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Mom and Uncle’s ex-marital relationship gets a jackpot in next week. Father is going outside for a business tour for a week. Mom and Satish uncle takes holidays on those days for enjoying the finest moments they get by chance.

It was Sunday and my father’s train is early in morning at 6 o’clock. He departed from home at 5 o’clock. Mom gets up early at 4 o’clock for preparation and arrangement of father’s bag and other jobs. So after father departed from home, she take a long sleep, as it was Sunday so there is no hurry to wake-up for office.

I have also holidays for board exams. But I have a tight schedule of study. I’m going for coaching at 9 am and come at 12 noon. After taking lunch I study till 3 pm and then take a good sleep till 6-7 pm. Then I finished exchanging notes with friends and in the night I studied from 9 pm to late night till 12 am. After then I wake-up early in morning and studied from 4 am to 7 am.

At 9 am Mom wake-up and prepares tea and breakfast for two of us. After having tea and breakfast, she starts cleaning and other home job. I take a bath and start my studies. Mom tells that Satish uncle is coming for lunch, so when I finished my studies, I have to make arrangement of some sweets from market. I say OK.

I don’t get shocked bcoz I know that would be happen, as father is out of city, there is a big chance to share their erotic moments without a break & hold. After finishing the studies, I goto the market and buy some sweets and came back to home at 12 pm. Mom is busy in the kitchen. The lunch is almost ready and now she wants to go for a bath.

So she tells me that uncle is on the way, if he comes, sit with him in drawing room and give him a company. As Mom goes for a bath, uncle ring the bell. I opened the door, he has a small bag in his hand, I get the plan in my mind that he is staying at our home during their holidays. We are sitting in the drawing room and watch TV.

After some time Mom enters in the drawing room wearing a pink satin nighty. Most of Mom’s nighties are transparent, front open and don’t have button, only a lace string is knotted. But this time due to day time she wears non-transparent nighty, but the nighty gives her a sober sexy day look.

She puts on some lite make-up, like light pink lipstick with matching lip gloss on his fully kissable pout and add mascara in her eyes. Inside the nighty she wears dark shades undergarments only (Mom always wears contrast shades undergarments; like dark shade undergarments with light shade dress and light shade undergarments with dark shade dresses,

it makes her sexier, even in simple dresses). Mom and uncle sit on sofa and chats each other for half an hour. I go to my room and start my studies again. At around 1 pm Mom calls me to take lunch. We finished the lunch; the lunch is delicious and heavy, sweets are also tasty. Mom starts finishing kitchen’s cleaning job while uncle helps her to clean the dining table.

After then they both sits in drawing room and starts chatter-patter while I enjoys watching TV for half an hour. It’s time around 2 pm of noon. I say to Mom that due to heavy lunch I feel sleepy and want to go for a sleep. Mom utters with a smile OK dear, go and take some relax. I know that both are wants this situation.

I enter to my bedroom for sleeping and after 10 minutes they both enter into Mom’s bedroom. Before entering Mom confirms that I fell sleep or not. Satish uncle holds Mom from waist and he looks towards Mom with a naughty smile. Mom’s face also gets the blush with the think of the actions which they have planned for a week long journey.

They have a week long chance of fulfill their passions of romance with the spice of sex. Uncle utters in Mom’s ears Haasini aaj to main tumhe bahot pyar se dheere dheere chodunga. Mom smiles and says aaj tum mujhe jitna marji jahan chahe chodo main tumhe nahin rokungi, aaj tum mujhe itna chodna ki zindagi bhar ki pyas bujh jaaye.

Uncle puts his lips on Mom’s full kissable juicy lips and starts sucking. Mom also enjoys the sucking, she hold his head and fingering in his hair. After enjoying smooching uncle lifts her and put on the bed. Mom gives a bottle of olive oil to uncle and tells to massage her. Before starting uncle undressed him-self and leave only his chaddi on his body.

And then he undressed Mom and removes her all clothes. Mom covers herself with a towel and lied on bed. Uncle starts massaging. First he starts massaging from her butt to leg. Mom enjoys his hard touch and feels relax. Then uncle rides on her butt and start massaging her back. His hands move hardly on Mom’s soft body, Mom enjoys every stroke of the massage.

After finishing the back-side he turns her and starts massaging onto front side. First he applies oil from neck to her big boobies. He dips some oil on her jumbo mangoes and start massaging in round. Mom enjoys every stroke of his hardness. Now uncle moves his hand on her mangoes from bottom to upwards. Mom starts feeling the erotic moment in massaging and starts moaning.

Ummmmmmmmm……. Ohhhhhhhhhh……. Satisssshhhhhh aur jor se dabao. Now the sounds of enjoy is coming out of her bedroom. Then uncle starts massaging to her juicy honey pot (pussy). Mom’s honey pot is clean shaved maybe she just done it today. Uncle spread her legs, and pours some oil in his hand and start rubbing Mom’s milky juicy honey pot.

Mom’s milky honey pot is became red and fills with juice with the strokes of massage. Mom moans aur jor se ragdo meri pussy ko, satissssshhhhhh. But uncle stops rubbing bcoz her pussy fills with juice. He put his tongue on her pussy and sucks all her juice which is filled by the erotic massage. Mom enjoys the tongue fucking and sucking.

She presses uncle’s head towards his pussy and force to fuck her pussy with hardness. After few minutes Mom release her juice onto uncle’s face and feels the erotic moment which she enjoys. After fucking her with his tongue uncle turned her to back again. Mom lifts her butt onto her two and uncle parts her butt and makes visible her asshole.

As Mom says to uncle, he finds her gaand, really kori. Uncle utters Haasini tumhari gaand to sachmuch bahot tight hai, aaj tumhari is kori gaand ko main apne mote land ka swad chakha hi deta hoon. And uncle pours some oil into her asshole and starts rubbing the middle part of her butt.

After rubbing the middle part for few minutes he wet his middle finger and inserts slowly into Mom’s asshole. Mom feels easy and don’t get much pain bcoz of oil. He fingered her ass for few minutes with one finger, and after few minutes feels it easy in-out. Mom also feels easy in-out.

After then uncle wets his two fingers with oil and inserts slowly into the Mom’s ass. This time Mom gets much pain and she shouts to uncle oh…, Satish…… dheere-dheere ghusao, tumko maine pehle hi bola tha meri gaand kori hai, tumhare siwa isse kisi ne nahi chua. Uncle replies tum chinta mat karo Haasini, kori gaand ko kaise dheela karna hai, main acchhi tarah janta hoon,

aaj ki chudayi ke baad tumhari gaand mere lund ke liye kaise tadpti hai, aur tum bhi har waqt apni gaand marwane ke liye tadpogi. And he continues his moves slowly, but still it gets pain to Mom. After few minutes of fingering Mom feels relief and don’t get much pain. Now Mom’s ass is greasy for taking inside uncle’s monster dick.

It’s Mom’s turn now. They exchanged the position and Mom rides on uncle. She pulls down uncle’s chaddi and his 8 inch monster dick dangling out of his chaddi. Mom holds it and pulls down its foreskin. Uncle utters in passion, oh god…… Haasini, aaj to tum mujhe maar hi daalogi. She brings Vaseline cream and rubs on her hand.

Some cream she poured on uncle’s monster dick and starts blowjob. She moves her hand in up-down position and increased speed bit by bit. After few minutes of blowjob uncle’s giant dicks come in his full form and ready to explore Mom’s kori gaand. Mom licks it and make it wet.

Then again she applies Vaseline cream on it, especially on its head, to make it greasy, so it explores her ass easily. Now it’s time to screw Mom’s ass. Uncle told Mom to hold bed tightly and stand on her two. Mom holds bed where it touches to the wall and posed like a ghodi.

Before starting uncle pour some oil into her ass and tells Mom to fingering her pussy with one hand so her ass became loose. Mom utters to uncle, Satishhhh… is kori gaand ko bahot dheere dheere phaadna. Uncle replies tum chinta mat karo meri jaan Haasini, main itne pyar se tumhari gaand maarunga ki tumhe pata bhi nahi chalega.

Mom says naughtily maine tumhe gaand phaadne ke liye bola hai gaand marne ke liye nahi, jab pata hi nahi chalega to gaand phadwane me kya maja aayega, kya tumhe nahin pata dard me hi maja hai, shuru me jitna dard hoga aakhir me usse jyada maja aayega. Mom follows to uncle what he says,

and then uncle put his 8 inch long and 3 inch thick monster dick’s head onto Mom’s ass. His dick is also greasy due to Vaseline cream. After putting on the hole, he inserts slowly his monster dick into Mom’s ass, as he enters half dick Mom cries and utters, oh Satishhhh… apna mota land dheere se ghusao. Uncle also get pain bcoz Mom’s gaand is kori and tight.

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He utters, Haasini… tumhari kori gaand to bahot tight hai, itna tel daalne pe bhi chikni nahi huyi, shuru me thoda dard hoga, lekin thodi der baad mera mota land tumhe jannat ki sair karayega, jahan se tum kabhi waapis nahin aana chahogi, aur baar baar wahan jana chahogi, meri jaan. Uncle takes out his half dick after inserting.

He does this action for few minutes, after that Mom feels easy in-out of his half dick. She utters satish ab samay aa gaya hai meri gaand phaadne ka, apna lund pura ghusa do aur mujhe jannat ki sair karao. Uncle obeys Mom’s words and with a bang he inserts his full monster dick into Mom’s gaand and both cries with the mixture of pain and joy, he moves his dick slowly.

Mom also moves his hips towards his dick and helps his dick to get fully inside, both moves slowly. After few minutes of slow motion, uncle feels easy in-out of his monster dick into Mom’s gaand. Mom also starts moaning with joy, dheere dheere speed badhao satish, yes… dheere dheere…, aur andar jaane do… pura ghusa do.

But uncle pull out his monster dick and then he inserts again his fully erected monster dick with a full force and start pumping Mom’s gaand wildly. Mom starts moaning phaad do meri gaand…….aur tej… aur jor se….yes…. oh god……..Satishhhh… u r great…….aur tumhara ye mota land bahot mast aur kamaal ka hai… I’m cuming……

Uncle also utters tumhari kori gaand phaadne me bahot maja aa raha hai Haasini….meri biwi ki kori gaand bhi itni tight nahi thi……..oh god, tumhari chut aur gaand dono hi bahot mast hai…mera land to nihaal ho gaya…yes….and both are reaches to their climax. Uncle release his white milk into Mom’s ass,

but he don’t stop pumping bcoz his milk makes Mom’s ass slippier, so his monster dick can’t stop. Mom also says abhi mat rukna Satish darling…..main jannat main hu……..mujhe is jannat ka pura maja lootne do…….. Don’t stop…please……mmmm……..yes………oh my god.

Tumhare mote land ne aaj mujhe aur meri gaand ko nihaal kar diya……aaj se, abhi se meri ye gaand sirf tumhari ho gayi hai…… tum jitna marji, jab chaho isey phaad sakte ho… ohhhhhhhh……. tumne sahi kaha tha……….ab meri gaand sirf tumhare land ki hi pyaasi rahegi…… main bhi sirf tumse hi apni gaand phadwaoongi…….

i’m cummmmmming again…Both are looked tired, and finally they stop and fall down on bed. Both are breathing heavily. Satish uncle lies on Mom and kisses her. Few minutes later after relaxing Mom gets up and kissed his monster dick and sucks his wet dick with the milk he releases.

After then Mom enters in bathroom and wipe his body with towel and get fresh. Mom wears the nighty and then they sleeps together covering blanket for about 2 hour. I also feel sleepy so I closed my eyes. Satish uncle give a hard and wild fuck to Mom’s ass and she (both) enjoys it very much. Uncle also enjoys very much fucking Mom’s kori and tight ass.

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