I and Anil had been friends for several years now, he and his wife Shanti and I, so it wasn’t unusual for him to ask if I wanted to accompany him into the city. It was well into the holiday season and we both had shopping to get done. Besides, Shanti had to work that day and he was hoping I could help him pick out a nice gift for her.

Rather than bother with a long drive, followed by the aggravation of trying to find a parking spot, we decided to take the train. The three hour ride into the city was uneventful, spent enjoying the coffee and muffins we had picked up on the way to the station and chatting about our plans for the day, our jobs, people we knew, interspersed with comfortable silences as we watched the scenery go by.

We spent the day going from store to store, getting most of our shopping done and taking a leisurely break for a long lunch. I always enjoy spending time with him. Not only is Anil attractive, although only of average height, he is dark, handsome and very well built. When he talks to you his eyes look right into yours, as if no matter what you are saying,

he can tell what you’re really thinking…and that he really cares. In truth I had always been attracted to him, but he was a friend and so was his wife, so in my mind that meant he was off limits. Which is not to say I hadn’t had the occasional fantasy about being with him? It soon became late afternoon and we headed back to the station to catch the evening train home.

After boarding, we found a pair of seats together at the very rear of a car across the aisle from the door. This gave us a modicum of privacy, though I didn’t know at the time that I’d be glad of that. It had been an enjoyable, but long day and we were both feeling quite tired and ready for a rest. The seats, however, were not built for comfort. Since we were in the last row, they didn’t even recline.

I had pulled out a light blanket I had bought for myself during the day and wrapped it around me, as it was a bit chilly on the train. Although I tried various positions in the seat, I just couldn’t get comfortable. Watching my dilemma with increasing amusement, he finally let out a short laugh and said, “Here, wait a minute. Let’s try this. Stand up for a second.”

So, I stood and watched as he turned sideways, leaned his back against the window and stretched his legs out across the seat. “Aahh, that’s better” he said with a sly grin watching me out of the corner of his eye. “Hey” I said, “It’s not better for me!” “It’s not?” he replied, trying to suppress a small chuckle. “Okay, okay. Just kidding…this’ll be better.”

With that he raised his left knee up and leaned that leg against the back of the seat and let his right foot sit flat on the floor next to it, his thigh running parallel and a couple of inches above the bench. “There you go,” he said, patting the seat between his legs. “You can sit right here and lean back on me. It’ll be much more comfortable and we can both get some rest.”

I hesitated, thinking that maybe this wasn’t such a good idea. “What?” he asked, looking me right in the eye with an expression that said this was the most normal suggestion in the world? Well, maybe I was just being silly and over thinking the situation. I’ve been known to do that. So, “Nothing” I shrugged and turned around sitting in the ‘chair’ he had created with his body.

I pulled my legs up and stretched them forward over the edge of the seat’s armrest, which put it right under my calves. I smoothed my skirt down over my knees and crossed my legs at the ankles. Then I sat there straight up looking across the aisle and out the window in the door to the passing darkness beyond. “Comfortable Haasini?” he asked, a bit sarcastically I thought.

“Not really” was my reply. I heard him let out the kind of sigh that grownups do when children are being foolish and then I felt him wrap his arm around my waist and slide me back up against him. He took my blanket and shook it out, draping it over the top of us both and covering me from my feet up to my shoulders. “Now lean back and relax, for crying out loud.

Let’s get some sleep”. I did as he said, leaning back against his chest. I still wasn’t so sure about this, but as the minutes passed and I realized he was dozing off, I started to relax and fell asleep, too. I don’t know how much time passed as I dozed, but I slowly woke into that delicious state where you’re half awake yet still half asleep, not yet quite aware of your surroundings.

The movement of the train beneath me confused me at first and it took me a moment to remember where I was. I did know I was feeling quite content and comfortable. I snuggled a little deeper under the blanket and then stopped cold when I felt that hard muscled chest and stomach against my back. Then I remembered where I was and whom I was with.

Slowly turning my head back, I saw that his eyes were closed and could feel his even breathing beneath me. He was still asleep, so I relaxed and was about to decide whether or not to try to go back to sleep myself when I took stock of the rest of my body. To my dismay, I realized that while I had been asleep my skirt had bunched up over my hips and I had drawn my knees up,

flopping to either side and leaving my legs wide open. Thank goodness he had covered us with that blanket. If not, I would have been lying there with nothing but the crotch of my silk panties between me and the rest of the world. Just as I was about to try to readjust myself, I felt him move behind me. I glanced up and saw that he was still sleeping as he gave a little stretch.

Then before I could react, I felt him raise the leg that was against the seat back, stretch it and bring it back down over the inside of my thigh, thus pinning my raised left knee against the seat with his calf. It was at this point that I realized that his right hand had moved off of his own leg and was now resting on my inner thigh.

His large fingers were spread across the tender skin at the uppermost part of my inner thigh and his long thumb was resting right along the edge of my panty line. I suddenly couldn’t move. All I could feel was the heat from his hand on my naked skin. I knew I should extricate myself. We were friends, good friends, but allowing this to go any further could ruin that good friendship.

His wife Shanti and I were friends. This had to go beyond her idea of friendship. My head said to get up, but I couldn’t get my body to take the hint. I squirmed a bit in my indecision and his hand started to move, freezing me in place. His fingertips began slowly moving against my thigh in small, light, almost tickling circles. They moved lazily.

His thumb still lay motionless on my panty line, but I could feel the heat of it through my panties against the outside of my pussy lips. A pulsing was starting to run up through the middle of my abdomen. Every part of my body was on alert waiting to see what would happen next. My crotch felt like it was homing in on his hand.

I could almost feel my lips leaning in that direction as they waited, willing his thumb to move. When it finally did as he began to stroke the edges of my pussy I could feel the electric waves wash over me. I shuddered and took in a deep gulp of air, as I’d forgotten to keep breathing, so wrapped up as I was in what that hand was doing.

Now he moved his whole hand over my crotch and began to stroke along my slit with the tip of his middle finger. He stroked gently over the silky fabric from the top of my mound all the way down to my anus and back up again. At this point, I knew there was no turning back. I couldn’t stop now even if I had wanted to.

Each time he stroked over my hole, I knew he had to be feeling the wetness that was gathering there. Each time he stroked my slit over my clit I felt my hips jump just a bit to try to make contact. I had closed my eyes, but now sensing something different I opened them and glanced to my left to find his face right next to mine, his eyes dark with desire watching my face.

His breath was hot on my cheek and he stared at me with an intensity I hadn’t ever seen in him before. This took me aback for a second. “Anil Maybe…”I said, confused as I was in my state. ”I think we should…” He never stopped his stroking, but raised his other hand to my lips and said “Shh…stop thinking Haasini. You think entirely too much.”

“But Anil…” I tried again. “No” he said with a small smile. “If you must think, then just think about how you feel. Nice?” With that he let his hand drift away from my crotch and was rewarded with a small moan of protest that I realized with humiliation had come from me. He took the top edge of the blanket and gave it a little shake rearranging it over us.

In the process, we were flooded with warm air from under the blanket, ripe with the scent of my arousal, thus ending any thoughts of stopping this now. His left hand moved around behind me, up under my blouse and unhooked my bra. Trailing his fingertips lightly around my side he drew a light line straight up between my breasts,

circling them teasingly and then finally resting his arm across my body and placing his hand onto my right breast. There he stroked and fondled me, flicking and gently tweaking my erect nipple. As I responded, he moved his right hand down working its way under the waistband of my panties.

He lingered, tickling a bit on my mound before sliding between my legs and cupping his hand to rest lightly covering my pussy with his middle finger lying softly along the line of my slit. Every nerve in my body, especially in my crotch waited in anticipation. But, he didn’t move that hand. He just let it rest there while continuing to play with my nipples.

I could feel his hot, moist breath on my neck. He was kissing and nibbling under my ear, flicking my earlobe with his tongue. I couldn’t stand it any longer and I began to squirm under his hand, trying to push my pussy up to him, aching for more contact. He slid his hips down in the seat behind me pressing his crotch tight up against my butt.

I could feel his hard and swollen cock pushing against my left cheek. As I squirmed under his touch I could feel it growing and getting harder still against me. This only served to increase my arousal and I was beginning to feel desperate for his touch on my clit. I turned to look at him, biting my lower lip as I tried to contain myself.

He lowered his face to mine and began to kiss me, gently at first letting his tongue trace the outline of my lips. Then using his tongue to open my lips, he began to kiss me more urgently exploring every part of my mouth. As my tongue reached to meet his, I felt him apply the slightest bit of pressure on my crotch and his middle finger slipped easily through my wetness to lie between my pussy lips.

The tip of his finger lay just at the entrance to my hole and his upper knuckle had finally made contact with my clit. Shocks of electricity shot through my center, yet still he continued to tease and torture me by not moving that hand. I began to rock my hips forward and back pushing against him, humping his finger and rubbing my butt against his cock.

By this time the juices were running out of me and I was dying for release. “Anil please Stop please!” was all I wanted to blurt out but could not. Slowly he moved his hand back allowing the length of his finger to stroke along my slit from my hole over my tender and throbbing clit until his fingertip just reached the juncture at the top of my pussy lips.

Then suddenly he plunged it back following the same path to let his finger rub against my clit and stab into my hole, but just as far as the first knuckle. Then, he did it again. Stroking and plunging, each time entering my hole just a little further. I was matching his movements with my hips, rocking up against him as he plunged deeper each time and sliding slowly downward as he stroked back up.

The speeding motion of the train helped us considerably. The muscles in my butt, thighs and abdomen were clenched tight trying to maintain some control. In the back of my mind, I was aware that from the feel of his thick rod behind me, he was just as wet as I was. Now grasping my clit he began to roll it between his thumb and finger,

massaging in circular motions first gently then more firmly then gently again. He began to pull it out and in as if pumping it, making me feel like it was being gently sucked. I was moaning and gasping into his mouth now, hoping the noise of the train would cover the sound. Still stroking my clit with his thumb he wound two fingers around each other and dove into my hole,

pushing me hard against his crotch and finger fucking me in and out twisting his fingers with each stroke. I knew I was about to go over the edge and apparently he could sense it, too. He pushed his fingers deep into me stretching up to press on my g-spot, now rubbing furiously on my clit with his thumb.

As he did, he stretched his tongue far back into my mouth and brought the tip up to stroke along the roof of my mouth. That’s when I could contain myself no longer. With an uncontrollable shudder that ran along the length of my body I began to cum. As I did, I felt him begin to tremble and then explode holding me tightly against him.

When we were both spent, we collapsed against each other. I was so wet I had to remove my panties and use them to clean myself up, then rolled them up and stuffed them in my purse, thankful I had worn a rather long skirt that day. We had just finished readjusting our clothes when we pulled into our station.

As he drove me home from the station, we were quiet in the car. I was concerned about what this would do to our relationship, but whenever I sneaked a glance at him he seemed quite infuriatingly content, actually humming along to the music on the radio with a little smile on his lips. We got to my house and he walked me to the door.

As we climbed onto the porch and I began unlocking the front door he said, “Sum, There’s something I need to tell you.” “Uh, oh,” I thought. “This is it…now he’s going to tell me that we went too far.” He saw the look on my face and smiled. Crooking his finger under my chin, he raised my face up to look into his eyes.

Pushing me back against the doorjamb, he leaned his body up against mine and gave me a small kiss on the forehead. Then, leaning over by my ear and as he reached under my skirt and placed his hand onto my panty less crotch, he said, “All I wanted to tell you is that next time I’m going to taste you Haasini.”

I had to hold onto the doorjamb as he sauntered down the walk to his car. My knees were too weak to hold me and I was getting wet all over again.

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