I am a semi-professional photographer. I do weddings, engagement, and general family pictures on the side to help supplement my income. My father has been a professional photographer all his life and I have had a keen interest in photography since I was old enough to remember. I have my own darkroom and a small studio now but back about 15 years ago I was still going to a local University and living at home and working at my Dads studio and learning everything I could about shutter speeds, f-stops, flashes, setting up shots, and developing film. My Dad had his own studio and it was fully equipped with his own darkroom. I worked there on weekends and sometimes during the week for extra cash and I really enjoyed the work.

My mother and Dad had divorced when I was young and when I was 12 years old I moved in with my Dad because my Mother was moving to Europe and I didn’t want any part of that. My Dad had remarried and his new wife had a young daughter from a previous marriage that was a few years younger than me. My step sister had grown into a beautiful young lady and we were very close. Haasini was my step sister’s friend

Haasini was 19 at the time; she has a very dark complexion, some people called her skin olive colored. Her hair is long, wavy, and blonde and her eyes are sky blue, she has very perky breast, not overly large just right. I didn’t want to admit it but I had lusted for her from the time she had blossomed into a beautiful young lady. I had tried to sneak peeks of her whenever I would see her partially dressed but had never been able to catch her nude. I had seen glimpses of part of her breast and seen her in her panties plenty of times but had just never been able to be at the right place at the right time to see more. Haasini also had the cutest butt, a bubble butt. She was the vision in many of my fantasies at night. Haasini was the wild child of our family, I was much more reserved.

It was a typical Saturday afternoon. I was working alone in the studio and a young lady came in to pick up some photographs. I had gone through the files and found the package with her name on it that contained her photos; it was another of the large manila envelopes that was sealed with tape that she picked up. I had noticed that every once in a while my Dad would package photos in this sort of packaging. I had never thought anything about it until that day. The lady unsealed her package and glanced inside to look through the pictures. I noticed she was careful not to let me see them. She pulled one about halfway out of the envelope and for some reason I happened to glance up at our security mirror mounted up on the ceiling behind her, it was placed there so that someone could keep an eye on the cash register when working in the office behind me. I could see the photo fairly clearly and it was a nude photo of the lady.

I had never considered that my Dad might be taking nude photos for some of his clients and my mind was buzzing with the excitement of my new discovery. The lady left and I practically ran to the file cabinet to see if there were any more of the large manila envelopes to be picked up. There was one more ready for pick up. Haasini, my step sister’s friend, walked in just as I had pulled the envelope from the cabinet and scared the crap out of me. I felt like I had been caught with my hand in the cookie jar. I was still shaking as she walked up to me and I told her, “Damn Haasini, don’t just bust in here like that”. She asked what was wrong and I held up the envelope as I described what had just happened.

Haasini’s eyes got wider and wider and she asked, “Your Dad takes nude photos?” I simply said, “Yep”. I was still holding the envelope in my hand when she said, “Lets look inside” I don’t know what we were thinking but we both scampered back into the office and as carefully as we could untape the envelope and sure enough it was a full set of a beautiful semi-nude lady posing in sexy lingerie.

A few weeks passed and Haasini while having a sleepover with my sister came to my room. It was odd for her to come in so late and I had really already been asleep for a little while. I remember her shaking me softly whispering my name. I woke up to find her sitting on the edge of my bed right beside me and thought she looked beautiful in the moonlight coming through my window. I sleepily asked her what she wanted. She began by asking me if I knew enough about photography that I might take some pictures for her. I told her sure I guess, “Why?” Haasini explained that ever since we had discovered the nude photos she had been thinking about doing some for her boyfriend who was off at a University far away to remind him what he was missing.

It hit me like a bolt of lightning and I was now fully awake. Haasini, my step sister’s friend, the girl of my fantasies wanted me to take some hot pictures of her! My senses were now fully alert and I noticed even in the dim light that her nipples were hard as rocks inside her t-shirt, also the musky smell of her sex was unmistakable, she was really excited. Haasini asked if I thought I could do it for her and also made me promise to never say a thing to anyone, ever. I agreed and she squealed in delight and kissed me quickly on my cheek as she left my room. Now all we needed was some time alone to make it happen.

It was two weeks before we had an opportunity, our parents left for a weekend trip. I had been planning everything down to the last detail for weeks getting all the technical things straight in my mind; I wanted this opportunity of a lifetime to not be wasted.

We decided to do the shoot in my bedroom. I set up my tripod and camera and Haasini left to go change. She had bought herself a new negligee that was just beautiful on her. When Haasini walked back in my mouth fell open, she looked stunning. The top was white; it had a loose flowing fit and was sheer enough that you could see the large dark circles of her areolas under the material. The material of her panties was also sheer and I could just see the hint of her slit as she walked over and sat on her bed. Haasini told me to just let her know what I wanted her to do and she would do it. She looked right at me as she said a second time as if to emphasize the word, “Anything”.

I told her to go sit at the dresser and get her brush to brush her hair. Her long blonde hair has natural waves in it and I wanted the pictures to tell a story to her boyfriend. As Haasini raised her hand to brush I told her, “Stop! Right there, don’t move” I had the camera so that her reflection also showed in the mirror in front of her. Haasini’s right breast was partially exposed through the hole under her lifted arm and I framed the shot and hit the shutter button.

I next had her go to her bed and lay down with her head propped up looking at me as if to say, “What next?” I asked her to raise and bend one leg up and watched as her top rode up her leg exposing her panty-covered pussy to me. It was very obvious her panty had slid in between her slit forming a beautiful “camel toe” that looked so inviting I had to get a picture of it. I zoomed in for a close up and was surprised to notice a wet area in the middle of the slit. I clicked the shutter. I had Haasini spin around facing me on the bed and asked her to sit up on her elbows as I positioned the camera in front of her.

Her cleavage was beautiful and Haasini caught me staring, she looked down to see what had me mesmerized and I saw a smile come across her face as she reached down to readjust her negligee to show even more of her breast. I could just see the top of her areola on her right breast and started to say something but it looked so sexy with the hint of her nipple being so close but still hidden, I clicked the shutter. I had Haasini sit up and reach under her top picking it up so that her navel and the bottom of her breast was just visible in the shot and I could not help but notice how round and soft her breast appeared, click.

I looked up from the camera to find Haasini staring at my crotch, my cock had been hard from the moment she had walked into the room but I had forgotten all about it while concentrating on getting the best shots I could. Haasini said, “You must be doing a good job I just hope it has the same affect on my boyfriend” I blushed but continued on with posing her Haasini was getting more and more bold and some of the shots showed almost all of her breast. I announced to her that I had 4 more shots left on the roll and she got off the bed and walked over to me. She said, “Do you promise to keep this just between you and me?” I said yes, she hugged me and said, “I trust you” and as she walked back toward the bed she slid the top of her negligee off and dropped it to the floor.

Haasini crawled on the bed with her breast pointing straight down, I told her, “stop”, she looked back over her shoulder and simply said, “ Please tell me what you want, anything, I want these to be special” I said, “Ok, let me fix something” I walked toward her and reached inside her panties to slide them down slightly, I could not help but notice they stuck between her legs slightly and saw the dampness in her crotch as they slid down just under her ass. I stopped them right there adjusting the hem to look more natural and smelled Haasini’s arousal as I did.

This was my first good look at her protruding pussy and I realized that her hair around her pussy was so light colored it was hard to see except for the wet mats right around her pussy. Haasini’s pussy lips were thick and sticking out and slightly parted with just the hint of wetness between them. I saw Haasini shiver but knew it was not cold in the room. I told her to push her ass outwards and noticed her pussy lips open widely and her clit protruded prominently as she pushed up and outwards, I ran back to my camera and made the shot.

I told Haasini to sit up on her knees not facing directly at me but to turn her shoulders and face towards me. The view of her breast was fantastic. I had enough side view to notice the bulging round slight sag of the weight of her breast and the slightly upturned nipple standing out proudly. Her nipples were tight and hard had a small dimple, a slight indentation, right in the middle of each nipple and there were goose bumps standing out all the way around them on her areolas. Her areolas were large and dark but seemed perfect sized for her breast. The light coming in the window behind her showed her blonde pubic hair clearly standing out from her pubic mound and it almost glistened in the sunlight. Click, that was going to be a good one I thought.

I stood there thinking and was interrupted by Haasini asking, “What?” She sensed my uneasiness as she asked again. I said, “Are you sure, anything I want?” Her voice was low and husky as she whispered a, “yes” to me. I said, “Ok, turn over and slide your panties off” I told her in a squeaky voice, “play with yourself, close your eyes and put one hand on your breast and the other between your legs” this was part of my fantasies I had had for years about Haasini and I was getting to see them played out right in front of me.

I walked up to her to spread her leg slightly to have a better view of her pussy and noticed her biting her lower lip as she rolled a nipple between her thumb and finger. I was walking back to the camera when I heard the unmistakable squishing of her fingers playing in her wet pussy. I hated to but told her to stop but leave one finger buried inside. Without prompting I noticed her raising her pubic mound upwards as her middle finger slid in as deep as she could get it to go. I snapped the picture. One more I thought. Haasini slid off of the bed and walked to me … her voice was husky as she put her arms up pulling me close to her.

She said, “I have trusted you, now will you trust me?” I was shaking as I nodded an agreement to her. Her hands were quickly down to the button on the front of my jeans; I heard the zipper being pulled down and felt the cool air as she slid my pants down my legs. I stepped out of my jean just as Haasini reached out to take my hard cock in her hand. My boxers were straining to hold it inside. I can not remember my cock being any harder than it was right then.

Haasini pulled my boxers off and looked up at me smiling. She told me she knew I was big but had no idea I was this big. I knew I was not exceptionally large but she sure made me feel like I was. She said I have an idea for the last picture and led me over to her dresser. She asked if the mirror would mess up the picture and I told her as long as I didn’t take it directly at the mirror the reflection might be ok. She kneeled down in front of me and reached out to take my cock in her hand and direct it towards her mouth. She asked, “Are you ready?” I stammered a quick, “yes” She leaned forward and kissed the tip of my cock just as the shutter snapped.

Haasini reached up to take the camera out of my hand and slid my shirt off. My mind was a blur as I let her lead me to the bed. The girl of my fantasies was pulling me down beside her and it felt natural to bend over and kiss her. Her reaction was immediate as she grabbed the back of my head and pulled me tightly to her as her mouth opened to accept my exploring tongue. Our kiss was strong and passionate and filled with lust. My hands were drawn upwards to fondle her breast and I felt her gasp out as my finger tips brushed her nipples.

Haasini whispered, “pull my nipples” I pulled them out stretching them out as gently as I could not wanting to hurt her but she got more insistent saying, “harder” I had each hard nipple trapped between my thumbs and fingers and stretched them out then tried to pull her nipples towards each other. They did not quite reach but Haasini was moaning and humping her hips towards me. I wanted to, no, I had to taste her pussy. I let go of her nipples and turned around on the bed positioning myself over her, my face at her pussy and my hard cock dangling just above her open mouth. I reached down to spread her pussy open and just then felt how soft her pussy hair was, it felt like silk it was so fine and so soft. Her smell was almost intoxicating; it was musky, strong, but somehow delicate and fresh.

Haasini’s clit was sticking straight out and the hood was folded back a good quarter of an inch. I flicked the tip of my tongue across it and her hip shot straight upwards hard against my mouth and I felt her reach up and pull my cock into her warm mouth. Haasini was tickling the underside of my cock head with her tongue and my cock was jerking involuntarily. I started licking slowly down her slit and it opened easily, she was so incredibly wet. I licked her juices and soon she was humping against my face. I felt her taking more and more of my cock into her mouth and I felt like I was about to explode. She felt it too and her hand reached up and started stroking my cock as she sucked me off.

I continued to lick and suck on her pussy until I could stand it no more and I told her I was going to cum, she just started sucking harder and took more of my cock into her mouth. Haasini’s hips were bucking up against my chin and suddenly I felt her go rigid just as I started to shoot my cum deep down her throat. Her stomach was heaving with one spasm after another as her orgasm shook though out her body. She pulled my cock from her mouth and began rubbing the tip of my cock on her nipple while telling me to cum on her nipples.

Finally we both rolled over in a sweaty mess to catch our breaths. Haasini’s hand never let go of my cock and my cock never went fully limp. I closed my eyes relaxing as my fingers lazily drew small circles around Haasini’s nipple. She rolled over and straddled my waist, then bent forward and kissed me. Her ass was backed against my cock and I could feel my cock getting hard once again. Haasini was still straddling me as she rose up with just her feet on either side of me and positioned her wet pussy over my cock. She reached down and took hold of my cock to position it as she lowered herself down on me. I could feel her wetness as the head of my cock slid between the puffy lips of her pussy.

Haasini was tight and it took a little effort to finally get my cock to start to slide inside but once she started lowering herself she did it with one quick motion. Her pussy felt so tight and so warm. Haasini put her hands on my chest and began a slow easy rhythm, I was trying to stay in control and match her rhythm but soon I was having a hard time controlling myself and I reached around her back and in one swift motion flipped her under me, my cock never came out of her pussy. She locked her ankles around me and I started pounding down into her for all I was worth.

Haasini reached around to hold my ass and pulled me down hard taking me as deeply as possible. Haasini was first to cum and when she did I felt warmness all around my cock as her juices were released. Haasini’s hips bucked up sharply and she froze as I made one final lunge deep inside and began to cum. I could feel her tight pussy spasm around my cock like a velvet fist and it just made me cum that much harder. I looked down and her nipples were hard knots sticking straight out. We stayed locked together not wanting the feelings to end for a good while and finally I let my now semi-flaccid cock slide out and watched as my cum began dripping out of her puffy pussy lips.

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