My name is Haasini. I’m a qualified interior designer. I’m married to Arun, who too is an interior designer. We studied college together and had courted for 3 years before marriage. We indulged in foreplay and sex before getting married. It was too good. I loved every moment of lovemaking. He knew how to satisfy a woman.

I considered myself lucky. I loved to fantasize, I loved to be touched and licked, and kissed, and I wanted my man to praise me in bed. I have a lovely figure of 37-24-36. My skin is wheatish. I look after my well-toned body through regular workouts at the gym.

Arun and I got married about a year ago. We had active sex life. I was fond of children and couldn’t wait to have a kid of my own. We mutually agreed that we should have one. My mom told me that when we mate between the 12th and 18th day after my period, I have a good chance to become pregnant. So I made sure that we didn’t have sex three days prior to my 12th or 13th day, so his sperm count would be excellent.

We didn’t get any result for 6 months, and so we consulted our gynaec. She checked our reports and disclosed that Arun had low sperm count, so my chances of pregnancy were thin. We were shattered. There were other factors with him too that were not favorable. The other method would be that I conceive through another male, or through artificial methods.

For some days we had sleepless nights. We loved each other so much. We had shared our best part of life together. We had so many interests in common.

But I wanted to become a mother. I told Arun that if another person is our only hope, let us try it. He agreed, a little reluctantly. I told him that there was one friend of his, Bharat who could be the father of our child. Everything would be confidential as he was very close to us.

Bharat too had been married for six months. He was smart, well built and had my husband’s skin complexion. We made plans to invite him to dinner alone, and on some pretext convince him to stay over. Bharat is a person who never said ‘no’ to my husband. Arun had helped him in his career and given him some of his contacts through which he made good business.

We called him over on my 13th day, and everything was planned. We had a two bedroom apartment. I and Bharat would sleep in one bedroom while Arun would sleep in the other. He came over for dinner and to our good luck it was raining heavily in Mumbai. Both Arun and Bharat boozed till they were both high. The rains continued even after dinner and the excuse was too good for him to stay over.

He called back home to let his wife, Reena know that he would come home in the morning. I was seductively moving around the house while he spoke on his cell. While serving dinner, I purposely let my pallu fall. My navel and cleavage were a feast for him. My bra strap was purposely exposing my lovely lickable shoulders. My naked waist was a sight. His gaze was following me while he spoke to his wife.

“Bharat, today you’re going to fuck me to the core. I’m dying to become a mother through you. My tits are going to make you breathless, as you’ll suck them to your heart’s content. And my fertile pussy wants a big cock inside.” I thought to myself.

Arun gave Bharat one of his lungis and I went to change. I purposely wore a pair of black jogging shorts and a tight white t-shirt. The shape of my tits was easily seen through the cotton fabric. My legs were waxed just that morning, revealing soft skin. He was holding his ‘scotch on the rocks’ glass when I walked out in the shorts.

He saw me. He disconnected the cell. With one gulp he drank the entire neat scotch. He felt dizzy. I went up to him and he almost fell on my shoulders. Both Arun and me placed his arms on our shoulders and supported him to our bedroom. He went off to sleep.

On this bed, Arun and me had screwed all these months. Today a new guy would be fucking me on this very bed. It was a tough decision, but I wanted to become mummy. And Arun was okay if he fucked me for it.

Bharat was asleep. I asked Arun to go to the other room as I was feeling shy. He kissed me and gave me a warm hug. “I love you. Best of luck. Do it well.” He said before leaving us alone.

Arun had given his consent. For a couple of days I had to see that Bharat fucked me well. And make me a mummy. I had to satisfy him more than his wife. I had a better body than his wife in many ways. She was thin and skinny, while I had boobs to blow out the brains of any man. While he was asleep, I removed my top from over my head. My tits were now exposed to male admiration.

He was lying now on his back, still asleep. I removed all his shirt buttons. His lungi could be removed once his erection would come, so I didn’t bother about that. I ran my hands on his chest and came on top of him. I started rubbing my boobs on his chest. He was sexy. I kissed him on his neck. I kissed him on his forehead. My both boobs were on his lips. I came down to his lips and sucked on his lips to wake him up.

I had to fuck him. I wanted him to enjoy my body, so he would satisfy me for another two to four days. We had to reach a state of deep orgasm. His sperm was my target. I would be mother of his child. My lust was total. I wanted his cock to rise and come into action.

As I sucked his lips, he woke up. In his drunken stupor, he hugged me from my waist. He started kissing me on my neck, my face. He thought I was Reena, his wife. As he was drunk, he couldn’t remember that he was in another person’s house and bedroom. He didn’t realize that his friend’s wife was naked and he was enjoying her body.

His hands explored my back and caressed my body. My tits were in his mouth. He sucked and sucked and sucked. To my shock, he called my name, “Haasini, my love. I want you to be my wife.” He kept calling my name. His eyes were closed. Perhaps he was thinking of me in his dreams. This ignited my lust even more.

His hands now went down and pressed my bum. My tits were being licked and squeezed very hard now. He opened his eyes and could see my lovely boobs. He rubbed my ass so nicely. I told him, “relax. You are in safe hands. I’m dying to see you awake. How do you like my tits?”

He murmured, “Where’s Arun? What am I doing here? I have to go home. Reena will be waiting.” Before completing, his eyes fell on my naked breast. “Do you like what you see? They are all yours. Suck them,” I ordered boldly.

That was a sexy green signal to him. He turned around and pushed me on the bed. I fell on my back with a thud. I thought he is angry. But I was surprised. He got up and yanked away his shirt. His hands went down and disrobed his lungi. He threw it in a far corner of the room. His heavy body fell on my soft boobs. His hands went down and pulled away my shorts. He kissed me everywhere. His hands were all over my body. His lips kept sucking my tits.

“Tonight you’re mine. I’m your boss. You’re going to fuck me and make me feel good.” I told him, “Fuck me like you’ve never fucked Reena till today. Have a ball. You’re all mine, Bharat. You’re all mine, Bharat. Fuck me, oooooh fuck me. You’re my lover, Bharat. You’re all mine. Fuck me, oooooh fuck me. Insert your fat thick cock and fuck me. Put even your balls inside me. But fuck me. Fuck me, please Bharat.” I pleaded.

His tool was at its peak. I’d never seen such a dick in my life. Arun’s was big, but Bharat’s was thicker. I was ready to have it inside my soft pussy. My cunt lips were dying to have some pleasure. He was going to insert it, but he went down.

His lips started to explore my pussy. His breath was making me go wild. He licked my pussy lips. Both my hands came down and spread my pussy so he could go deeper. His tongue was even stiffer than his cock, and very very vigorously his tongue licked on my cunt. I was in heaven. I wanted more sucking. My juices were overflowing. Arun too made love to me like this, but Bharat was different.

I thought, I now have two lovers. Bharat and Arun. Both are so good in bed, it is difficult to define who is better. Bharat licked my cunt for several minutes. Then got up and inserted his cock. In a single stroke, his cock went into my cunt. He dug, and continued stroking. His hands were caressing my soft ass. His lips again came on my boobs.

This time, he licked my tits from down to up. As his cock was ploughing away, his lips kept licking me down to up, down to up, down to up. I felt so nice.

Arun had also followed what I told him to do during sex. But Bharat seemed to know what would bring me satisfaction. He seemed to know when I needed to be sucked; he knew where I need to be squeezed. It seemed that he knew my body from a long time. Maybe he may have shagged several times in my name before screwing me.

He ejaculated. It was awesome. Even I experienced a powerful sensation. I was overwhelmed with is fuck. I kissed him on his cheek. His mouth came on my lips, and that night he kissed me so nice. I’m so glad Arun had agreed to let Bharat screw me.

The next day, I was lying on my boobs when Bharat awoke. He was shocked to see me on the bed. It was early, about 6 o clock. He couldn’t come to terms that he slept with someone other than his wife. And someone apart from his wife is sleeping naked close to him. In his arms.

He woke me up and told me to wear my clothes. He apologized that he had come and slept in my room during the night. I told him about what happened last night and asked him not to be guilty.

“Arun and I both want a child. He has a problem, and is unable to produce one. We wanted someone who can plant his seed in me, so I can have a kid. We both chose you. There is nothing to feel guilty. You are a good human being, and you’ve helped a childless couple to have their dream child. We have no words to thank you. But for two or three days, we must have intercourse, as this is my ‘ripe’ period to conceive.”

I kissed him. Once again, he had an erection. He was controlling. My hand went on his cock and I pulled his cock. My left hand kept massaging it, while my right hand held on to his waist. The massaging continued for 15 minutes till he couldn’t hold on any longer. We made ‘love’ again. This time, he was enjoying. And I was too. My face looked at the ceiling. My lovers Arun and Bharat are so good in bed. Could I ask for more?

He took leave from his routine work for seven days and spent them with me in my bedroom. In the nights he went back to Reena to have another session of wild fucking. The next month, my pregnancy results were out positive; and so were Reena’s.

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