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This is about me and my aunt..well she is about 35 yrs old,has a nice figure and really nice breasts. She has two children with my uncle who has a job in the railways. I always had an attraction towards her since she got married to my uncle. But then I was a kid and I just kept it to myself. I did think about her a lot and masturbathed. It all started when I finished 12th class.

I was at home preparing for engineering entrance exams. She lived at a place at 2hr distance from my city. She used to talk a lot over the phone with my mother. She wud call on my cell sometimes if my mother didnt pick up. She always teased me about my girlfriends and all. I was nowhere close getting any action with my gf.

However I was so turned on by my aunt that I just needed her and still masturbathed thinking of her. I knew I had to do something about it and I did. I started sending her normal joke sms. She wud also reply back sometimes and send funny messages. This went on for a few months. When I got comfortable with her I sent her an adult joke. I was terrified of her reply but I couldn’t help it.

Well she didnt text me back and it scared me tht she got upset but in the night I got another sms from her. It was a dirty joke. I was relieved more than anything. I sent her a few other dirty sex messages tht night nd she sent me some more in return.i was in wonderland. It was at about 11 in the night I got a call from her. I had no clue what was she going to say.

I picked up the phone and she said hello. Her voice sent chills inside me. I said hello back. She said and I remember “u are being very naughty, gf se jhagda ho gaya kya?”. I said ” no, but I was just thinking about you”. She caught me by surprise when she asked ” do u masturbathe thinking about me? “. I laughed. She said you are very naughty and asked what I liked about her.

I said everything. She giggled and said” dont lie.. Tell me really I want to know”. I was shy at first but she insisted and I told her I really liked her breasts. Her voice was heavy I could feel she was getting turned on. I was hard as a rock.I still couldnt believe I was having this discussion with my aunt.

However my aunt said she wud call me later coz uncle was in the other room and she had to go. I masturbathed tht night a lot. I was so turned on. The next few days we texted each other but couldnt get time to talk. The next week she came to my home to visit for a day wid her 2 kids.

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All day I had my eyes on her and she gave me looks however my parents were at home so I couldn’t do anything but I could tell she wanted me. We talked and I said I will come to her room in the night.In the night when my parents were asleep I called on my aunt’s cell at about 1 am.. She was sleeping in the guest room.

She picked up I said both my parents were asleep and I was coming to her room. She was a lil scared tht we wud get caught but I insisted nothing wud happen and my parents dont get up in the night.. I went to the guest room tip toe. The guest room and my room were on the upper floor of my house nd my parent were on the floor below. I entered the room and she was lying on the bed.

She got up. Her 2 kids were asleep besides her. The kids were very small 2-4 yrs old both of them. So it wasn’t a problem. I bolted the door from inside. She was still a lil scared and said what if we get caught. But I was unstoppable. I convinced her somehow that nothing will happen. Her kids were sleeping on the other bed.

I laid her on the next bed and started kissing her passionately. She kissed me back hesitantly first. I sunk my tongue down her throat and caressed her big breasts and she was getting turned on. I was over her and was mad with lust. She slowly started reciprocating and started kissing me back. She was wearing a saree. I pressed her boobs very herd and she moaned.

I opened her blouse and it was heaven. She was wearing a white bra. Without opening or unhooking the bra I just took her tits out from the bra from the upperside. Her breasts were milky white and huge. I swear I could come. I started sicking her breasts like mad. I literally bit her nipples and breasts very hard. She cried in pain but she was liking it too.

It was so beautiful seeing her lovely breasts hanging down from her bra. I then went down lifted up her saree. She was wearing a white panty. I pulled it down and I was in wonderland. I just started kissing her pussy and she was in heaven. I moved my tongue up and down and licked her pussy. It was all wet now.

I slided my finger inside and she shouted “aaahhhhh” I fingered her a bit then I put 3 fingers in she was in pain and started crying out ” aaahhhh…..ooohhhh…. ” she couldnt take 3 fingers in and asked me to go slow.. I started fingering her now with only 2 fingers she liked it much better now..she now stopped me and got up. Started to remove my short.

She removed it and I was totally erect ( about 5.5-6 inches long but its very thick which all the women I have slept with have told me too). She started stroking it with her soft hands I was so aroused.. I asked her to blow it but she said she has never done that. I told her she could try. However she wasn’t comfortable with it and I let it go.

She just gave it a kiss and said it wouldn’t go in her mouth.. Even that made me mad. I was just going to fuck her brains out in that moment when she said she had no protection and neither had i..however we decided not to have intercourse but pleasured each other I liked her pussy till she was all exhausted and I she jerked me and made me come on her breasts.. It was heaven.

We kissed passionately and then after lying there besides her for several minutes I wore my clothes and went back to my room. The next day she left. I had the best day of my life ( other than fucking my maid) but I still hadnt fucked her so I was still hot for her as she was for me. She went back to her home.. We talked for the next few months over the phone.

Had phone sex several times and I would try to persuade her to blow me the next time we met. She was still hesitant on this matter but was opening up. I was admitted in college in the meanwhile. My uncle was in the railways as I told earlier and he had shifts sometimes in days and sometimes in nights.

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I was going home for vacations from college when I decided to meet up with my aunt.. I got a ticket upto my aunts city ( my city was further away from her city and it was in my way home), talked to her over the phone that I was uncle had the night duty.. So it would be no problem.

My aunt lived with my uncle 2 children and nani.. Nani was very old and lived in her room. I took the bus in the day and told my mom I would be staying the night at nani’s house as it wud be too late and I will have dinner at her place only and take the bus to home the next morning. I reached aunt’s house at about 11 pm. I knocked on the door and my aunt opened.

uncle had already left fr his night shift and would not be back till next morning. Her kids and nani were all asleep. As soon as I found we were all alone I started kissing and caressing her. She said first have dinner but I was hungry fr something else. We went to her room. Closed the room from inside. She was wearing shalwar kamiz.. I started undressing her.

She too opened my jeans and grabbed my penis and started stroking it. Soon she was in her panties. I removed her panty nd she was just wearing her bra now. She undressed me and I was standing nude too with my cock fully erect. This time I asked her to suck my cock and she was ready. She slowly took it in her hands and started kissing it.

She was shy at first but then she took it in her mouth and started sucking. It felt wonderful and I almost came.i had not forgotten the condom this time. I then laid her by the edge of the bed and tried to put my penis inside her didnt go in as It wasnt lubed properly yet and she moaned with pain and pleasure. I then put some saliva on her pussy and then again tried to slide in my cock.

This time I succeeded but it was very tight. She told me that that my dick had much more girth than her husbands and that it was painful taking it in. The initial strokes were painful for her and not very pleasurable for me too as it was very tight. But slowly her pussy was all wet with juices and she started to enjoy it. She took my cock all inside her and was moaning a lot.

Slowly I increased my speed and started pounding her hard. I was in heaven. Fucking my aunt, I never thought that one day I would be having sex with her but here I was. I fucked her in the missionary position for sometime but after a minute or two she asked me to stop as she told me her pussy was hurting.

I took her in my arms kissed her passionately and then I put a lot of saliva on her pussy and fingered her. When she was all wet I laid down on the bed and she was over me by the edge of the bed( reverse cowgirl). I could see her ass while my dick was sliding in and out of her pussy.

It was a dream come true. I fucked her in that position for several minutes and then I couldn’t hold any longer. I climaxed. She was panting loudly too. She looked like such a beauty. In that moment I felt a guilt too and I swear I still do feel it sometimes but its one of the happiest memories I have.

After that we both cleaned ourselves and laid for sometime on the same bed kissing and caressing. She told me she really enjoyed our night.several months have passed and we have had sex now a couple of times more and it has been wonderful.

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