Anita was left alone as her husband went off on business and with a full day in front of her the thought of lying on the beach in fine weather in the south of France was tempting. She accessed the hotel’s internet connection and was drawn towards the sites that indicated the presence of nude beaches in the area. She found one that was rather isolated and attracted her but she was not sure if she had the courage to go there all alone. With her husband she would have gone… fact he would have insisted, she thought with a smile…..but alone?She wondered whether that was a good idea. The thought sent a little frisson of fear, excitement and anticipation through her shapely body.

She had a rented car….a map….why not go and see the place? If there were a lot of people or something she didn’t like it she could always go somewhere else.

Still undecided she stripped and took a bath. Emerging from the bathroom she admired her nude self. The slender neck, the flawless satin skin, the shapely breasts capped by chocolatish brown nipples with small aerola, the sparse hair in the shaped pussy which did not do much to hide the lips of the labia, the long and lovely legs and her nail polished bare feet. A light golden chain in the neck with appropriately designed bangles on her wrists and a cute pair of anklets to adorn the bare feet. This would be what she would be offering to the voyeurs on the beach. Would it be too irresistible for them? She dismissed the thought! There are any number of gorgeous females coming from all over the world. This is nothing but silly vanity! And the beach is, in any case deserted. Who would be there to watch? How wrong Anita would be proved shortly?

She picked up a towel, suncream and a book…..a moments hesitation….yes…she would go….the decision made, she set off.

The beach was quite hard to find and when she saw the rough road down to it and then the walk through the trees to reach it , she almost had second thoughts , but this morning she was in a determined and adventurous mood so she carried on. The journey was worth it. A little cove at the bottom of an incline backed by the forest with white warm sand protected by rocks on either side giving the appearance of one’s own private beach.

Anita was delighted and found a lovely spot close to one of the rocks so that if anyone else came she would have her privacy. She lay back down in her bikini; the one that had been presented to her by her husband on their last wedding anniversary. She enjoyed the hot sun on her body until she needed a swim to cool off, the perspiration like little pearls on her stomach ,gleaming in the sunlight. The water was cooling and then she wondered to herself if she should swim naked. After all , no one was there and the opportunity was too good to miss. Undoing her top she stood there for a moment her nipples
dark and erect from the cool water and the light breeze. Perhaps only topless! But then she thought why hold back from something one had always wanted to do? Why indeed! Why not fully nude? She then slid the bottom over her buttocks and stepped out of it , carefully picking them up in the waist high water. She drank in the scenery , the blue sky, clear water and the backdrop of sand and forest and felt so free…almost back to nature. With her bikini clutched in her hand she started to swim…..the first thing she felt was the water over her body and sliding sensuously between her legs….what a delicious sensation… how the absence of a few bits of clothing could turn a swim into such an erotic experience was a mystery…but it was true…she moaned gently to herself as she twisted and turned in the water , wanting to feel the caress of the gentle tide over her body.

She slid a hand down her body and touched herself and was not surprised to feel that her pussy was wet , but as if waking her from a trance , the sudden jolt of desire that passed through her body as her fingers ran over her hooded clitoris made her slightly afraid. Just for a moment but enough to make her return to the towel laid out on the sand.

The beach was still empty and to walk naked back to her towel as the warm breeze caressed her body was a pleasure to be savoured. She lay down on her back facing the sun and oiled her body to protect it against the rays and liked the look of the oil giving her skin a sheen in the hot sun adding to the sensuality she felt. Once in a while the rays of the hot sun reflected in the shine of her anklets which was one of the few things that still adorned her body. As she applied the oil on her inner thighs and over her outer lips she felt a liberated feeling that made her wish that perhaps it would be nice to have someone watching her , even if , or especially as, she was nude. The thought made her wet and the way she caressed the oil into her was making her even wetter. Half expecting to see someone watching her she looked over her shoulder. She did not know whether she was relieved or disappointed to find nobody.She lay back and luxuriated in the heat parting her thighs as if offering herself to the
sun whose presence could be felt.

Daydreaming of the sungod coming down and ravishing her , it was difficult to stay still and her fingers langourously stroked her smooth skin inevitably arriving at her mound as if following the sungod’s instructions as her other hand stroked her breast , the delicate fingers playing with her thick nipples now erect with anticipation almost waiting to be sucked. Her arousal was getting stronger as her fingers were coated
with the juice from her desire and in a moment of lust she brought them to her lips and tasted herself in the fresh air. Mmmmmm , she thought , nice…and as she licked her finger clean it was as if it was a little cock that she had placed between her lips and the thought added to her arousal.

Getting too hot now, she stood up and stretched. It really was wonderful to have this place to yourself, she thought. Leaving her bikini behind, she re-entered the water and it calmed her a little although the swirling water still gave a gentler stimulation to her sensitive skin. She swam out further this time almost to the end of the rocks and felt the tide was stronger as she was more exposed to the sea. Suddenly she was moved out beyond the rocks and she started struggling to get back. It seemed as if the water was dragging her out to sea and she tried but failed to reach even the rocks. She tried to shout for help but there was nobody there and her voice echoed off the rocks that she couldn’t reach.

Trying to stay calm she trod water and attempted to at least not go further out to sea when she heard a noise. It sounded like an outboard motor….it was indeed an outboard motor.

She screamed out and eventually she saw it come into view. She waved and shouted and they saw her. They headed towards her at speed and as they pulled up along side Anita clutched feverishly at the strong young arm that reached for her. He lifted her into the boat,his strong arms pulling her on board as
his friend kept the boat steady. She sat down shaking and as they put a towel around her she was able to look at them for the first time. They were both about 25 years old….one blond the other dark …both strongly built young men…..and both naked.


They were French, Anita discovered, as they fussed around her discussing her condition in their native language with that charming accent. When she didn’t respond they changed to English and it was clear that they spoke very little. No matter, she was safe and her rescuers headed towards the shore with her pointing out the cove and white sand that she had left a while ago.

They all arrived and the blond jumped into the water at the edge of the beach as the darker of the two picked her up and cradling her in his arms , handed her to his friend. As he did so the towel fell into the sea and as she waved aside their apologies she felt the hard muscles of the blond lift her onto the sand as if she were weightless and for the first time Anita found herself aware of her nudity. The thought crossed her mind that if her husband could see her now, being carried naked by a well built younger naked man he would be….she wondered….angry or excited….maybe both….but certainly excited; very excited was her firm

He carried her to her belongings and gently laid her back on the towel. Feeling slightly uncomfortable due to the presence of the two nude males who had done her a favour, Anita hunched up , her arms around her knees as she attempted, unsuccessfully, to cover the swell of her breasts with her knees as the darker one joined them. They introduced themselves….the blond was Pierre and the darker one was Serge….how to remember which was which, she thought….then as they stood in front of Anita the answer came to her…….one was circumcised ..Pierre..with a healthy,thick cock that was slightly larger than your husbands…..the other was not circumcised.. Serge.. and his cock was very large,bigger and thicker than you had seen,even on nudist beaches she been to….it was almost scary in it’s dimensions….but fascinating in its way.

Anita smiled at them courteously but with goosebumps in her stomach. She repeated the names turning from one to the other repeating..”Serge”..”Pierre”.. to them as her eyes now behind the sunglasses moved from one cock to the other. They laughed and repeated “Anita”..”Anita”.. with their accents even more charming in English.
She thought that she couldn’t wish to meet a more handsome couple of rescuers and her mood gradually lifted from fear to flirtation. Gingerly she brought her legs down exposing her breasts so that her French rescuers could see her full breasts in all their majestic glory. Proud and erect! After all they had already seen her naked and squeamishness would not help. Moreover had they wanted they could have ravaged her right away. Such decent folk deserved a treat for their eyes.

Serge went to the boat and returned with an ice box which he set down on her large towel and they sat in front of her on their smaller towels while their wet towel dried on the rocks behind her. The box contained a picnic, in the french style, with champagne and little canapes to tempt the palate.

These were not fishermen, more like educated young men who had the means to live well and the inclination to enjoy life.

The champagne rather went to Anita’s head and the small but tasty snacks didn’t do a lot to soak it up so after a short while she started to totally relax.

They were charming in their faltering English and their presence made her feel warm, sensual and desired. The fact that they were strangers and she was all naked under the hot sun gave the moment a piquant eroticism. She felt more and more relaxed and lay on her back to take the sun as the conversation died down in the heat. Slightly uncomfortable on the towel she sat up and as
they were both on their backs with their eyes closed and their semi erect cocks resting on their thighs, she mustered up courage and spread her legs slightly, drawing one up towards her. The partial exposure sent a frisson of excitement through her and she sat back and admired their bodies.

Lazily, Serge stroked his stomach the ridges of muscle gleaming in the
sun, then almost absentmindedly, he started to stroke his cock. Her mouth fell open as he pulled back the skin and the head was visible, a purply pink colour against the brown foreskin that sheathed it. She felt a slight trembling in her stomach as he stroked it, his eyes still closed seemingly unworried by the presence of the young Indian housewife or his friend. Anita felt her pussy moisten as his cock hardened before her gaze… was intoxicating…..the heat, the wine and this large cock rising to it’s full length…..she felt her wetness… sensitive was she that she almost orgasmed at the first few touches. She stopped, trembling as his eyes opened…..he smiled and said that it was too hot….holding out his hand he led her to the sea. Pierre
got up and joined them. With both of them holding her hands they approached the water, Serge’s member now in a more relaxed state, but still a fascination as she looked out of the corner of her eye. It was a moment Anita wished could have been preserved in a photograph. She, as nude as could be in the company of two nude young men from a different nationality leading her with care, love and respect into the sea.

The first warm caress of the water against her legs was delicious and they stood there holding her hands, just at a depth where the small waves reached their peak and broke on her sensitive mound…..if it was deliberate it was genius…in any case it was effective as the forces of nature conspired with her new friends to excite her…gently but firmly lapping at her mound, the perfectly cut black pubic hair no defence against these waves as the foam broke over her.

They saw her weaken and felt her tremble. Thinking she was nervous of the sea they led her out a bit further smiling and laughing to relax her. She swam, feeling so at one with nature and your sexuality. She swam freely, the events leading to her rescue forgotten as her new friends showed off a little, swimming around her like dolphins in the water,trying to impress her with their moves….she smiled…they were good people and Anita felt flattered by their attention.

Treading water as she watched them, she suddenly felt one of the ‘dolphins’ swim between her legs; it was Pierre whose body brushed against her thighs as he passed between them. The feeling of young hard muscle sliding between her legs was a shock to the system and she moved closer to the shore where
she could stand up, the water just covering her breasts not fully but lapping against them as if they too did not want to miss out on their share of fun of licking at her succulent nipples. Pierre did it
again, his white teeth shining as he smiled and dove under the water and you felt him spread her legs as he passed between them. Then Serge….he flipped on his back in front of her and as he passed underneath her his semi
hard cock grazed against the lips of her pussy, slightly parting the lips thereof. Anita felt as if some demon from the sea was tormenting her as he did it again…..this time he was noticeably harder and she was noticeably wetter and open as his cock traced the inside of her labia, opening her slightly as he passed underneath.

Then Pierre was next to her ….. she leaned on his shoulder for
support, eyes glazed as Serge dove under again…this time more slowly….his cock almost entering her as it opened her almost fully. Anita moaned and bit Pierre’s shoulder ,the pleasure intensifying with each pass. Then it stopped.

Helping her to the shore, Pierre picked her up and carried her to the
towel, gently laying her down on her back. This time she just lay there, legs parted, breathing heavily as they sat down, one on each side of her. The
sun, the teasing games and the champagne were to much to take and she wanted them…badly and now.

First Pierre nuzzled up to her neck and placed little kisses on her neck and ears, making her squirm with pleasure. Then Serge on the other side. The same gentle approach. She moaned softly as their lips moved down to her breasts…..her hard chocolate nipples …. so sensitive….two tongues….licking …. sucking. Her legs parted, heels digging into the sand as the two young men caressed her breasts with their tongues….the pleasure was unbelievable as they lifted their tongues off, letting her wet nipples cool in the breeze…then taking them in their warm mouths again…..each time they lifted off she arched her body upwards, seeking, needing their lips. She was in fact thanking her stars that she had actually started drowning. Then moaning with pleasure as they took her nipples again. The
combination of two accomplished young lovers treating her breasts to such lavish attention made her squirm with pleasure and her legs parted, one drawn up and splayed open as any thought of resistance faded away under their skilful caresses.

Two hands slid down her body, stroking her quivering flat stomach on their journey towards her mound. Pierre was first and the touch of his fingers on her wet lips made her give out a long moan as he opened her up. Her lips parted like little petals covered in dew and as his first finger slid into her, Serge’s fingers lifted the hood, her last protection, away from her clitoris. Now she was totally exposed and defenceless and Pierre took full advantage. Removing his fingers he smiled, waited a moment to savour the sight
of her open, wet pussy that seemed to be pouting at him as if offering
itself for a kiss. Then his head bent down and kissed her.

Anita felt his breath …then his lips….aching for him to do more….he
licked around her labia…then little kisses followed by firmer use of his tongue until she was thrusting her lower body up to meet his lips. His lips closed over her clit and it was as if an electric shock ran through her body as he sucked it into his mouth, the tongue swirling over it releasing all the pent up desire that had been generated as the waves of pleasure coursed through her body. He held her firm as her orgasm shuddered its way through her body and left her whimpering in submission to their sexual talents that had reduced her to an animal like state. A very beautiful and sophisticated animal….but an animal all the same. They had unleashed such strong desires that the veneer of civilisation was stripped away …..she wanted…..needed….more. Through the corner of her eyes, she could see their cocks erect as stiff poles. She was excited and apprehensive wrestling with her own thoughts and her own traditional upbringing. What did she, a young married Indian housewife who always dressed demurely at home, actually want from these cultured young French men?

As she stabilized her thoughts she reached for Serge…..kissed him feverishly…..her excitement soon returning as she felt his hard cock against her. He lay down on his back and instructed her to squat over him. It took her a little while to decide. Now was the moment! Pierre was there to support her and she looked down at the lovely monster that would take her to ecstasy….if you could permit herself to take it. She found herself bending down and while stroking the shaft she marvelled at the softness of the skin encasing the hardness that her body desired or rather craved. Pierre stroked her neck as she got up and kept her bare feet one in each of his armpits. As she was placing her feet she saw her toe rings; a symbol that married women usually wear. Even before she could think she saw that Pierre did not miss a chance to tinkle with her anklets. Gradually she started sitting down, sank till the head of his cock was now against her labia with all the pressure on her leg muscles. Her pussy lips spread by his girth, they rested on the head, open as if to kiss it and then she lowered herself , inch by inch, taking up and down movements to ease him into her pussy. His foreskin rolled back to reveal the glistening shaft which she could see by peering down. It was so spontaneous and beautiful, as if the scene had been choreographed many times before. Almost there and the feeling of being so full and stretched was making her a little uneasy…..
Pierre kissed her as Anita made herself comfortable on Serge’s cock and his caresses and his skilful tongue on her nipples, that he made use of by making her bend made her forget the shaft inside her until she had to move and as her legs gave way, her body slid the last few inches to reach the bottom of Serge’s cock. Pierre continued to kiss and stroke her and she started to rock to and fro on the rigid member inside her. The look on Serge’s face of pure pleasure as she rode him encouraged her and she got into a rhythm that suited both of them. She had the impression that she was riding a wild stallion as he bucked up at her and now she felt comfortable that she could handle him. A surge of pride went through her as she realized what her body was capable of and she hugged Pierre close to her as her second orgasm of the day coursed through her body.

Neither Serge nor Pierre had reached orgasm and she knew there was more to come. It came quickly as Serge stood up and lifted her , his strong hands under her cheeks and quite literally impaled her on his shaft. Anita gasped but Serge knew she could take it and Pierre’s hands joined his as they lifted her….then dropped her….onto Serge’s cock. The shock of hitting the
bottom of his organ made her moan, a sort of gutteral sound emanating from her throat as she were held off the ground, her arms around Serge’s neck , her shapely legs hanging limply as each stroke from him made her seem like a beautiful rag doll. With each stroke her free breasts bobbed up and down, her nipples brushing against his lips till one occasionally found its way in his mouth. Then she could feel that he was ready and she felt him stiffen. When his seed spurted into her a little tear rolled down her cheek at the intensity of it all and she hung on tight as his body shook with his
passion for her.

She rested in the arms of Pierre who stroked her gently and let her sleep for half an hour before he claimed his reward. She gave it to him willingly and openly, her lovemaking less frantic than before, more sensual and with finesse. Pierre did not have the dimensions of Serge but he was a considerate and skilful lover and when she shared her orgasm it was almost a thing of beauty as they were lost in each others arms like newlywed lovers.

If I were to leave my husband, Anita thought, it would be with Pierre. He is so gentle yet passionate … she banished the thought from her mind….this was a one off…..never to be repeated. It was however nice to fantasize one’s thought, as if the reality had not been enough for one day.

The setting sun was forming a golden glow in the sky. It was time to head home. Her husband would have perhaps returned or would be returning. She got up with a start. Despite the fact that she was nude with two strangers and had just made love to them there was
no guilt, no shame. A thought crossed her mind. Would she have been able to sleep on the beach, nude, with so much confidence had it not been for the presence of these two young men? However there was still one little work to be performed; a favour that had to be returned. As they slept happily, she bent down and gently, very gently took Serge’s flaccid cock in her hand and pulled the foreskin back revealing the pink mushroom head. She did not know why but she dangled her breast till the nipple touched the tip of his organ.She somehow felt that she owed this to the organ that had brought her so much pleasure: a touch of her breasts. She wihdrew immediately and then flicked her tongue over it, tasting the combined juices and then took as much of it in her mouth as she could and sucked at it. Passionately. Last time before parting. Serge moaned with pleasure. She withdrew and promptly took the balls in her mouth.By the time he awoke she directed her attention to Pierre’s circumcised cock, the head defiantly exposed. She flicked her tongue all over and nibbled at it playfully before giving it too a final passionate suck followed by the warm and gentle suck of his balls. They were now both fully awake. She told them by sign language that it was time for her to leave. They understood and hugged her one by one. As a parting gesture they started kissing her breasts bringing their tongues in a downwards licking motion right down to the hollow of her bare feet. The sensations brought her nipples to full attention. Anita again started getting wet inside. However it was time to leave.Now! They too got up, their magnificent nude bodies, like those of Greek gods.

She waved them goodbye as their boat headed out to sea, fingering the champagne cork they had given her as a memento of a beautiful day spent together and headed back to the car as dusk approached.

“Did you have a good day, Anita darling?” her husband enquired clairvoyantly.

“Well, you know, the usual hot day at beach with my two young French lovers” She replied naughtily.
Both Anita and her husband laughed as they went to take a shower.

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