It was after the 12th board that I came to my home after my boarding. Our house is pretty big actually for 4 of the members but most of the time we are surrounded with guest’s and relatives, may be that was the reason that I was sent to boarding school.

After coming from the boarding school, it was pretty much boring life then around then, I was 18 yrs old, didn’t had any friends in ma home town, no PC nor internet was available to me at that moment too, and also we didn’t have that rapport with the neighbors too. After 2-3 days my elder cousin ( my maternal uncle’s elder daughter ) came in to stay with us.

she was about to join some Pg course in the Utkal University . I was very happy to see her, she was very friendly and very affectionate to me. I used to fondly call her Haasini she looked like the model,who acted in the music album aaja re of bally sagoo, tough she was a lil more plump in the right place’s . She stayed for 2 weeks then and we bonded with each other as very good friends.

I would tease her,she would beat me, all in a loving way. I never had any other feeling’s for her at that point of time. Few months passed, I was also busy in taking coaching, for the entrance examination’s. I remember that time, Rakhi was about a week ahead, when Haasini came to stay with us again and it was fun again all the way.

On the day of Rakhi, all my sisters(cousins) tied rakhi on ma hand, so did Haasini too , and as i’m the youngest one in the family some of them kissed me on the forehead and some on ma cheeks. In our traditions, the youngest brother getz gift my their elder sisters until they get a job . Haasini was looking at me when one of my lovable cousins gave a small peck to ma cheeks.

After that she suddenly asked, what do u want as a gift, I said I need a kiss. I said that very innocently and seriously I didn’t had anything in ma mind. she opposed nodding her head, saying ” no no… shut up.. I can’t “. I dint mind her actually that point of time, but I was puzzled at her reaction. At night there was a kinda celebration in our house as my mom’s all brothers came upto our house.

All were enjoying at that time, some watching Tv, the ladies party busy with their gossips, the kids were playing games of their own, Haasini was busy in arranging the bedrooms for the rest of the members to sleep in. The male members were playing card and I was being a spectator there for while when Haasini called me up.

She called me with a stern voice ” hey, come here, help me put those mosquito nets in that room ” she went into that room and I followed her a lil later. just as I opened the door, she was standing there in front of me. I asked “what happened… !!! ” with a curious face . I can never forget that eyes that were looking at me that time, she was dressed in a pink Nighty,

she took my face in her hands, raised her up-to me and then kissed me on cheeks for a long time, but I dunno why, the feeling of her kiss was different from others. That point of time I felt like kissing the big lips of her, I dunno what took me that, I dunno if it was erotic or something else but it felt very good. I asked her to kiss me again on my left cheek.

she snugged me off then saying that’s enough, with a smile of coz. I recoiled back to my room soon then and I really had a sleepless night then. It wasn’t like I was masturbating thinking about her, but I jsst wanted her to be with me and kiss me again and again,but I wanted to get a smooch from her.

Haasini got her admission soon, and was waiting for her collages to start, my mom asked her to stay in our home, coz after the P.G there was plans to get her married soon and she would learn the tips and tricks of blah blah house hold things in a big house. whatever that may be,but I was happy that Haasini was staying with us, with me.

I can say that now that it was infatuation but I loved the feeling, I followed her every time when I could, we used to talk and talk for hours till the late night hours . I dint cared about my friends in the coaching for I was happy that she was with me. On such a long talks, the topic came on “what was the best thing that we like about each other “.

I said that, Haasini you are my best friend, I like the way u are with me…. and I really really like the kiss that you gave me “. she was not angry rather smiling with a amazed face. She said ” Shut up u idiot “. I said “hey, I mean it ok, I don’t know what u think about it but I really like it and i’m dying to get another kiss from you, more ever u dint turned me on my 18th b’day.. this is the gift I want” she giggled and giggled a lot,

I poked her and asked her about her feeling for me. she said ” I love the tall, dark and cute feature that u have, and I simply love your sense of humor….. ” me -….huh, u don’t love me then. she – he he.. stop doing that.. me- doing what…. ?? she- I think u should go to your room for ur sleep. me – hey no cheating, say about me. she- I told u.. me- plz no cheating say na.. plz plz…

she – seriously baba, that was the thing I was saying.. and I love u sweety… don’t cry 😛 me – ohh u love me now then.. huh prove it. she – why do I need to prove it.. ??? me- then u are telling lie then, u don’t love me.. i’m going to my room as I was about to move out from the bed, she caught my hand and pulled me near him and said ” love u re, don’t get angry ” saying this she kissed me again on my cheeks and hugged me.

That was it, suddenly I felt the soft breasts beneath her nighty, I was breathing heavily and got a huge erection. I wanted to avoid my erection to her that time, I smiled and kissed her on her cheeks goodnight and went to my room. That whole night I was thinking, what kind of feeling is Haasini having for me, if itz affectionate love then why ami having these feelings.

The next night, the topic started where it was left over, I asked this weird Questions like ” why does she likes me and all ” she had these fixed answer to throw at me then saying ” hey…., leave it,.. what are u mad !!!… come on… letz talk something else ” I asked her then what Qualities does she wants in her BF, or she already has a Bf. after a lot of nagging she said.

“I want my lover to be tall, dark… he should be like this and dat and all blah blah” But I noticed that all these featured lead to me. i decided to ask another Question ” suppose u got ur BF in front of you, would u smooch him” after a lot of nag Haasini said she had these feeling to smooch some 1. Me- so u never kissed him. Haasini- nope , never got that place or moment.

while saying these she had this magical eyes looking sultry at me. Me- of all the features u said, I guess I could be your Bf too.. Haasini – he he.. in ur dreams.. me- seriously, suppose if I was not ur brother , would u have smooched me ?? Haasini- ohh common.. go to sleep. i said ok, I would if u gimme a kiss again.. she said i’m becoming naughty day by day and kissed on ma cheeks.

the next night, I started again where it was left, i asked the same Q. ” if I was not ur brother, would u have smooched me ?? after a lot of nag, she said yes, she would have smooched me. Me- hmmm.. but hey, we are cousins right. Haasini – hmm.. sooo.. Me- can we smooch then.? Haasinis- u out of ur nuts.. go to ur room.

(saying this she stood up near the bed pointing finger at the door ) me- I won’t, u said u have the feeling for me, ur indirectly say things about this Bf stuffs to me, why can’t u smooch then” saying these I came very close to her, pulling her by her hands towards me . I was jjst about a a lil distance from her face. and my lips were in front of her.

Before blurting out my other words, she placed her lips on mine, and we both smooched about a min. she had her eyes closed and I was smooching som1 for the first time in ma life. After the smooch she pushed me away, I saw tear in her eyes, she wanted to run away but I caught her hand I slapped ma face with her hand, she said what are u doing…i said – I never meant to see tears in ur eyes.

Haasini- it is ok. plz go now to your room. I went then, it was mixed feeling actually for me, I was happy, I was horny yet I was unhappy coz she was unhappy. the next day long I apologized her, and it continued for 2 day’s more . I felt that I had lost a friend n I wanted to patch thing with her as soon as possible.

Soon by begging, emotional blackmailing, saying jokes, I promised her that I won’t repeat it from my side again. Haasini was back on track and was happy again. The next night she was in my bro’s room reading a book, when went there, without talking to me she went to my room, when I joined her in my room, she said he needed another book so came for searching

(yeah I have a big collections of books in ma room ) she took a book, and lied on ma bed. Now my room is on the 2nd floor of the house, actually I decided this room so that it would be peaceful for me to read, and hear music without any disturbance. there she was lying on the bed reading book, it was around 11 then, and no body in our house cared about us.

I sat sat near her, she snugged me off, I was pissed off actually and was getting up. while getting up, she took ma hands in her hands and made me sit on the bed. She was gradually pulling me towards her , nothing was said in these moments, I guess we both understood and had this in mind what was going to happen.

soon I was on top of her smooching her slowly while brushing my erection over her I was pressing her boobs. Haasini was holding me tight and was kissing me as passionately as me. I realized that the door was open,so I went in to put the small lock on it, and had this thing in mind if any 1 comes I would say the door was closed by chances, I turned the Tv volume high to give more reasons to support the lie.

while coming upon the bed again, I opened my t-shirt. I asked her to open her nighty. She was resistant, I smooched her again a lil more while slowly pulling up her nighty. Gradually I removed her bra too, for the first time in ma life I was watching a breast, so close and near to me. they were of big size a lil bigger than ma palms and the nipples were light pink in color.

I dug my face into her boobies, sucking pressing, kneading, licking it all over ( thanxz to all those porn movies I saw , I wanted that thing to happen, I wanted to fuck her that night. she pushed me on the bed then, and started licking me all over my chest, belly and my neck. I took guided her hands to my erections and was forcing her head, I guess she understood what I wanted.

she pulled downed my shorts, and was giggling while holding my penis. she looked at my penis for a long time from every angle, and when I asked her to take it in her mouth, she jsst kissed the tip of the penis and the balls. I felt as if I would burst out, the erection was getting so hard that it was paining.

I decided to get on top over her, and removed her panty.. she was pulling aback but I was much more stronger than her , moreover she wanted it, she wouldn’t have been here if she dint wanted, I dint forced things on her today , she wanted it. After pulling her panty down, she closed her face with her hands while I spread her legs to take a good look at her love hole.

i licked everything starting from her pubic hair to the Vagina, it was a sweet smell coming outta it, it was hell wet and I simply loved what I was licking. I positioned myself to make love to her, but she crossed her legs saying “No, and No”. I dint listened to her, I brushed the tip of my penis on her love hole till she couldn’t control it any more and asked me to do it.

I asked what ??.. she simply closed her eyes again, and made her legs apart. it was my first time, I dint knew what was the correct position, coz while being on top I pushed hard but my penis dint got inside of coz she was guiding ma penis with her hands into her love hole. i simply then took her both the legs and put it them on ma shoulders . and gave a huge thrust.

My penis was inside her and she got up with pain, her both the legs were down but my penis was still inside her. I saw tears rolling down on her cheeks, I asked her, shall I stop, she denied and we got into lotus position ( which I know now ) and said she is comfortable now. All these happened in a span of 20mins.

I never thought this would be happening so soon, I never thought before that I would be making love. but here I was, making loving to Haasini. My chest was touching her breasts, my nipples were touching her, her lips were sucking mine lips while we were hugging each other tight. There were no hard and fast physical moments like thrusting hell and dry, or as u say pounding over the Hole as a machine.

But there were small jerks, and her soft moans were accompanied by my smooches and lick all over the face. we remained in that position for some time, after I a while I withdrew from her (thank god I don’t cum so easily now also ). we lied down side by side and I jerked for a while until I cummed a hell lot upon ma balls and my thighs. watching me cum, she hurried to wear her dress.

And I hurried to the bathroom cleaning myself, I dressed myself up, she was was sitting on the bed again. I asked her, why did u run watching me cum, she said, she was thankful that that I din’t cummed inside her. tough she got a little carried away with the situation. i got into tension too, and asked her surely nothing would happen, I was scared to death at that point of time.

She hugged me again and said,”” Nothing will happen stupid, my periods are about due in day or two, relax.. bas we can’t repeat this often got it. “”i was relieved and kissed her again . she said it was getting late and aunty (my mom) may doubt something.. it was jsst 11:35 then.. we kissed again, and I escorted to the downstairs…

I’m sure she had a sleepless night with dreams of our love making , coz I was having the same. 🙂 But hey, this was not the last time, we had many more small encounters like this all in my home, she even gave me a blow job later on. and a month from there I managed to have anal sex with her.

After we had that heavenly love making, no need to say Haasini and I became very close with one another.

when ever we could find an opportunity, we would steal a kiss, she used to come to my room, to call me up for dinner every night, I used to wait for her and when she opened the door I would jump unto her, pull her to the bed and have a passionate smooching. She also enjoyed my act and used to anticipate my moves.

most of the times she would be wearing a nighty and I would be in shorts, while her i used to pull up her nighty upto her belly, sometimes I hugged her hard when she came in, and some time I would be just hiding in my bathroom room completely nude, waiting for her to come in search of me and when she comes to upto the bathroom door, i would open the door,

pulling her inside and smooching her wid me being nude, and sometimes I would be taking a piss she would just stand at the doors looking at my penis, smiling and giggling. One day I asked her to hold my penis while I take a Piss, she said :- are u tired of using your own hand. me :- I don’t like the way u jsst stand there, u have to do something, don’t u think ?

she came inside and guided my penis to the commode, I wasn’t being able to take a piss with such a hard on, I took advantage of that situation and smooched Haasini again. These small things started to happen everyday, I couldn’t have asked for more, but yet I wanted her to give a blow job to me as seen in the porn movies.

But Haasini was adamant, she dint wanted her mouth to filled with a a dick, she never gave up saying No, but I was adamant too on getting a blow job. I thought if a girl can do everything with me why can’t a BJ ??… I planned for it and invited Haasini to watch a movie with me. It was in the afternoon hours, every1 in the house were taking a afternoon nap.

In the whole house only Haasini and me were awake, she came up to my room and lied on the bed, I closed the door of my room. when she asked I just winked at her, I removed my t-shirt and got on top of her, kissing her, kneading her boobs and all. after 10 mins or so she pushed me, inquiring about the movie. I played the movie on my PC, it was a porn movie actually.

She scolded me saying it would some good movie. I hardly listened to her and kept on kissing her neck, I hugged Haasini from behind and forced her to watch the movie. While the movie was going on, I started to slowly finger sliding my hands under her panty and my left hand was busy fondling her boobs, she was already wet from the previous kissing and simultaneous foreplay that was going around along with the movie.

i fingered her as hard I could, I could hear the soft moans of Haasini and she would have felt my erection too from behind. The porn movie clip was all about a long Bj and handjob thing. After the clip ended, I went on top of Haasini and opened my shorts on right above her face, I slowly descended down to her face until my penis jsst touched her face.

I knelled down on my bed then, looking at her, asking her to take my penis in her mouth, after much begging, she opened her mouth a lil bit and tried to suck my dick slowly which was oozing with pre-cum, I allowed her to take her own time in getting ma Penis in her mouth, when she finally took in, she was almost gagged and threw me out with the sudden reflex action.

I asked her how was it, she said it was not comfortable a bit and she almost felt like vomiting. I begged her once again to try it in different position where she would be comfortable to which she agreed. she sat on the edge of the bed and I stood besides her on the floor.

She started to lick me from my belly button and gradually went down to my dick, I caught hold of her long hairs and forced her to do the to and fro motion while she kept of sucking my dick. The experience was heavenly. I asked Haasini to open her tops, to which she obliged and again asked her to suck ma dick.

She was licking it slowly with her eyes closed, her big puffy lips were all around the tip of my dick, and whenever I used to call her, she slowly opened her eyes, lick my penis, gave me a kiss by pulling me towards her and then suck ma dick again. After sometimes i was unable to hold much longer and I burs ted out in her mouth without even saying her .

I guess she wanted to throw it but I din’t let her to do it, I emptied all ma cum in her mouth and then I forced her upon to the bed smooching her until she drank ma cum. she din’t liked the taste of the cum and ran to the bathroom after I freed her. she was both angry and smiling a bit when she came back from the bathroom.

Her hairs were open and were spread over her boobies, she came near my bed to collect her top, simply stood and hugged her for a while and then smooched her while pressing her butt. After that there were many such small instances where we had some fun, love, caring and sex, mostly in ma room.

But I guess my family found something fishy about us and asked Haasini to stay away from me, Haasini from that day onwards dint came to ma room, nor used to talk alone, she used to avoid me almost all the time, I tried asking for the reason but she never came near me. I was confused angry and sad, I wanted to know what happened, if something has happened I should know the reason, is it my mistake, did I lost her ??

During the winters there was a orchestra going on backside of our house, it was clearly visible from our roof top, Haasini asked ma mom to see the orchestra, mom said to go to the roof top, she asked ma sister to come with her but she denied ( I was praying too :P) finally she asked me would u come, I said ok, I would, with a faint devil smile inside.

upon reaching the roof, it was dark, Haasini was scared to go, I carried her upto the roof top near the place where we could see the orchestra. There I asked her about what’z happening since the past few days ? she said all of d members are doubting about us and even her parents are informed about it, so itz better we keep distance from now.

After some time, I asked her if I could smooch her for the one last time ?? she accepted and I smooched her like there is never gonna be any tomorrow, while smooching I kept fingering sliding my hands through the bottom of her night. I fingered her as hard as I could until she was oozing with cum.

she could not handle it any more, her whole Pussy was soaking wet so as her panty, she tried to pull my hand with weak forcible action but that was in vain, my hand were as wet as some 1 had thrown away water on them, I dunno what made Haasini so much wet that day, may b we were doing it after so many days, or may b this was d last time, or were out in the open dunnoo.

But I was enjoying it and so was Haasini, I took my fingers out from her love hole and slid wet fingers into her asshole, she shouted in pain, luckily I had ma lips on her lips then. I continued fingering her ass hole till ma middle finger cud get inside fully into her asshole. suddenly we heard some noises in the other roof tops of our neighbors and we had to cancel our session over,

we hurried down from the roof tops to the same dark place where we had been through, itz like a store room wid an entrance to the roof tops. Haasini wanted to go downstairs but I din’t let her. I pulled up her nightly and pulled down her panty and tried to insert ma dick in her asshole. she resisted a lot but gave up again when I got ma dick inside her asshole.

it was difficult tough but was worth the try. her asshole was very tight and it was hurting ma dick too, but I loved the warmth and kinky feeling that I got while fucking her asshole. I couldn’t hold any longer, after some strokes I emptied my scrotum full of sperms deep inside her asshole. we both hurried to our room where we both got a lil fresh and had our last naked hug and smooch.

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