I am Varun from Mumbai India. I am 33 with 5.9 height, fair & clear skin with average built.

I look 5-6 years younger to my age that’s what my friends say. I am into business after completing my MBA. Enough of me as I know nun of you boy’s are interested in my profile expect few girls. We are 6 friends in our group and I am always the lucky

one when it came to Girls, right from college days. My friends say ‘Girls surrender by looking into your eyes’. Four of us decided to go to Ranthambore National Park in Rajasthan India. It was in December for 3 nights.

We were booked in 3rd A/C evening train & I was suppose to join them directly after my office as it is near the station. As usual office never leaves you and I reached just 7 or 8 minutes before train started.

There are normally two 3rd A/C coaches I got in the first one as I was afraid train will start and walked throw to next one. I saw one collage group with beautiful girls with them and few more with family with young ladies.

I reached my seat greeted my friends & said ‘What is this we should be in next coach, all beauties are there’. One of my friend said shuuu… one pretty girl is sitting behind us and she is alone. I immediately walked other side to see her,

she was wearing tight jeans & a short top I came back, my friend moved his eyebrows up- ‘How’s she?’ I said not my choice. On other side there was one foreigner lady with sexy daughter might be 20 or 21 & I eyed her,

but very next moment her father came with one more sexy daughter and told them that he has managed to exchange two sets near him as they had separate sets in next boggy & they left and the happiness on my face also left.

My friend said don’t worry we have 3 day and you are lucky asshole never returned empty hands from any trip. I was sitting on the side seat and looked around there were two guys of 40+, an old lady of say 75+ and his son 50+ and we 4 guys.

This old lady was wearing a typical red cotton Rajasthani gagra choli with big silver earring and all total gao ki (typical Rajasthani village woman). Train had already started 5 mts back & our journey started with the oldies.

We two friends were sitting on the side berth, one on the other side & one was standing in the lobby opposite to me. Suddenly we could hear ‘Excuse me Bhaiya (brother)’ my friend in the lobby turned behind said sorry & sat on his seat & I could see a very pretty girl,

5.6 tall or might be more by an inch or so, wearing a churidar kurta & full sleeve loose sweater on it. That long hair, tall neck, sharp face, sound eyes, wheatish skin, gave twinkle in eyes & I did not blink till she sat down on the center seat beside my friend who said sorry to her.

My other two friends were giggling & pulled his leg ‘You already got a sister at start of the journey’ & I was busy staring at her without knowing what is happening around me. I think my mouth was open my friend said close it & come back to reality.

I asked by moving my eyes who is she? All started giggling again & one said a Rocket Bomb we were waiting to drop on you. You came late we all are formally introduced to her & her family now you help yourself, I had lot to enquire & my friends

kept on pulling my leg for next 10 mts & finally they vomited that they only know that she is with old lady & man, and they have one waiting list ticket & are waiting for ticket collector to come and issue them one seat if available.

I was feeling jealous of my friend who was sitting next to her but latter realized that sitting diagonally opposite her was more beneficiary. We all friends were busy chatting but my eye was constantly on her. No one know I was staring her expect her,

as my friend was sitting between me & her so it looked I am looking at my friend. An hour had passed she did not give any response not even a small smile although we had many eye contacts. It was 9.30 pm & other 2 guys wanted to

have there dinner so we scuffled places & gave them side seats where I was sitting so they can have it peacefully. She went to neighboring side seat, we shifted to center. I could see her again, but no response although she was alone there.

I got up for toilet & point her to come out. She didn’t, after sometime I try again this time she dint even look at me as I passed her. I didn’t try any further we also had our dinner chatted for sometime and started the arrangements to sleep.

They had the side seats & T.C had told them there wait list ticket is not confirm but since there is a girl & old lady you 3 can adjust in 2 seats. Old lady was given the lower seat & uncle told he will sleep on the ground between 2 seats.

She took the side lower seat & kept her pillow on the left side, so I took the top seat on the right that I can see her from the top. As it was just 11.00 pm & too early to sleep we friends went to outer lobby as one friend wanted to smoke.

Two left to sleep in 20 mts we 2 came in after an hour & and I found that my friend was already sleeping on top right seat which I had chosen, so I had to take top left one now I couldn’t see here as here face was below my legs.

But after 10 mts she got up changed her position to right side now I could see her face. I thought is she giving me a lift or just like that & ignored her open eyes. It was 1.00 am I was not able to sleep & everyone around me were sleeping in glory.

I thought I will brush my teeth which I had forgotten so I will feel fresh to sleep. While coming down I purposely stamped on her foot & moved to my bag to take my pouch which has everything a man needs from morning to late night.

I finished brushing in 5 mts as I turned this gorgeous girl had come out covering herself in a shawl & gave me a big smile and said Hi. It was December & chilling cold I said Ha Ha Hi & I was wordless. She said lets go to next compartment which was 2nd A/C it would be safe.

Coach attendant was sleeping there so we went other side of that coach. Finally I could listen to her sweet voice she said ‘My name is Haasini’, before she could say anything I said ‘See talking here is also not safe’ & I pull her in the toilet & locked it.

I said ‘Relax don’t worry, it’s safe to talk here but softly’. She was wordless I said ‘I amVarun from Mumbai’. She said she is from a small town near Jaipur but staying in a hostel at Jaipur for further studies.

She is 24 & had come to Mumbai to attend a wedding at her elder sisters’ house who is married in Mumbai & that old lady & her son are someone from her sister’s in-laws family so she was more careful & afraid to talk.

That beautiful babe who was in everyone’s eyes in the train even my friends!! was standing a feet away from me in a locked toilet. I thought how lucky I was, if my sleeping friends come to know they will burn my ass.

We had more introduction for sometime, my hands were shivering as it was too cold, she said ‘You can hold my hands inside the shawl you will feel cozy’. O o what soft hands. But I had to maintain my decency if she shouts I am gone.

While talking for say 10.0 mts I had shifted my hands one by one on her waist which she did not mind. Though it was not my first experience my stomach was tickling from in side. Late night, beautiful stranger between my hands,

locked in a newly made western toilet which was more spacious with a big platform wash basin, one in the hotel room. But no guts inside me to do anything. I said ‘I had an eye on you, did you also?’ She said ‘If not would I be here & you holding me?’

I said to my self what a silly question but a positive answer, try your luck. By that Haasini said it’s late she will call me we had already exchanged cell numbers. I took a chance ‘can I kiss you goodnight?’ She just nodded & smiled,

I gave small kiss on her soft check & second below her ear just perfect to arouse a girl, and kept my lips 7 or 8 inches away from hers just waiting for a lip kiss anddddd… I got one. ‘That was to dry’ I said, I just brushed my teeth.

She smiled & I did not leave the chance, soon our tongues where finding each other, her soft lips red like petals of rose where between my lips & my hands were exploring her body from behind, her body was so hot & firm I had never touched skin like that before.

I thought the night would be hard on me as I was already hard and had to relieve myself after she leaves. But GOD has made me lucky. Smooching went on for about 5 mts & she had started moaning very heavily and I cashed on it.

Till now I had not yet felt her melons as they were covered in her shawl. I took off here shawl without her permission & and I got a shock of me my life as I was playing with the most perfect body I ever meet. Under that lovely face, there was a rocket body,

no wonder she had covered herself from the start. She was wearing tight body hugging kurta & a churidar below (Indian outfit), her body was so straight & firm, just protruding out was here huge mango shaped breast which was 36+ I guess,

with a flat Stomach & with a perfect and lovely stiff ass behind. I said ‘O this was the treasure you were hiding till now’ & I started kissing here more passionately again. This time my hands were busy squeezing her breast and we both were in haven of pleasure.

I don’t know why she dint stop me. I opened the zip behind here kurta my hands were soon exploring her full body inside. She was so warm, her skin was so smooth. Soon I realized her hands were also inside my T-shirt trying to put her thumb in my belt area.

I quickly removed my T-shirt and stood there like Salman Khan. She soon started moving her warm hands on my chest & this was kick start to the game. Our tongue was licking each other & my hands were squeezing her mangos.

I removed her kurta & was stunned to see black bra holding her huge melons. I said ‘O GOD the babe is so small but her boobs are so big’ she said you are too naughty, I said ‘Yes I am naughty to suck them now’.

I opened the hooks, down came her bra but her boobs did not move an inch hanging firmly on her beautiful body with pinkish nipples of half a inch round & strong like marbles pointing me straight. I started sucking her tits like wild dog.

She was moving her soft hands in my hair & said ‘They are so silky & smooth’. ‘But not silkier then your boobs’- I said. We were hugging each other tightly & smooching very wildly as there was no tomorrow which went on for few minutes,

I pulled the string of her churidar she pushed me back. I said I don’t want to miss her full view. She agreed after a little yes-no, (normal girl tendency). I was taken by surprise before her churidar was down; she started opening my belt and said ‘Why should guys have all the fun’.

Soon we were in our birth suit. What a view it was- Naked Night Queen was standing in front of me & the whole train was busy sleeping. She was everyone desire including my friends- was standing as a Goddess of Kamasutra (Sex) in that moving train.

Only some hair I could see on her fair body was on her sexy pussy. We were kissing each other passionately, my lips were sucking here lips, my hands were on her sexy butts- so firm & round. I started licking below her ears, she started moaning heavily,

I put my one finger in her love hole she got a shiver in here whole body & started breathing more heavily. After few minuets of oral I made her sit on the washbasin which was platform type (as I said earlier) and did some finger fucking to make her ready for my junior.

As I enquired she said she was not a virgin she had four minute game with her far of cousin. They had gone to bushy place at her native’s, her cousin hurried up pushing it in wearing a condom, before she could overcome the pain of hymen he ejaculated.

He got scared seeing her in pain, after that they never got a chance. So I had less work & more pleasure to get. I kept my junior at the entry of her love hole, made it wet with the juice coming out of her & pushed in with one go,

she was about to scream I put my hand on her mouth don’t forget we are in train baby. By that time my cock was on fire, bloody she was hot like a volcano inside. We were kissing deeply my hands were moving on her boobs & playing with her nipples.

She caught my shoulders for support & her legs were around my waist what a moment it was. I slowly started moving inside soon pain turned in to pleasure; Haasini started making whispering sounds which added to fire. I was holding her waist & giving her long shorts of my life.

Within few minutes she got her first orgasm, her face was totally red, eyes were closed & lips were biting but I was long way to go. We explored each others body while pumping her for 20-25 mts, she had one more orgasm in between & I was about to explode I pulled my junior out,

turned around & shooted my come to the corner of the bathroom. I had a longest come of my life. She gave me a tight huge & said it was too good. I spread her shawl on the commode & set on it, she made herself comfortable on my laps. We spoke about our new experience.

After a few lovi-davi talks I had an idea, I again made here sit on the basin platform & told here that how about shaving off her pussy hairs. She just kept on staring in my eyes for a minute or so & slowly murmured ok. I used my shaving kit to do the needful.

As it was my first time shaving a girl’s pussy I was bit nervous. Everything went right with her guidance only problem was the water was too cold not to forget it was a chilling December night. Wow!! A clean & pink pussy was ready for me now.

Pussy lips were swollen just ready to push in baby. I just couldn’t resist my tongue I spread her pussy lips and started licking her clit. ‘Ouch it’s so wonderful’-she said. My tongue was deep inside her love hole and now she was moaning.

I started eating her pussy in that night train. With that train noise in the background it was totally different feeling. Very soon she had her third orgasm of the night, my lips were totally wet with her cum & I was enjoying licking the same.

I could see tremor in her body when she was coming, her body had turn stiff, & she was pulling the napkin hanger as hard as she could. I kissed her with my wet lips she was enjoying her own cum which she tasted for the first time.

She sucked my lips and licked my face clean. By this time my gong was 95 degree pocking high to pump her. She pushed me on the Maharaja seat (commode yaar). ‘Now let me see what is going inside me’ she hold my dick with both hands & said

‘O my cousin’s was just the size of my palm’ & she licked the tip of my cock, looked into my eyes with a naughty smile & started sucking it as hard as she could. My hands were moving in her silky hair, her mouth was moving to & fro on my cock.

What a felling it was I still get wet when I think of that scene. I made her sit on my lap & entered my lollipop in. It was easy to go as both were wet, now she was the Women On Top & riding my dick like a pro. Meanwhile I enjoyed sucking her tits and

playing with her butts which was adding the pleasure. She said my junior was touching deep inside her in this position. Then I picked her with my dick inside & my hands were holding her full body from her butts she was hanging on me with my shoulder support and

I pumped her in standing position. The feeling was different but couldn’t manage her weight for a longer time so I leaned on the wall & she kept her one leg on basin & other on window frame and pumped me by holding my shoulders

I was enjoying the acrobats but it was difficult for longer time so I landed her down safely I made her bend towards the window wall with one leg on the commode I entered her from behind. She started playing with my testicles & squeezed them hard.

I was on cloud 9 & feeling like a Porn Star trying all the difficult positions. I was holding her waist and pumping her, my eyes were on her ass, so I told her now your asshole have to hold me. She instantly said NO-not possible.

I convinced her in a minute or so that I will not force her if it pains. I wore a condom from my pouch as it would be easy to enter & I put some moisturizing cream on her asshole to make my enter smooth. She patiently beared all the pain & let me enter the full length.

After I enjoyed few strokes I removed my junior as I know it was enough for a virgin ass. I removed the condom, before I could say she turned, I could see her red watery eyes in pain, she started sucking my cock by holding my butts with both the hands.

It was too much pleasure for me I exploded without telling her in her mouth. She didn’t move her face till my last drop was fired. I picked her in my arms, kissed her & said ‘I love You’. You were too good. We sat on our hot seat tired & exhausted with that long game.

We rested hugging each other on the shoulders & came to senses only after 45 minutes or so. I squeezed her melons & said wakeup baby it’s too late ‘sona do na Jaanu’ she murmured (let me sleep sweetheart). She woke up after few kisses as a bribe.

Washed her face, meanwhile I was resting with my eyes closed. Suddenly she pore cold water on my dick. I cupped her boobs standing from behind & told her ‘Stop teasing me or you head it for your life’. After a little more word talks our lips meet, body charged up.

Looking at my erect rod she said ‘Now you want to tear my pussy?’ I said ‘No, we will play Bum Chick Bum’ I applied cream on her asshole & my dick too. She bended holding the washbasin I push in with one go, I had a burning sensation as her hole was too tight & my rod was on fire,

we didn’t move for couple of seconds & regained by slow moves we were fully charged up. Only pleasure of love game was on mind. I was riding her as hard I could by holding her sexy butts. I bended little more & gave her a finger fuck.

My two fingers were in her pussy & Haasini was yelling with joy with both her holes getting screwed at same time. She soon came & made my fingers wet. I pulled my dick out & applied her come on it and rammed her in full action.

She played with my hanging balls below which exits me the most & I short all my come in her fleshy bums. Before leaving she gave me a love bite on my chest and I gave near her nipples as a token of remembrances of the journey.

I left toilet ten minutes after her & dossed off till morning on my upper berth. I wake up at 9.30 am & could hear my three friends talking to Haasini who was sitting on the berth below me. I got up & jumped down between the berths and said ‘Hi guys missing me or forgotten me?’

One of my friend tried to introduce me to Haasini ‘Meet her she is See……..’ before he could complete his words Haasini jumped & kissed me with a warm huge ‘Good Morning Sweetheart’ I was shocked how can she in front of her relatives

but found out they had gone the restroom. But But But guys I couldn’t forget expressions of all my three friends ‘What the hell you have done?’ I had no words to say but latter at the hotel I was forced to tell them everything (and now the world knows)

and only believed after I showed them the love bite. I came back from my holidays with sweet memories of wild life century & wild experience I had with Haasini. We are still in touch & waiting to meet again.

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