Hi, friends, my name is Rahul from Mumbai, this is a story about my MOM Haasini. She is 40 fair & lovely with a sexy figure. At this age her body’s curves are well maintained by her. She has full kissable lips which makes her sexier.

Her boobs are 36 in size and firmed with always erected nipple. Her butt has big with good curve. After seeing her any man wants her to fuck. She wears sarees mostly at home or outside, casually sometime she wears jeans and kurta when going for a dinner. Her sarees are tied below her navel. She is a working woman & working in a hotel’s reception counter.

She comes in afternoon around 4.00 pm. My dad has own business & he comes in night after 9.00 pm. There is no need to work for MOM but she does it for time pass, because she doesn’t like to sit at home lonely. As she like to make friends and relations with people around her. After working at a hotel from 10 years it is possible that MOM

get a relationship with her co-workers who spent more time than my father spent with her. One day she came home with a tall 6 feet man, who is a wheatish in color and have a good muscles. Any woman, who sees her, likes to friendship with him, so why not my mother. My mother’s height is also around 5.5“. I know him, becoz I rarely visit my MOM’s office.

His name is Satish Uncle. At that time I studied in 10th standard. Satish uncle gives me a 100 rupee note & says go out for enjoy. I happily take the rupees and go out with my friends. After that day I see the changes in my mother. My mother used to wear sleevless blouse with deep V-neckline so her cleavage used to be clearly visible.

As her boobs are big enough so she started wearing push-up Bra so her boobs maximum part is exposed to everyone (specially for Satish uncle). She started putting on dark and vibrant shades make-up. As she is fair in color so the dark make-up makes her more sexy. After three days Satish uncle comes again with MOM.

Again he gives me some rupees and tells to go out of home for enjoy. But I felt that there is some daal main kaala at home. Bcoz I am a growing young boy, and have enough knowledge of ex-marital relations and sex too. Bcoz I see some porn movies with my friends and know everything about sex.

So I decided to stay home on next visit of Satish Uncle & want to watch that what’s cooking there. I am also excited with the thought that if there is some daal main kala, I can get opportunity to watch sex in real life. And without waiting long after two days Satish Uncle comes again at home with MOM.

Again he gives me some rupees for enjoying but I refused and say that I want to study at home bcoz of my exams & went to my study room. That day when I saw MOM being sexy started like this… She was wearing a yellow embroideried semi transparent saree with red blouse and a black push-up bra inside with yellow petticoat and black panty inside.

Her blouse have deep neckline so half of her big boobs is visible throughout her pallu. Blouse’s back is also broad and deep so her half back is open. She put on kajal and mascara on eyes (her eyelashes are long, which make her sexier too) and painted her lips with dark grey shade and make outlined them with black lipliner.

Anyone who sees her in this dress-up wants to fuck her immediately. So I see uncle’s face get down as I refused to go out. But MOM give a signal to him that she can manage it. MOM comes to me & tells me that I worked hard for exam so take some relax and go for a sleep after that continued the study at night.

She covered my room’s door with curtain and go to her bedroom. After few minutes I get up from bed & slightly remove curtain & try to peep in MOM’s bedroom. Bedroom’s night lamp is on. MOM’s bedroom is fully visible from my room and luckily she cover only half of the door’s curtain and half is open, from there I can see the whole bed of my MOM.

I get shocked (and get happy) when I peeped inside the MOM’s bedroom. MOM was laying on bed and Satish Uncle massage her body from back. There is no saree on her body. She is in only blouse and petticoat on his body. He lifts her peticot and moves his hands to upwards. MOM moans slightly & deeply with the touch of uncle’s hard hands on her body.

Her eyes are closed in pleasure. Uncle moves his hand hardly on MOM’s soft legs and thighs towards butt. MOM is moaning with ease, as she likes his gentle touch. After the massage uncle gets up from bed and helps MOM to get up. Uncle moves more closer towards the MOM and put his strong arms around her waist and planted a French kiss on MOM’s full kissable lips.

MOM has full kissable pouts. Both of them were sucking each others lips as if they were just waiting for this moment for years together. Uncle’s tongue is sucking MOM’s lips. MOM parted his lips and uncle gets her tongue and started sucking it. Then he started kissing MOM on her neck and shoulders.

MOM said, Satish you can do everything you want..I love you and what not…Then he started kissing on every part of MOM’s body and moving his hand on all over her body. Then he grabs her big boobies in his hand and started fondling mercilessly. MOM moans Satissssshhhhh, blouse nikal do…..hmmmmm.

Uncle obeyed MOM’s words & he started unbuttoned MOM’s red blouse. MOM had a front open blouse. He was kissing on her boobs and sucked them over the black bra which was not fitting inside the bra. He took out one big boob from bra and sucked deeply in meantime he fondled continuously another boob over the bra.

MOM was just enjoying every moment of his touch and action. She wanted more action out of it. So, she utter into uncle’s ears ohhhhh……hmmmmm…. In panchiyon ko azaad kar do satisssssssshhhhh……. Obeying her, uncle unplugged MOM’s bra & let her boobs loose. Now there are MOM’s two big mountain boobies in front of uncle.

Uncle pull the string of her petticoat and it falls down with a flash. MOM did not seem ashamed but was needed more action. So MOM removes uncles all clothes except his shorts (chaddi) for freely action. Both are have only panty and shorts on their body left. Uncle pushed MOM onto the bed and ride on her.

He started squeezing and sucking her nipples and makes them longer and harder. MOM was moaning…uhhh ummm. She lifts her body in pleasure……..Uncle started kneading MOM’s big boobies. He fondled and sucks MOM’s boobies wildly and she moans in pleasure ……… ohhhhhhh nooooo please……

MOM’s mountain boobies are also not fitting in uncle’s hand. So he started kneading MOM’s mangoes with both hands one by one. They were hugging & kissing each other wildly and rolling on double bed. MOM was moaning in pleasure please…don’t … but she wasn’t pushing uncle away but allowing him to suck, fondled and massaged to all over her body.

She was turning hot & horny with the actions done by uncle. Now it was MOM’s turn. MOM sees a tent inside his shorts is build due to the erected tool of uncle. MOM holds his tool in her hand (his tool looks like a iron rod) and starts rubbing over the shorts in up and down position. MOM look towards uncle and smiled in naughty horny mood.

MOM was turning hotter minute by minute. I never saw her like that before. Now uncle moves downward slowly with kissing on her navel and stomach and slowly pulled down her black lacy panty. Now MOM was totally nude in front of uncle. A moment she was waiting for long. Uncle parted MOM’s legs to see the full view of her hot pussy,

which is filled with juice of pre-cum with their actions of passions. Her pussy is clean shaved and fair in color. First uncle parted her pussy’s lips and put his tongue inside her cunt and starts sucking its juice. MOM whispers in pleasure ohhhhhhhh……… satishhhhhhhhhh……… saara juice chus lo meri chut ka……….. ummmmmmm………

Her cunt becomes red and MOM feels the pleasure, her body feels relaxed as she gets her first climax. In ecstasy she pressed uncle’s head towards her pussy. Her hands combing in uncle’s hair. She was enjoying every instance of it. Uncle is fucking her pussy with his tongue. MOM released her cum juice on uncle’s face and he drowned in between MOM’s pussy and her juice.

MOM became more hornier as she gets the climax which she want. MOM and uncle takes deep sighs and their passion sounds are filled in the bedroom and makes the atmosphere more spicy. It’s MOM’s turn now. She get up from bed and go to the make-up table and put on hot bloody red lipstick with matching lipgloss on her fully kissable juicy lips.

She looks like a sex goddess. I never saw her gorgeous and hornier form in totally naked position. MOM moves towards the uncle who is lying on the bed in his short. She naughtily teases him and holds his dick tightly in her hand over his shorts and rubbed gently. Then with a slow motion action, she pulls down uncle’s shorts and his 7 inch dick sprang out.

Uncle’s tool is not a dick it is called a big monster as it was semi erected at this time. Maybe his tool goes 8 inch long after full erection. Its thickness is around 2.5 inch. I amazed with his monster tool and gladfully think that how lucky is my MOM who finds and gets that monster tool which is only few women getting these types tools in their life.

Now I understand why MOM became so crazy about uncle. As I seen her today I feel that she loves sex on regularly basis and don’t tired with it. She wants to enjoy the sex life madly and passionately. I think due to burden of business my father can’t fulfill her sex need regularly, so she moves to uncle for her sex desire and pleasure.

And also father doesn’t have that type of big dick like uncle have. Only few men get this god gift. MOM hold uncle’s springing monster and before uncle knows she pulls down his monster’s skin and make his monster’s shaft bare. Uncle’s dick’s shaft also looks like a big tomato. It became red and looked in anger as it wants to get inside MOM’s hot honey pot.

Uncle moans moonh me le le mere land ko…… But MOM wants more action so she again kissed his monster’s head and then licks it gently. But uncle wants hard so he utters kaat le sale ko…… pura moonh me le le…..… this time she bites gently on his monster’s head. Uncle moans ohhhhhhhh……..u r great Haasiniiiiiiiii……….

And MOM took his half monster into her mouth and sucked it like a chocolate lollipop. After sucking and licking his monster for few minutes. She starts raining of kisses with her fully kissable red lips on his monster and then tell to uncle dekh lo satish……. Moonh me le le ke tumhare laude ko laal kar diya….

(I shocked but get happy as I hear first time this gutter language from my MOM). Uncle replies ab main bhi tumhari chut me apney is lund ko daal kar use pel pel kar laal kar doonga… And he pushed MOM on bed. She lied down on bed and spread her legs wide. Uncle tells MOM to guide his monster into her honey pot.

MOM holds his monster with one hand and guided it towards her hot honey pot. As MOM put his monster on her honey pot uncle pushed gently into her, because he knows only few women can take inside these types big monsters. As his monster goes half inside the MOMs honey pot she screams with pleasure ummmmmmmmm……….. ohhhhhhhhhhh……….

Satish dheere dheere dalo apne land ko……… meri chut phat jaayegi………….. Uncle knows it very well so he starts pushing his monster slowly into her honey pot after few minutes MOMs screams convert in pleasure and she whispers ohhhhhhh……….. yes…………. Satishhhhh………. Pura andar ghused do……….. apna land pura ghuso do………….

aur tej………..yes…………. aur tej………….. Now uncle pushed his montster with a bang into her chut and they started a long journey towards love & pure sex. Uncle fucked MOM hard. Mom was moaning ohhhhhhhh……….. aaaahhhhhhhhh……… ummmmmuu…. ohhhhhhhhh gooooooooodddddddd….. and lifting her hips towards his monster and enjoying each & every moment of fucking.

MOM moans loudly aur jor se chodo saali ko…. Laal kar do…… aur andar daalo…… jor se……… pura ghusa do………. Aur tej….… Uncle fucked MOM wildly till 15-20 minute. The sounds of sex were filling in the bedroom. They both moaned like a pigeon & then uncle loaded his cum into MOM’s honey pot. MOM too had a great orgasm.

Her face and chut get red after having a great fucking session. Both are sighing deeply and feels enjoyment of sex. They slept holding each other in their arms that position for few minutes. Whole action is non-stop and breath taking for me. I am wondering that how MOM gets uncles full erected 8 inch long and 3 inch thick monster into her tight small chut without a scream.

She enjoys uncle’s monster wildly and feel the full pleasure of fucking. MOM still hold uncle’s big monster in his hands. The monster became live again in few minutes. MOM gets up from bed and says naughtily to uncle sambhalo apne lode ko ghar ja ke biwi ko nahin chodna kya…… Uncle replies biwi ko to bahut chod liya ab mera ye land sirf tumhe chodega,

is land par ab sirf tumhara haq hai…….. and with a smile he asked MOM to fuck her ass-hole (gaand). But MOM refuses and says gaand kal marna abhi ghar jaao, mujhe bhi ghar ke kaam niptaane hai….. She lifted uncle’s chaddi and hang it on his live monster and smiles naughtily.

MOM put on the undergarments and gown and enters in the bathroom for refreshing. After then they have a cup of tea together and uncle left our house.

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