This is Haasini . I’ got married few months back. after first night of marriage, two months later my mother in law spoke to me about my sex life and discussed my pregnancy I told her that nothing is wrong and we on bed try everything to have a baby.

When night came my husband discussed the same as he was being asked by everyone in the family why he has no news about the baby. After mild discussion we had great sex and tried different positions. Days passed and having spent almost all nights of great sex I cud not make it.

Pressure of getting pregnant was so much that I stopped going to the parties and preferred to stay at home. This caused me continued depression I hardly talked or watched T.V. doctors were called to check up but nothing went right. My husband gradually lost interest in me and came late in the nights.

One day my brother in law (elder sister’s husband) came to see and spent lot of time to know the reason. I was lying on bed while he sat on a nearby chair. He told jokes/funny stories but things did not change. He was rubbing his hand on mine and occasionally ran it on my cheeks n kips also once he shove his index finger in my mouth and touched my tongue for few seconds.

I noticed he did it purposefully for couple of times I like it and when he did it again I closed my lips on his finger and licked it with my wet tongue. He looked surprised though but advancing so quickly he cupped my left breast and gave a squeeze. I felt juices flowing from my little pussy. I tried to sit but he came over me n kissed right on my lips n inserted his tongue in my mouth.

I welcomed him by licking his tongue and sucking it greatly. Mother in law had gone for the grocery n nobody was at home so he at once undressed me by lifting my nighty over my head. Next moment he unhooked my bra which fell down presenting my globes to him.

He seized me by each breast n started licking my nipples and sucked hard I was not used to it as my hubby did not do it much. Things were looking different now. He unzipped his pants and out came the most beautiful shaft I ever imagined it was thicker than my hubby’s and must be 7” long hubby only looked 5” I had never measured though.

We both were as nude as the day we were born with my hair all over my shoulders and rubbing each other’s body. Playing with each other nipples He was running his palms on my asscheeks and opening my hips. He explored my asshole and touched the puckered hole with his finger before shoving it in.

After a foreplay of good 15 minutes he made me sit on the easy-chair with my legs wide apart he rubbed my cunt walls and touched the clit which was very stiff and had already given me my first orgasm with my sweet brother in law. He placed his tongue on my clit and sucked it with his lips.

I cud feel the hot air blowing from his mouth and a strange sensation was all over my cunt, which I had never experienced before. By licking and sucking of my cunt he gave me three more orgasm before sitting on bed I cud see his long shaft was pointing at me I wasted no time and sat on floor and rested my elbows

on his strong healthy thighs and started kissing his rampant pego. I kissed it first then licked the head and circled around with my tongue. I placed my tongue on his piss hole n cleaned all the pre-cum oozing out. Mahmood (brother in law) was giving aghhhhhhh oooghhhh type if sounds as his shaft was appearing and disappearing in my hot n wet mouth.

I never liked blow jobs but his shaft had so much attraction I cud not keep my mouth away n went on sucking his monster like a mango. 5 minutes later he asked me to withdraw as he was about to cum but I said a Big NOOOOOOOOOOO as I needed his juices in my mouth all the way to my tummy through my throat.

I liked the tangy spongy shaft with a rubbery head and pleaded him to shoot it in my hot mouth. This made his shaft as hard as iron n he grabbed my head heaving his pelvis upward fucking my mouth expertly and shooted like never before. I choked with his cum and cud not keep it in my mouth n half of the cum fell on my breasts n face.

I cleaned his shaft with my tongue and we remained still on bed in each other arms. Minutes passed like seconds and the strong man again ready for a nice fuck as I cud see his shaft once again getting rock hard. He placed two pillows under my buttocks and started licking my cunt with his tongue deep inside me.

He we really an expert for it and in seconds juices were coming out of love hole. He came over me and sat almost on my tits and shoved his hard pego into my mouth to make it a little wet. I really did the hard wet sucking to the shaft and licked his balls this was too much for him he went lower and held my things and inserted his head into my waiting pussy.

The head was much thicker than that of my hubby and I knew I was gonna get the fuck of my life. He rubbed my clit with his head and slowly entered in me. He was not in a hurry at all and took time to be in. I grabbed him with my legs across and kicked her ass with my heals. This gave him so much pleasure he started stocking my cunt in slow n steady manner.

He fucked me like this for 2-3 minutes and then asked me to be all fours. Coming behind me he placed his hands on my hips and teased me with his head on my clit. I was crying for his shaft n asked him to fuck me. He then shoved it from the rear and hit my G-Spot the pleasure I had is beyond description.

He was fucking me with short but sweet strokes. He stopped n fucked teased me by brushing my asshole. Then suddenly he started stroking faster n faster. I was really enjoying it pressing my hips against his groins to take his shaft as much as possible. He was at the same times playing with my boobs and kissing my necks n chewing my ears.

Then he slowed down a bit and controlled his fucking as he wanted to last longer n he showed he cud do it as he withdrew and sat on the chair still stroking his shaft with one hand. I got the idea n sat on his lap reverse cowgirl style. He placed me on his iron rod n I lowered down a bit to take him in me.

My cunt was so lubricated it slipped in me this position allowed me to take all length inside me the thick shaft was all the way in. I rose n fell in a manner that I surprised myself. I rode his shaft for another 5 minutes he had incredible control on his orgasm that he managed me six orgasms without spending once.

I was really faint and my legs were shivering when he again laid me reverse on the bed with a plow under my belly with My hips were above my head level he again started to fuck me from behind for another 2 minutes and then he told me to hold on as he wanted to cum inside my pussy.

He was whispering in my ear like.. u r my babeeeeee I wanna fuck u forever I wanna cum inside u I wanna fill your cunt with my thick cream to make u pregnant to make u happy please become mother of my child. I was really surprised to hear this and in seconds he spent profusely I cud feel his jism filling my cunt

the quantity was so much that part of it oozed out from my reeking cunt. He lay panting there on my back for a while then stood up and we bathed together after that he left. To tell u the truth we continued our love making session for two months and I finally conceived a child. my cunt lips say thanks to my brother in law for all his efforts and opening in anticipation to welcome him soon.

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