhaps understood my problem and told me not to worry about it. I sat on his bike and this time as my shyness was comparatively less than what it was last time, I held him some what more firmly but still some what.

Since it was day time, I was repeatedly lowering my head and in the process resting it on his back so that no one can see my face. He dropped me a little distance before my home so that no one could see us both together. When I thanked him, he said, “buy me a cup of tea from the money you saved from your rickshaw expense’, I smiled and said sure, any time.

He was too fast when he asked. “how about tomorrow? same time”. I nodded my head and started moving towards my home. I was most excited the next day right from the morning. I had already developed a liking for him and it would be my first date of my life. I dressed up in my favourite dress for him. When I came out of the college, I was looking for him.

I found him standing across the road. When I asked him why he was standing on the other side, he replied because they were going to have a cup of tea before turning back. I sat on his bike and he started it in one stroke and moved on. I had put my chunni over my head to cover my face so that no one could see my face.

This time my hand was resting on his lap and also there was no space in between us. We were moving at a good speed when he suddenly applied the brakes forcing me to jerk forward. My boobs struck his back and remained there sending fresh waves of sensation in me. I then observed that quite a few times he was using his brakes even when there was no traffic ahead of him.

I understood that he wanted my breasts to touch his body every time he applies the stoppers, I simply smiled at his smartness. He adjusted his rear view mirror so that he was able to see my face while driving and talking to me. We stopped at a coffee shop that was not so far from our college and was mostly flanked by young boys and girls.

He straight away took me to the ‘Family Section’ situated at the first floor, where only the couples were allowed. We sat down on a table in one corner of the hall and he ordered one tea for me and one coffee for himself. I was feeling very shy and embarrassed on my first date. He started small conversations, asking me about my studies, my hobbies, my likings and so on.

Later when we were ready to move and the waiter brought the bill, I took out my wallet to pay. He asked me to put it back as on this first date he would like to pay. If I like, I could pay for the same tomorrow if I wish to have yet another cup of tea. I was amused at this and nodded my head in acceptance and slowly whispered my okay.

A little while later, he drove me back to my home and left me at a little distance away with a promise to meet again tomorrow. After that I kept on dating him regularly. He would pick me up on his bike and now my shyness had also ended and I used to sit behind him holding him tightly. My body tightly pressed to his broad back and my hand either on his lap or on his thighs.

He would take one hands off his bike handle and put it over my hand and press and caress it. I always loved his soft touches. We used to go to some coffee shop or to some park and sit there for long hours. While sitting one day he kissed my hands while holding them. When I did not say any thing, he bent and kissed me on my cheek.

This was the first time any man had kissed me on any part of my body. I felt a shiver run down my spine and I was immediately aroused by his action. I wanted him to do this again but that day he did not go beyond. On my return and while lying on my bed that night, I was thinking about what had happened during the day. I could still feel the touch of his lips on my hand and cheeks.

I was looking at the particular spot where he had kissed my hand and some thing got into my mind and I kissed the same spot myself. Even while sleeping, I was dreaming about him and he was always kissing me. Our meetings continued regularly and now instead of going to the coffee shops,

he would always take me to watch some movie or to a park in the campus area which was not frequented by much visitors and was heavily planted with trees and bushes to offer a cover of privacy. We would sit there for hours and he would always kiss me on my cheeks and forehead. I too wanted to return his kiss but could never get the courage to do so.

It so happened that once, we both were sitting in the park and he had laid down resting his head on my laps and I was caressing and stroking his face and playing with his hairs by putting my fingers in it. My head was slightly bent towards him while talking and my hairs had fallen across my face onto his own making a type of shield thereby hiding our faces from any one.

He raised his one arm and started caressing my cheek slowly. I was immediately aroused and pressed his hand on my cheek by turning my head to one side and pressing it to my shoulders. He suddenly pulled me down towards him and started kissing my lips. This was one moment I had always been waiting for and the moment he did that I got high and sexually aroused.

He got up a little from his position now to sit leisurely by my side so as to hold me properly. He then kept on kissing me all over my face and I also kissed him a few times on his forehead and once on his lips. He then took his hands on my back to pull me further towards him and with his other hand he started rolling my tummy and slowly took it to my chest and pressed my boobs slightly.

The moment he put his hand on my boob, I gripped his hand and pressed it down further on my breast. It was altogether a new experience for me and took me more high. It was winter and I was wearing a shawl. As his hands were now pinching and rubbing my nipples I was getting more and more sexually aroused.

I was reaching a point where I could not hold on to myself and I loosened up my shirt by opening a few buttons and asked him to take his hands inside. One by one he took his both hands inside my shirt towards my both boobs. He loosened my bra hook and removing the cups from my breasts started pinching and fondling my boobs and nipple points.

I was now getting horny but it was not the place to go ahead further. I was ashamed when I reached an orgasm sitting there and released a small amount of juice from my vagina. My panties was getting moist and wet and it looked like that I would not be able to hold on any longer now.

But Gopal continued to fondle my nipples and a couple of times he even took his mouth inside to kiss them and lick my points. I was getting orgasm after orgasm and the liquid kept on flowing out of my pussy. When I could bear it no longer, I just got up and asked him to take me back.

He was a bit surprised as he wanted to stay for some more time playing with my body but he did not argue and took me back to my home. When I returned home, I was not feeling very well. My whole body was on fire and it looked like I had developed a fever. I could not sleep the whole night. I was still feeling Gopal kissing my lips and fondling and pinching my boobs.

Even in my present condition, the very thought of what happened during the day turned me on and I slowly took my hand on my vaginal area and started rubbing it slowly still thinking about him. The next day when I was at college, our last period was cancelled thus we were free almost an hour before my stipulated time. While coming back I was thinking about the yesterday’s events.

Even thinking about it made me get sexually aroused. I had a small feeling of guilt that we shouldn’t have done what we did but the enjoyment I was getting, swayed the matter in its favour. Since I had begun to taste the sex, it was now difficult for me to make a retreat. I was now longing for him, I wanted him to explore my body and satisfy my growing urge.

A few days later, he took me to watch some movie in a picture hall that was a little away from our area so that we are not noticed by any one known to us. Even still I was nervous of being seen by some one known to me. It was only when I entered the dark hall inside that I began to relax.

Since there were not very many people, he took me to a corner seat on the upper most row so that we were not seen by any prying eye, It was some kind of old movie and there were not very many people watching it. Mostly there were boys and girls sitting together who needed some darkness and privacy in which to share and enjoy their company.

When the movie started, Gopal took my hand in his own and kissed my cheek softly. His kiss always took me high and I wanted him to do it again. But this time he asked me to kiss him as well. I almost turned red in embarrassment but he persisted me again and again to kiss him. I slightly took my face towards him and gave him a soft kiss on his cheek.

I was now turning hot and he kept on adding fuel to it. Since there were no one in the row in front and no row immediately behind us, his hand started playing with my body. He took his one arm from behind my neck and shoulders so that it came right over my boob, with his other hand, he started moving on to my thigh in up and down movements.

It was pure chance that that day I was wearing my skirt and as such his hand was moving on my bare skin. I was already fully aroused by the kisses that we had exchanged and his caressing of my boobs, the touch on my thighs added oil to the glowing fire. As I looked towards him in the dim light, he kissed my lips.

I did not take my head back but automatically my eyes closed in sheer excitement. I was going high and was getting in mood for him to take me in his arms. But again we needed more privacy to do what was in my mind. But still he was caressing my body and would at times take his hands on to my boobs and pinch my nipples slowly from outside my shirt.

Since, I was wearing a shawl around me, by adjusting a bit, I made it easy for him to slide his hand inside my shirt and fondle my boobs. Inside, I was ready for him, I had opened the buttons of my shirt and lifted my bra for him to play and pinch my nipples. I was getting hotter and hotter with his every touch. I was trying my best to suppress my moaning and cries of pleasure.

He once again started sliding his hands on my thighs. This time he was moving upward and his fingers touched my panties and he pressed my pussy gently. I caught his hands there itself to stop him from going further but he did not take his hands back, he let it remain there itself touching my panties. It was getting too much for me to hold on to.

Already my vagina was getting wet and dripping the juice making my panties moist. He must have felt that dampness and knew I was hot enough for him. He also knew that henceforth my resistance would not be strong enough to stop him from going ahead. He then slowly withdrew his hand only to carry mine to his lap.

He then placed my hand on to his penis area over his trouser to show me its erection. It was fully erect like a pole and looked like wanted to break open and come out of its captivity. The very touch of the hardened tool sent shock waves in my whole body. I knew he was showing his urge to have sex with me.

It was also getting difficult for me to hold on to myself and I knew that within the next few days the inevitable is going to happen. It is just a matter of time now when I surrender myself to him. Having felt his fully erected penis, I now wanted it inside me. He then once again took his hand on my thigh and started moving towards my panties.

I had placed my hand on to his but there was no force in my hand to stop him. Once his fingers touched my pussy the second time, I felt that it was now getting more wet from the discharge from the orgasm I was having. His fingers slowly lifted one edge of my panties and touched my bare and vagina. There was no doubt it was all wet and dripping.

He slowly inserted one finger slightly inside and started rolling it up and down in the process touching my clitoris. I let out a soft moaning sound since now I was unable to suppress my feeligs. He was now massaging his finger in and out of my vagina like a small piston, some time he would roll it in a circular motion to make me let out a soft moaning sound.

He took one end of my shawl and spread it over his groin area. He carried my hand once again to his penis. He had already unzipped and taken his penis out. He took my hand over to it and I gripped it softly.

He kept on doing his hand job and the juice had started flowing out of my pussy making his fingers go wet. It was now unbearable for me to stay any longer there. I knew now that I wanted him badly. But some how I just got up from the seat and asked him to leave immediate

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