Anu had her eyes fixed on the timer. As soon as the mandatory ten minutes on the treadmill were over, she got off the machine and made her way towards the shower room. There was nobody in there though Anu couldn’t care less. The chances of a man being there were negligible and with a female, well what was there to hide? She stripped and quickly turned on the shower.

The cool water cascading down the contours of her shapely body relaxed her tremendously. For a moment she closed her eyes and then opened them again to watch her reflection in the mirror. Although 25 years old, Anu still looked as if she had just completed college and did not look a day older than 21. She was one of those rare girls who due to their sheer beauty looked out of place in their environs. Nature had been generous in endowing her not only with a height of 5 feet 6 inches but also a clear complexion. A lissome body complimented with perfectly rounded breasts capped by perky nipples that had the hue of a combination of pink-chocolate. Surprisingly it took the little nobs very little stimulation to get erect and at times this proved to be a source of major embarrassment for Anu, especially if she was without a bra.

Anu was intelligent enough to know that nature’s bounty has to be respected and so she took the right steps to accentuate all her strong points. Her pussy was perfectly shaped with a trimmed mop of hair covering the mound while the puffy lips of the pussy were defiantly exposed. She watched fascinated as the water ran down with its full gravitational force over her pierced belly button before its speed was temporarily arrested by the pubic hair and then finally having made its way out it again regained the same force to finally fall at her bare feet where it made little puddles before being drained away. She watched her nail polished toes and the little anklet adorning her shapely ankles and was so lost within herself that she did not notice that she had company.

Her companion was a lady in her thirties and had just finished a swim; perhaps that was the reason why her presence in the gym had not been noticed by Anu. She had on a gorgeous swimming costume which deliberately did little to hide her curvaceous body. Just as Anu was eyeing her slyly so as not to be too obvious, the visitor nonchalantly peeled off the straps from her shoulders and pulled down the costume till it fell in a heep on her feet. Opulence in the lady’s life appeared to be in abundance as was evident from the diamond rings and the diamond studded ear pins but what caught Anu’s attention in particular was the fully shaved pussy. Despite that her insouciance was so evident that Anu couldn’t help but feel an attraction for the lady. It was obvious that she was married but her pussy lips still gave the impression like the petals of a flower waiting to be opened. Anu looked away because she did not want to seem rude but the lady acted as if Anu didn’t exist. She hung her costume on the handle and opened the shower.

Anu had never imagined that she could feel any admiration for another woman. This was not the first time that she was nude in the gym shower with another woman. The other women did not have the same class, shape and beauty or indifferent arrogance that this one had and Anu felt a pang of jealousy that a married lady in her thirties could have such high body confidence and was not at all hesitant to display it to a stranger. Despite herself Anu felt a sort of wetness inside her body; a feeling that she had never experienced before and it suffused her with a pleasantness that was virgin, captivating, mesmerizing.

Anu carried on savouring the balmy water and watched as the lady switched off the shower and quickly dressed. She wore a off white sleeveless salwar suit, the dupatta carelessly draped over the neck. Before leaving their eyes met for one brief moment before she walked out of the shower room.

Anu patted herself dry all the strain of the exercise drained away. She was about to wear her bra but then decided to act naughty and kept it in her bag. She pulled on her T shirt and jeans although she knew fully well that her erect nipples would suggest to any watcher that she was braless. Perhaps that was what she wanted. With her bag carelessly hung over her shoulder, she walked into the coffee shop.

‘Yes, ma’am? ‘ a liveried waiter approached her.

“One Capuchino please.’As she was saying this her eyes caught a glimpse of the lady in the shower leaving the gym along with her boss. This surprised her. The waiter was still jotting down her order so she asked him whether he knew who the lady was.

‘Mam, the lady is Mrs. Sonia. She is the wife of Mr. Sanjeev Sharma, the chief executive of R.L. Advertising. they are our regular patrons.’

‘Thank you.’ Anu said courteously.

Anu had been very happy. She had a steady job in a prestigious firm, the R.L Advertising as an advertising executive. Mr. Sanjeev Sharma was her boss there. A good looking man about 40 years old, he had a charisma that is found rarely. He was polite, courteous and very knowledgeable. With a deep sonorous voice to match his personality he was a welcome change from his predecessor who was petty and boorish. All the staff including Anu were as much in awe of him as they were impressed by his personality. Anu somehow found it to be a strangely pleasant surprise that due to a chance encounter she had got to see his boss’ wife nude and that too when they had never formally been introduced to one another. Mr. Sanjeev Sharma sure was lucky to be married to a lovely woman.

In addition to that she had been going steady with her boyfriend of two years and absolutely loved it. It all seemed just tailor made. Her boyfriend Aditya had been working in a five star hotel as a Sr. Manager.

She still remembered the first time that she had met Aditya. It was on St. Valentine’s day when she had gone with her friends to the hotel where he worked.

The only hitch in the otherwise fairy tale relationship was the fact that Aditya could never muster up the courage to tell his parents, more specifically his domineering mother about Anu.

The situation seemed just out of a typical Hindi film but for Anu it had a surreal tinge to it. Something at the back of her mind kept telling her that something was amiss but she could never exactly pinpoint as to what it was that was the root cause of deep unease within her.

And then it had happened. Anu took extra care getting ready that evening, luxuriating in a long shower, using all of the shampoos, soaps, and lotions she saved for ’special’ occasions, carefully applying her make up, and choosing the perfect outfit. She always took pride in her appearance, but today was exceptional, she was dressing for her boyfriend and he had promised to have some good news for her.

She took one last look in the mirror before she left, and was pleased with what she saw. She chose a dark blue salwar suit, so dark it had a tinge of black. It fit her perfectly and as she took in her reflection in her full length mirror, she whispered words of appreciation to herself. She had treated herself to a beautiful see through bra, several weeks ago wondering if she would ever actually wear it. Although she knew she was the only one who would see it today, just wearing it made her feel incredibly attractive. And knowing that she was wearing it secretly for Aditya was incredibly sensual.

She proceeded to the office as usual, smiling to herself. The salwar suit was just right for the occasion, not too loud for the office and not too insipid for an evening. The golden arm band on her bare arm further accentuated her shapely arms.

It was in the evening as she eagerly awaited for Aditya that she recieved an SMS on her mobile phone. He did not even have the courage to talk to her. All that he managed to convey to her that he was sorry that he had not been able to convince his parents and that he was sorry.

Although always a strong woman, tears welled up in her eyes. This was the man she had surrendered her virginity to. She was amazed at herself for making such a gross error of judgment. The fellow was not good enough to be spat upon and she had been thinking of living her whole life with him.

‘What is the matter, Anu? ‘ Sanjeev was standing next to her.

‘N.Nothing.’ She had been so caught up within herself that she had not even noticed as to when he had made his way to her table.

However, her tears were not able to hide the fact that she was completely devastated. Sanjeev picked up the mobile phone and read the SMS. Thereafter when he embraced her she wept openly.

‘Its okay.’ He said, thanking his stars that almost all the staff had left and that the only person besides them was the watchman. ‘ Look, the loss is not at all yours but his. After all, it is only a crazy fool who would write such a thing to a girl as pretty as you are.’

Anu managed a weak smile. Suitably encouraged Sanjeev said, ‘ I think we need to get away from all this. Somewhere where we can cheer you up.’

‘I just want to go home.’ Anu said in a small voice.

‘OK. We will see. First let us get to the car.’ Sanjeev replied.

Sanjeev drove silently occasionally patting her shoulder with one arm. However when the car stopped and Anu stepped out, she was surprised to find them at what looked to be Sanjeev’s house. Immediately Sanjeev came to her side of the car and opened the door.

Seeing her surprise he said, ‘Relax! You are far too disturbed to be at home. You should stay here for a little while till you are more composed. Meanwhile I will also get an opportunity to give you a taste of my cooking.’

‘Why.. I mean your wife is not at home.’ As Anu said this she couldn’t but help thinking of her boss’ wife, nude in the shower as she had seen her.

‘No, she is out for a couple of days but will be back tomorrow.’ Sanjeev replied.

Anu hurriedly got out of the car and followed Sanjeev to the main door. She stood for a while while he fumbled in his pocket for the key of the main door.

Soon the main door swung open and Anu followed Sanjeev into a spacious drawing room. As Sanjeev switched on the lights, Anu could see that it was very tastefully done up. The furniture, the tapestry, the decor all appeared to be expensive and spelt class without being loud.

‘Make yourself comfortable, Anu.’ Sanjeev said as he proceeded to the living room.

Anu took off her sandals and stepped on the carpet. The feel of the soft lush Persian carpet on her bare feet was soothing.

Within barely five minutes, Sanjeev returned with a tray of doughnuts.

‘Are these what you prepared? ‘ Anu suppressed a giggle.

‘Well, no. To be frank, what I had prepared were some noodles but they are cold; not exactly a mood enhancer and these are from the market but believe me, they are very tasty.’ Sanjeev replied. ‘By the way, Anu would you care for a drink? It has been my experience that a glass of Johnny Walker gives a lot of life to frayed nerves.’

‘I..well..’ Anu started saying.

‘No excuses. Just one does no harm.’ Sanjeev said authoritatively.

Soon they were sharing a glass of Johnny Walker.

‘Anu, this is hardly the time to say so but I have a confession to make. I have been very fond of you ever since you started working with me, although you may not have noticed it due to your affair with your boyfriend.’ Sanjeev said honestly.

‘It is nice of you to say so to cheer me up.’ Anu said.

‘You can of course believe what you wish to but I have stated the facts as they are.’

Anu shyly looked up and for some strange reason blushed under Sanjeev’s gaze.

Even though she knew all along she was treading on dangerous grounds, just hearing his words made her knees week. For Anu that was a moment pregnant with mixed feelings. The fact that a wealthy married man with so charismatic a personality was a secret admirer was a big compliment but the pain of being refused by Aditya still gnawed at her heart.

She did not respond to his comment with words, but rather with a warm smile.

‘Anu, I .. I don’t know how to , well, I think certain things are best left unsaid.’ Sanjeev kept his arm around her shoulder and gave her a light hug. She responded by keeping her head on his shoulder and they remained that way for a long while just feeling each other’s breath and heartbeat.

Sanjeev lifted her face and kissed her on the lips; a long scintillating kiss that sent waves all over her body. During the fist kiss, Anu did not respond but when Sanjeev repeated the kiss sucking her lower lip, Anu responded with pent up passion. Her hands were in his hair and soon they were exploring each other’s tongue. Time seemed to have stopped ticking because Anu did not even know when he picked her up and carried her to the bedroom and when Anu herself got rid of her clothes

His hands travelled softly over her breasts that were completely bare and obviously excited from all of his attention. He cupped her smallness in his hands, kneading them softly while he kissed her deeply. He then bent his head down to lightly tease one nipple with the tip of his tongue.

This tongue brought forth a quick gasp from Anu followed by a long, throaty moan. He moved over to her other nipple…nibbling, chewing and sucking on it as well. Anu just knew that she could easily reach a climax with him doing nothing but licking, nibbling and biting on her breasts. As wonderful as it felt, she had to kiss him. With one hand on either side of his face, she gently pulled his head up to hers, and passionately kissed him for the first time. It was a long, slow, burning kiss and was as much of a kiss as an act of gratefulness on her part to a man who had been so silent an admirer for such a long time and out of sheer decency had never uttered a word lest it embarrass her.

Totally lost each other’s mouths, they pulled each other closer. His fingers were tracing soft patterns on the skin of her back causing sensuous shivers to travel her body. Still kissing her, he slowly walked her backwards until she felt the bed top behind her. Sanjeev pulled away, looked down and gently pulled her thong panty off her hips so that it fell around her ankles getting entangled in her anklets. Anu turned and bent down to disentangle them in the process giving Sanjeev a magnificent view of her posterior and the lips of the pussy peeping shyly from beneath. Soon the panty fell at her bare feet. As his eyes took in her body now fully revealed, she took his erotic growling groan as a sign of appreciation.

He pushed her back again, signaling silently that she was to sit on the bed. As she did so, he knelt in front of her, with his tongue starting to lick her from the curve of her feet. When he reached the top, Anu felt his tongue running along the inside of her upper thighs, savouring the moisture that had made its presence felt throughout the day. As his tongue met her hard little nub, she leaned back and put her hands behind her, bracing herself so that she could actually open up even more to him. As her legs spread, she felt his tongue slide slowly inside of her, somewhat hesitantly at first, but then further when her moans of delight alerted him that his actions were definitely well received. She could feel him, moving around inside of her, searching every surface of her inner walls with his masterful tongue.

The effect was unbelievable and she knew that the inevitable was drawing near as unwitting spasms slowly began to take over her body. Part of her did not want this feeling to end so quickly. She was pushed completely over the edge as his nose slightly brushed her clit, causing her orgasm to begin in waves. Her back arched and she pressed herself even harder onto his mouth, feeling him greedily tasting her, almost trying to suck himself further within her.

She felt him moan inside of her, sure that his sounds were triggered by her strong contractions he must feel surrounding his tongue. The vibrations caused from his continued vocalization only intensified and prolonged the incredible sensations pulsating through her entire body.

Sensing she was coming down from her heightened state or arousal, Sanjeev reached his hands up to support her back. Anu was trying to find her breath, her chest rising and falling quickly. With her eyes closed, Anu felt his mouth cover hers. As his tongue danced its way further into her mouth, Sanjeev rested on top of Anu, trapping her body under his own.

Just as she was slowly drifting off to sleep, she felt him pull the covers over the two of them and she heard him add, ‘Get some rest, I will taking you home in a few hours.’ As he said that, he pressed himself up against her back. Despite the unpleasantness that she had gone through, Anu felt happy and contented.

The next day she was sitting in her cabin when the intercom buzzed.

‘Yes? ‘ she said.

‘Anu, could you please come to my cabin? ‘ It was Sanjeev.

‘Sure, I’ll be right there.’ She replied pleasantly.

Sanjeev was quite free when Anu walked in. She was wearing a saree. Though the blouse was not sleeveless but it had a deep cut both at the front and at the back and the contrast of her fair skin again the dark color of the fabric was tantalizing. As was her habit, she had tied the petticoat well below her belly button and the dainty ring there only made her more desirable. Despite the unpleasant and pleasant occurrences of the previous day, Anu seemed satisfied.

‘Sit down, Anu.’ Sanjeev smiled at her.

‘Than you.’ She smiled back.

Sanjeev seemed uneasy. He picked up a pen and started fiddling with it. ‘Anu, it is about yesterday.’

‘Yes? ‘ Anu seemed to be keen to hear further.

‘I. I just wanted to know about whether you are feeling bad about what transpired between us.’ Sanjeev’s tone suggested that he wanted to be reassured.

Anu laughed and did not disappoint. ‘ Come on. What was your intention? It was to make me feel happy; to reassure me that I was loved. Why should I feel bad? ‘

‘Anu, thanks. You are a darling. You have taken a big burden off my chest.’

‘It is perfectly okay. May I go now? ‘

‘Yes, of course. By the way Seema is getting married day after tomorrow. You must have received the invitation. You will be coming? ‘

‘Of course.’ Anu smiled back again displaying a pearly set of white teeth.

After about two months, one day Anu met Sanjeev in his cabin and said. ‘ There is a favour that I would like from you.’

‘It is granted even before you say it.’ Sanjeev said grandly.

‘Promise? Don’t go back on your promise.’ Anu said impishly.

‘Of course not. What is it? ‘ Sanjeev said.

‘I have had a chance to see your wife Sonia in the gym. and it is a desire to, well, taste her.’ Anu said haltingly.

‘Lesbian tendencies? ‘ Sanjeev laughed.

‘Well, not really. It is just that since I had seen her and found her to be quite attractive that the desire welled up in me. I think you are fortunate to be able to make love to her regularly. Any problems with my desire? ‘ Anu asked.

‘No, I don’t have any problems but the object of your fascination i.e. my wife unfortunately has her head screwed on too tight on her shoulders. I don’t see what help can I give you to further your desire.’ Sanjeev sounded amused and resigned.

‘Don’t bother. I have a solution to that. Sonia does not know who I am and I do know that you have a guest room in your house. Well, tell her that I am the sister of one of your friends and that I will be staying with you for some time.’ Anu said with a twinkle in her eye.

‘That is okay but how will that help you taste her. Your intention is to seduce her? Banish the thought.’ Sanjeev was bemused.

‘Relax. I will let you know what I have in mind once I start living there. Don’t look like a frightened deer. I won’t tell your wife that you have been having sex with me if that is what you are mortified of.’ Anu threw her head back and laughed. Sanjeev did not share her mirth. He did not know how to react and except for going along with what Anu was saying he did not see what he could do. Scary stories of how ambitious females clung on to their successful bosses started their atavistic reincarnation.

It was a Sunday evening when Anu finally shifted into their house. Sonia was not too thrilled with this arrangement but did not create many problems either. The guest room was cleaned and swabbed, fresh smelling linen placed and the room appeared ready to absorb a fresh inmate.

Anu was wearing a pair of blue jeans and a white crochetted shirt. She wore a shade on natural lipstick appropriately complimented by pink nail polish, dainty diamond ear rings, her hair tied into a pony. She looked simple but seductive. As Sanjeev introduced her to Sonia, Anu again relived the scene in the gym when she had seen Sonia in all her natural glory. After a formal introduction in which Anu formally thanked both of them profusely for having been gracious enough to let her stay with the, Anu went to her room.

The guest room was not segregated enough and hence there had to be a compromise on privacy. While the master bedroom that was utilized by Sanjeev and Sonia was spacious and took up virtually one corner of the rectangular plot on which the house stood, the guestroom was quite close to the dining room; perhaps the architects had the idea that it would be easier for the guest to share his/her meals this way. There was a door segregating the guestrooms’ bathroom with the bathroom attached to the dining room. Sanjeev watched the 10 o’clock TV news wrapup listlessly for a while while Sonia went to change. He could hear Anu in the bathroom and this added to his unease. However what really made him jump out of his skin was when he realized that Anu was standing next to him in a skimpy peach coloured nightie. Her feet were bare, the toes beautifully manicured and polished, and that was perhaps why he had not heard her coming. The nightie was a sheer as skimpy nighties are. The thin fabric couldn’t hide the darkish silhouette of her succulent nipples or of her shaped pussy. While his immediate response was to drink in this sight, there was an acute unease that told him that should his wife walk in at this moment, there would be upheavals.

‘W..what is it? ‘ he stammered.

‘Relax. You look as if you have seen a ghost. I just saw myself in the mirror and I thought I looked nice.’ She placed the sole of her shapely foot on the arm of his chair and in the process exposed the lower portion of her milky white thighs.’Look at these anklets. How are they? ‘

Admiration of anklets or thighs was farthest from Sanjeev’s mind whose eyes were glued to the door of his bedroom through which his wife could walk in any time.

‘Anu, well.. I ..’ he started saying.

‘Come on, your wife is not your auntie. Unless you touch the anklets how will you be able to say how they are? ‘ Anu teased him and then seeing the look on his face, she laughed. ‘ Okay, I won’t bother the good and committed husband. If you want me to go, listen carefully to what I am saying. I had told you that it was your wife that I wanted to taste. I would like you to start making love to her. Once she is excited, you will naturally enter her and all the juices would be on your cock. I would like you to come to the dining room under some pretext. Here I will taste those juices by giving you oral. You will benefit double. by default.’

This was the first time that Sanjeev had heard Anu using words like ‘cock’ and though he would have liked to listen to her more, he was desperate to see her out of the room. What she had said was a trifle difficult because it is not easy to withdraw the cock just as the female is about to orgasm but to be fair to Anu that was what she had wanted and that was the very purpose why she had come here.

Okay. I’ll do that and your anklets are very pretty. Go now. Good Night.’ Sanjeev again diverted his attention towards the TV. He was fortunate because just as Anu left the room, Sonia walked in. She was clad in shorts and a loose T shirt.

‘Hello! Did I hear any voices? ‘ she asked.

‘No. Just the TV.’ Sanjeev replied as he quickly switched off the TV and with his arm around his wife walked towards the bedroom.

‘Good you switched the TV off. I am feeling very sleepy.’ Sonia replied.

‘That was not what I had in mind.’ Sanjeev tried to sound naughty.

‘Okay but if we do something, then the initiative will be mine. I’ll give you a lovely oral. I really like it when you are writhing in ecstasy.’ Sonia said sportingly.

‘No, no orals. The usual husband-wife stuff.’ Sanjeev wanted to divert Sonia’s attention from the orals.

‘That’s strange. Okay you do the orals then.’

Sanjeev was getting exasperated and trapped. ‘ I said no orals.’

‘Okay, no orals.’ Sonia smiled as Sanjeev planted a kiss on her neck and proceeded to pull the T shirt off. Sonia cooperated fully and pulled her shorts down. As they lay in heap on her bare feet, Sanjeev bent his neck and took her nipple in his mouth, sucking and biting it alternatively. His one hand went down to her pussy and he was pleasantly surprised to feel that the pussy had been freshly shaven. It was as smooth as a baby’s skin.

He wasted no time in getting rid of his clothes as well and though he had said that he would not, his tongue was darting inside the pussy lips forcing Sonia to make low moans of pleasure. He was not however fully at ease. As soon as he realized that she was wet, he inserted his cock into her. The lubricated walls of the pussy made it easy for the cock to slide in. He folded her legs so that the soles of her feet were on his shoulders because this allowed the deepest penetration in the pussy. As soon as he had withdrawn and was about to insert it again, Sonia’s cell phone rang. She promptly answered it as he proceeded to play with her succulent breasts.

‘Hi!’ she said and after some small talk she said. ‘ Yeah, he is making love to me.’ Then followed a giggle and she said ‘ Yes, he is fucking me.’

This conversation confused Sanjeev. Who was Sonia talking to and that too about such intimate matters. He asked her but she just laughed it off saying that it was a newly made friend. ‘Don’t worry. She too is a girl and we had decided that when would talk to one another when somebody would be making love to us.’

‘Somebody? ‘

‘You, silly! Who else is going to come and make love to me? ‘

It was now time to withdraw the cock and make good his promise to Anu. As he started moving towards the dining room , Sonia asked ‘ Where to? ‘ ‘Water.’ He replied insouciantly.

‘At least see. There is a full bottle by the bedside.’ Sonia replied.

‘Well, I had switched off the refrigerator and I wanted to switch that on and also have some chilled water.’ Sanjeev said with a nervous laugh.

‘Sure, go ahead.’ Sonia said knowingly.

Sanjeev was cursing the moment when he had not shot down this silly idea of Anu tasting Sonia. Stark naked he padded to the dining room, opened the fridge door so that Sonia would be reassured that he did indeed go to the fridge and after closing it slowly, went to the bathroom.

True to her word, Anu was there, as nude as he was and for a while they just looked at one another too mesmerized to utter a word. In order to tease Sanjeev, Anu had deliberately untied one anklet and it was dangling tantalizingly from one erect nipple.

It was Anu who laughed, and made him sit on the bathstool. Kneeling on the ground, she brought her face down and very tenderly started licking his cock from below, her tongue expertly making its way to the top, then the tip and finally she opened her mouth and sucked at his cock hungrily looking Sanjeev in the eyes who was fervently wishing that Anu would leave him so that he could go back to his wife. However his hands were busy playing with her taut chest and the erect nipples from which the anklet had now fallen off.. Without warning, Anu left his cock and proceeded to expertly straddle him. With her legs on both sides of the stool, she guided his erect cock into the folds of her pussy. The sheer weight of her body and the lubrication ensured a deep grip inside her. Even as the surprised look on his face gave way to pure pleasure, Anu laughed. ‘ This is just a return gift. After all if I have got to taste her, she too should get a similar pleasure. You will just have to ensure that she tastes this. And don’t try to cheat on me.’ Then suddenly as if a thought stuck her.

‘Persuade her to be blindfolded. Please. I will also come into the room.’ Anu pleaded.

‘You? In there? With the tinkling bangles and anklets? ‘

‘I promise I’ll take them off. Please. As soon as you blindfold her, just open the door. I’ll keep an eye on it from here itself. Please.’ Anu was not willing to take no for an answer. Not only that that she was continuously thrusting her pubic bone back and forth and though the action of an actual intercourse wasn’t there, but the sensational was exquisitely pleasurable making it difficult for Sanjeev to refuse.

As soon as Sanjeev nodded his consent, Anu got up. So sudden was the detachment of the pussy from his cock that it made a plonk sort of a noise.

‘Is this fair? ‘ he complained mockingly.

‘Okay, sir. Sorry.’ She said bending down as she took the cock in her mouth and lightly bit it and then with the combined pressure of the lips and tongue she rolled the foreskin back.

Sanjeev silently laughed to himself. What was his plight? Getting squeezed between two females. Carrying one’s juices on his cock to another and doing the same in reverse. His position was not much better than that of a delivery boy; albeit a privileged one.

Sanjeev hurried back to his bedroom and was glad to find Sonia in the same position as he had left her. ‘Well, it took you quite some time to put on a switch.’ She said sarcastically.

‘Ah, well, yes.’ Sanjeev replied. ‘ You know what I was thinking when I was drinking water? ‘

‘What? ‘

‘That it would be a great idea to blindfold you and then tease you.’ Sanjeev replied enthusiastically.

‘Blindfold me? Sounds interesting. But how come all these thoughts are finding their way into your mind just today. Does it have anything to do with the female guest who has come? ‘ Sonia replied naughtily.

‘Guest? Oh, you mean that girl. She is okay. That’s all. So I think I’ll use an old tie to do the honours. Game? ‘ Sanjeev said.

Sonia nodded with a contented and knowing smile on her face which added to Sanjeev’s discomfiture. ‘ One little thing before that, please.’ She insisted innocently.

‘Yes? ‘

‘I would like to take your cock in my mouth.’ Somehow Sonia was finding the use of such words exciting.

‘Why, sure!’ Sanjeev was glad to have been reminded of it.

Sonia made him lie on the bed and as she approached his cock, she remarked, ‘ My, you are glistening with juices although you have been out for a while nothing dried. Amazing!’ She lovingly flicked her tongue over the shining head of the cock before hungrily devouring it. So enthusiastic was she alternating his cock between her mouth and in her cleavage that Sanjeev had to gently detach her.

‘Blindfold. Remember? ‘ Sonia nodded and then laughed.

Sanjeev opened the wardrobe and proceeded to tie a silk tie over Sonia’s eyes.

‘Sanjeev, tell me something. Have you had sex with a girl recently and all these acts are a repetition of what you did there? ‘ Sonia asked.

‘Of course not!’ Sanjeev said firmly tying the tie over her eyes. He left the bed quickly to open the door and immediately returned. True to her word, Anu entered the room, fully nude, except for the earrings in her ear. Sanjeev could not but help admire the grace and poise that she exhibited.

She signaled Amit to insert his cock into Sonia which he did. It was a bizarre scenario with the unsaid stipulation that no words were to be exchanged. Anu then patted him on the shoulder and asked him to withdraw. Sanjeev was bemused but he complied and was aghast when Anu signaled to him that she wanted to lick Sonia. He mouthed the words that she would find out but there was no stopping Anu. She asked Sanjeev to place his hands on the inner portion of Sonia’s knees and she proceeded to lick her pussy lips. Slowly she darted her tongue inside the opening till Sonia started moaning. Sanjeev almost let out a yell when he saw that Anu, getting carried away by the sheer intensity of the moment proceeded to play with Sonia’s breasts. He was sure that the feel of a girl’s soft hands, the long nails would be a sure give away. He was preparing for the worst and his cock was surely and steadily losing its erection when Sonia broke into a laughter ably matched by Anu.

Within a second, Sonia and Anu had taken off the blindfold off Sonia’s eyes. ‘So, smart guy, what do you have to say? ‘ Sonia asked pointedly.

‘I. well.’ Sanjeev fumbled for words.

‘Don’t tease him!’ Anu said giving Sanjeev an affectionate hug.

‘So, I have my head screwed on too tightly on my shoulders. That is what you told Anu. Right? Well, smart men should know how to unscrew it.’ Sonia said.

‘I don’t understand.’ Sanjeev sounded most mystified.

‘Remember Seema’s marriage and your philandering ways. Remember I had forgotten the camera and you had expressed annoyance that it would take me about an hour to get it. I had driven about two blocks from the house when I remembered that we had given a ride to another couple to the reception and I moved some things from the back seat of the car into the trunk to make room for so I stopped the car and checked the trunk. There sitting on top of some clothes was the camera.

I promptly returned. When I walked into the house. I asked someone if they knew where you were and they said that they thought that the wedding party went off with the photographer to take some pictures. It looked to me as though all of the guests had arrived. The house was full and many more people were milling around in the back yard.

I decided to explore the house while I was searching for you. For me it was the first time though I am sure you must have been there before and consequently were familiar with the nooks and corners. It is a large two-story house built in the shape of the letter L. I walked down a hallway off the kitchen and found three small bedrooms and at the end of the hall was a staircase. I went up the stairs to a landing in front of a closed door. I tried the door and it opened into a study. Straight ahead of me was a large roll top desk. To the right there were bookshelves and to the left was another door.

I went to the left and stopped in front of the door for a moment. I felt very strange about what I was doing. On one hand I didn’t think I was doing anything wrong, I was just exploring this beautiful home but on the other hand I felt like a spy or a thief sneaking around. I opened the door as slowly and I heard soft music in the distance. Ahead of me through the door was a short hallway that transitioned into something like a catwalk which led to another room from which the music was coming.

I knew I should leave but my curiosity was too strong for common sense to overcome, so I moved out of the study into the hallway. I slowly made my way down the hallway until I reached the end of the wall. I looked to the left and could see that the catwalk overlook a bathroom and on the right it overlooked a large bedroom. I was about to step out onto the catwalk when I herd a voice form below. I bent, stuck my head out past the wall and peeked down into the bedroom.

At first I couldn’t see anyone but then a man’s back came into view and jumped onto the bed and lay down on his back with his head on a pillow. Subsequently I found out that it was you and you had on a full erection. I was aghast and debating on what was the reason for this display when I faintly heard a woman’s voice say, ‘Is this what you wanted? ‘ Just then something white flew into view and landed on your feet. It was a woman’s panty which you picked up and held up to your face. As you smelled the panties a voice said, ‘Hurry, I need to feel your pussy wrapped around my cock.’

Then the woman I heard speaking stepped into view. From the place where I was stationed I could clearly see that it was Anu though at that time I didn’t know her. I could only see the top of her head and that she was wearing a pink dress. As she walked over and stood at the foot of the bed looking at you I thought that she looked pretty and I felt quite aroused despite the fact that I knew that what you were attempting was a cheat. Then she said, ‘How long have we got? ‘

‘We have about forty-five minutes. It’ll take Sonia an hour at least to get the camera.’

I was frozen there. As I watched, Anu lifted her pink gown up above her knees and climbed onto the bed and walked on her knees over to you. Then she lifted the dress higher and moved her left leg over so that she straddled you and then positioned herself directly over your engorged cock. Then she lifted her dress still higher and I watched fully mesmerized as Anu used her hand to guide your cock between her pussy lips and slowly lower herself onto it. I was enraged and fascinated. As I watched your foreskin roll back and your shaft enter her pussy. At that time I again noticed the attention that this girl paid in keeping her pussy in shape. Anyway, after you both had your fun, I left the place before you did and it was not difficult for me to find out who Anu was from your office guys. I confronted her head on and told her what I had seen. Anu turned out to be very sweet. She explained everything; how you had comforted her when her boyfriend had ditched her and on that particular day, she had no intention of having sex with you but since you had insisted she could hardly refuse. Not only is she your subordinate, she is also indebted to you and also has a soft corner for you.

We therefore decided to play a prank on you and that was why she had told you about her secret desire to taste me.’

Sanjeev listened to everything intently not knowing whether to be happy that a crisis had been avoided or to be apprehensive lest things get out of hand.

‘Well, you will be glad to know that Anu has found another boyfriend and just as you have had the pleasure of having sexual fun with two girls Anu would like her boyfriend to have the same. You don’t know but they got engaged last week and Anu is particularly insistent that I help her out.’ Sonia laughed. ‘And yes, you can relax. I don’t have friends who telephone me to find out when I am being fucked. It was just this naughty Anu’s idea to play another prank on you.’

As the reality of the situation sank into Sanjeev, he watched as both Anu and Sonia hugged one another face to face their erect nipples touching, and making themselves comfortable on major part of their double bed leaving Sanjeev wondering as to whose side should he lie on.

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